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Tue, Oct 11th - 9:06PM

October 9: Company

131.5 miles
partly cloudy

162 recordings of 58 types. 16% left.

Rasmussen: -23: 42/56.

I went to church early.  Then we had lots of company today.  Nick's parents came for awhile.  Then Bernadette came by after work and stuck around for a couple of hours, and Nick came.  His anniversary is tomorrow. We talked about that and his wife and soon-to-be daughter, who already has him wrapped around her newly developed little finger.  Nick will become a major next spring.  We discussed whether he'll go on to Lt. Col. so Rich will have to salute him. In his dreams.

Rich slept through much of this, but woke up to join in the discussions now and again. He even smiled a little.  Nick cheered him up, I believe. He stayed and visited for a couple of hours. It was nice to see him.

I walked over, before the company, to the nearby school park to check on a cache.  The last person to look for it was told it had been removed because of too much traffic.  This neighbor lives next to a SCHOOL!  And this cache was put in long ago, not that much traffic any more. Sure enough, it was still there.  Grrrr.  Then we (Pharoah and I) walked into the nature area and saw not one, but TWO, hawks.

Another hard call. I went with My Pet Goat.

Hypocrisy of the day.

Climate, Weather

7 October 2011 12:03PM
Blimey mate you're in for a drubbing on these threads they all believe that every occurrence is due to human sinfulness

American Autumn.

They are in favor of open borders, presumably so that exotic Third World peasants can perform the labor to which they are noticeably averse.
...the great advantage of mass moronization is that it leaves you too dumb to figure out who to be mad at. At Liberty Square, one of the signs reads: “F**k your unpaid internship!” Fair enough. But, to a casual observer of the massed ranks of Big Sloth, it’s not entirely clear what precisely anyone would ever pay them to do.
Do you remember Van Jones? He was Obama’s “green jobs” czar back before “green jobs” had been exposed as a gazillion-dollar sinkhole for sluicing taxpayer monies to the president’s corporate cronies. Oh, don’t worry. These cronies aren’t “corporate” in the sense of Steve Jobs. The corporations they run put “people before profits”: That’s to say, they’ve figured out it’s easier to take government money from you people than create a business that makes a profit.

drtom312: 10/09/11 10:31

Just Say No to Communism
31 August 2011
There is one (1) good thing that has come out of Obama’s 2.5 years in office.
During the Obama administration, the people of the United States of America, an historically center-right, God-fearing, pro-market democracy, have been witness to a real-time experiment in almost pure Marxist/communist-style government, complete with central-planning, government edicts and mandates, an exponential increase in government size, regulations, agencies, and rules, avoidance of the will of the people, economic mismanagement, and lots of long speeches.
This all is a result of “Change We Can Believe”, which change we now know to be mass unemployment, destruction of the currency, massive accumulation of unsustainable Federal debt, all of which results in a US economy which is declining.
Obama, et al, have made it clear to the American people that Marxism/communism does not work. This is an expensive, but extremely valuable lesson for the average American. This is a lesson that has NOT been taught in the American educational system, which has a bias to the Left. This lesson has been taught via the experiment of the Obama administration’s policies, performed in public view, which has made it clear to even the politically unconcerned, average American that Marxism/communism does not work.
America needs jobs, not speechs, not Communism.
Perhaps we should thank Obama for the lesson?
Tom Johnson

Harry Reid's Nuclear Blunder.

When Reid was in the minority, the nuclear option was an “abuse of power.” Now that he’s in the majority, it’s simply business as usual.
...In other words, trampling the rights of the minority when you are poised to become the minority isn’t particularly smart. Reid may come to regret his nuclear hypocrisy if he becomes minority leader again in 2012. Indeed, he may have just given the GOP the key to undoing the Obama agenda.

Jim Treacher: Apparently, 99% of America consists of stupid, filthy, freeloading hippie freaks who can't clean up after themselves.

Allen Stegall It's more like 29%, but they do represent 99% of the nation's body odor.

Jenn Oates
The amount of energy in the universe? Zero sum. The amount of water in the hydryosphere? More or less zero sum (yeah comets bring some in, but we can't create it). There are things that are zero sum, but WEALTH is not one of those things. Because someone else has it, and a lot of it, doesn't mean it's been taken from you, or your ability to create as much of your own as you can. It's not a pie that is divided up because everyone can make their own dang pie.

John Hawkins
If Democrats in Congress were serious about #occupywallstreet wouldn't they stop taking campaign contributions from Wall Street firms?

John Hawkins "You can demonstrate all you want on Wall Street. The problem is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!" -- Herman Cain

Just protest.

Great article.

