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Tue, Jun 28th - 10:43PM

June 26: Recuperation Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
89.4 miles

121 recordings of 58 types.(suddenly from 35% to 55% used. And WAY over last week's limit.)

Rasmussen: -15: 48/51.

Easy choice this week.

I stayed in all day, recovering from last week. So I was able to upload some pictures and catch up a little.  Gabe's puppet show (one of the many, all with the same plot) for instance.

And some pictures:

Vince Makes Things Up     DSC03751 DSC03754     DSC03761 Vincenik and his tree.     DSC03666

What a fun week it was!

Jim Treacher: If Michele Bachmann is a flake, Obama is a glacier.

Are you a Flake?

I can understand why Chris Wallace asked this question.  Given his guest’s propensity for gaffes, such as picking the name of a dead hero as a  live Medal of Honor winner, botching a toast to Queen Elizabeth II, discussing the high points of the Austrian language, and several references to a military medic as a “corpseman,” it might be hard to take the person seriously.

Oh, wait — Wallace wasn’t interviewing Barack Obama after all:

What's up with all the Presidential Gaffes anyway?

John Hawkins: Calling illegals "immigrants" is like calling a burglar a "house guest."

To Whom it May Concern

(funny video about geocaching.)

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Tue, Jun 28th - 1:08PM

June 25: The Week Ends

The Age of Napoleon, p. 427
89.4 miles
low 90s, COLD in Novato

105 recordings of 53 types. (hey, they offered HBO and Cinemax this weekend.  Besides the movies, I'm getting Harold and the Purple Crayon!)

Rasmussen: -17: 46/53.

I'm .3 pounds up, but after the week I've had, that's actually good. I was significantly up earlier in the week. High borderline blood pressure.

T-shirt, Doggy Dash 2001.

Roni and I had a miscommunication, and she thought I would take the kids back on Sunday, when I had said Saturday.  R & RJ had tickets for a Giants game today. So we split the difference and agreed we would take the kids back at 5.  5 more hours than I had initially thought, eek, what will we do?

Then I saw that the program at the Discovery Space Center was a mission to Mars, and the planetarium show would be open, and hey, that sounds like something we could do. So, when they woke up, I gave them French toast and we played outside for awhile, had lunch, then I drove them over to the museum.  This was a real winner.  They liked the planetarium show and pretending to be astronauts and the computer games and the crafts.  We were there about 2 and a half hours. 

DSC03779     DSC03781

So we got back with the direction that we would finish packing, go to the bathroom, and leave. Teddy disappeared in the direction of the bathroom... and 5 minutes later I found him playing with the Fisher-Price garage.  "TEDDY!  We're LEAVING!" Heh.

Uneventful trip home, and only one thing left behind. (a combined Lexi-Rich thing, Teddy's tooth care pouch... not important.)  There was a dead newborn fawn in Roni's back woods. 
The adults had had a good time in the quiet. R.J. made us great burgers.  Rich decided yes, he'd have a tomato on his.  Gonna have to explain... again... to R.J. about raw food, but honestly, Rich needs a break once in awhile. And so home about 9:30, and what a week it has been!

0bama's Energy Policies are Anti-American.

Walter Russell Mead
Gore has the Midas touch in reverse; objects of great value (Nobel prizes, Oscars) turn dull and leaden at his touch.
...Vice President Gore, like all who aspire to lead great causes, must reconcile his advocacy with his conduct — that is, he must conduct himself in a way that is consistent with the great cause he seeks to promote....The most visible leader of the world’s green movement cannot live a life of conspicuous consumption, spewing far more carbon into the atmosphere than almost all of those he castigates for their wasteful ways.  Mr. Top Green can’t also be a carbon pig. cannot be a leading environmentalist who hopes to lead the general public into a long and difficult struggle for sacrifice and fundamental change if your own conduct is so flagrantly inconsistent with the green gospel you profess.  If the heart of your message is that the peril of climate change is so imminent and so overwhelming that the entire political and social system of the world must change, now, you cannot fly on private jets.  You cannot own multiple mansions.  You cannot even become enormously rich investing in companies that will profit if the policies you advocate are put into place.
...What this tells the skeptics is that Vice President Gore doesn’t really believe the gospel he proclaims.  That profits from his environmental advocacy enable his affluent lifestyle only deepens their skepticism of the messenger and therefore of the message.  And when they see that the rest of the environmental movement accepts this flagrant contradiction, they conclude, naturally enough, that the other green leaders aren’t as worried as they claim to be.  Al Gore’s lifestyle is a test case for the credibility of his gospel — and it fails. The tolerance of Al Gore’s lifestyle by the environmental leadership is a further test — and that test, too, the greens fail.

Elizabeth Scalia
Gore only succeeded, post-Clinton, because of Bush-hatred. His Nobel Prize, his Oscar, his "regard" were all born of a desire to kick at Bush. Once Bush was gone, Gore was, too. Imagine being such a mediocrity that your greatest "successes" are not even about you, but about needling someone else. Interesting.

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