I went into San Francisco yesterday to celebrate our military industrial complex and on the way saw the Occupy San Fran crowd. This is what I saw. (warning graphic photo)
I covered the naughty bits. This is the movement the dems are proud of. This is the crowd Obama has ginned up. I’m not a prude and I know this is san fran, but there were a lot of family’s with children also walking by this guy on the way to watch the Blue Angels.

I’d say there were about 100 people. Maybe less. There were many more people just waiting in line for one of the porta potty stations over by the Fleet Week celebration so I think that’s a good sign.

You just can’t miss that Ron Paul sign either…

Ampersand on October 9, 2011 at 3:07 PM

Evacuate Wall Street
This would be hilarious, except that we all know who will pay the costs of cleaning up after this literal and figurative defecation, don’t we?  It’s not going to be these slackers.

[If ever there was a need for a blow torch...]

Worst OWS advice ever.

0bama's behavior is getting worse.

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Tue, Oct 11th - 7:29AM

October 8: Chili Cookoff

130.0 miles

165 recordings of 58 types. 14% left.

Rasmussen: -22: 43/55.

T-shirt: Instant Human

+1.1 pounds for the week, this has to stop. I understood why it went up yesterday after my pigout at the clinic, but why even more today?

Today I went down to Safetyville, meeting Bernadette there for a fireman's chili cookoff. I was a bit early so went to find one geocache, and then got to the place 15 minutes before I said we would meet... and there she was in the parking lot, two cars over. Her traffic had gone better than planned and she was trying to figure out what she would do with the kids waiting for me.  So that went well.

We bought our tickets and got our wristbands and went to check out the activities.  Gareth loved watching the ladder extend.  He was amazed at getting to sit in a firetruck, even wearing the hat (which never happens.) We got coloring books and stickers and got to talk to people. I learned our fire extinguishers are way way dead.

I was with Gareth at a spinner and he spun the dial.  Then he was supposed to answer a question. "True or false: you should have a smoke detector on every level."  I whispered to him "say yes" and he did.  They gave him a coloring book and asked how old he was, and he told them!  This little boy grows up more every day!

DSC04690     Bill the Fire Dog

We tasted the four chilis and had different favorites. We bought raffle tickets and didn't discover till after we'd left that we must be present to win.  There was an unwitting $10 donation from each of us. As we left we got to see the helicopter (which had landed earlier) fairly close, and toured the State's mobile command center. Gareth managed to find the one button they didn't want him to push.  And so back to the cars, Bernadette off to see a friend, me to get one more cache before I got home.

Rich was sleeping when I left, after an 11-hour night.  He was sleeping when I got back. He was up maybe a total of 2.5 to 3 hours all day. Worry worry.

I talked to the gardener and he gave me a price and I told him to talk to Roni. Rich, later, said we should get the back hedge trimmed.  I said it could wait (I'll ask if I see them, but I haven't noticed them on the street recently.)  He'll start next week. They'll come every week. I'll police the yard and keep the dog in, but otherwise, stay out of their hair.

Speaking of the dog, he's too young to be cooped up all the time, so I took him for a walk, and ended up on some streets I haven't ever walked on, nice neighborhood. This in aid of getting myself in better shape, too.


How's that Spending Reduction Going?

I think the “deficit reduction” just got a whole lot harder — probably impossible — since President Obama has unleashed his “anti-austerity” mobs. Any efforts now to trim the budget will be met with riots. And it isn’t conspiracy theory to say this has been Obama’s plan all along. What we have to do to get this country back on track financially will never occur. If we get a GOP Congress and White House in 2012, they’ll be trying to cut the runaway spending at the same time they’ll be needing to call out the national guard in America’s cities. Obama destroyed America’s economic engine — the middle class — and has co-opted the very people he purposefully destroyed into his mob, has them out in the streets begging for government checks and calling for the heads of the producers, while the folks in the White House laugh their asses off at how easy it all was.

Rational Thought on October 8, 2011 at 9:04 AM

Ed Morrissey: "If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on earth, I'm not your President. You have that president already." #vvs11

Ed Morrissey: Romney praises Obama as the Republicans' greatest recruiter at #VVS11

Pooping on the Police.

Compare this filth and degradation with the pics you say of the Tea Party rallies. The photos tell it all.
- RealityBites, Bluemont, VA, 08/10/2011 17:31

I'm sure these defecating fools represent the heart of the democrat party to most of the rest of us civilized people. I'm betting they're unemployed because they're unhireable. I'm a small business employer and I would never EVER consider employing ANY of these primates.
- Pete, Los Angeles USA, 08/10/2011 17:29

Jim Treacher: After Jon Stewart's dumb rally, lefties patted themselves on the back for not leaving the place a trash-strewn disaster. So much for that.

0bama: Ballot Box Poison: Pittsburgh Democratic candidates would be better off campaigning with a Cleveland Brown than their own president.


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