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Thu, Sep 30th - 9:54PM

September 24: A Taste of Italy

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
235.0 miles

106 recordings of 40 types.

I'm half a pound down, with low borderline blood pressure.

Rasmussen: -13: it's a wave of popularity!  47/52.
CNN, 42% all-time low.  Ed Morrisey:  "these numbers come on the same day that Baghdad Bob-ish House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is crowing that House Democrats are “clamoring” for Obama to come to their districts to campaign for them."

I planned to send a card and check to Rich's niece for her wedding.  I haven't yet moved the address book and it's a pain to boot up the old computer, so I hoped Rich had it. "Why would I have my sister's address?" Uh, she's your sister?

Tonight we went out to the retreat house for the Taste of Italy event.  Lots of good food, lots of good wine. The silent auction items were interesting but way too pricy. We did get a couple of sets of tickets, one for the Aerospace Museum, one for Fairy Tale town (and another for the Zoo, which I'll give Bernadette.) Then it was time for the door prizes... and we got two of them. (This mostly because people had left.)  Rich got the $100 gift certificate at Buca de Beppo (which works with Buca to go, as well!) and I got a free retreat.  (Which I intend, actually, to give to a friend.)  They didn't have these things there, so I'll pick them up on Thursday.

Peggy Noonan

"I look at this year as the Rage of the Bill-Paying Moms," Ms. Blackburn says. "They are saying 'How dare you, in your arrogance, cap the opportunities my child will have? You'll burden them with so much debt they won't be able to buy a house—all because you can't balance the budget.'"

0bamacare at Work.

Two major insurers have decided to suspend sales of individual policies rather than run the compliance gauntlet in the health-care overhaul bill, today’s Pioneer Press reports.  Why?  No one really knows what the rules actually are:

...The largest plan being discontinued came from an organization that publicly campaigned for ObamaCare passage — the AARP.  Their MedicareRX Saver plan, which offered a lower-cost premium in return for reduced coverage, will shut down in a week.  Consumers will get routed to their more-expensive Preferred plan, which costs almost 15% more.  It has better “doughnut hole” coverage, but until ObamaCare passed, consumers could choose for themselves which plan best fit their needs.  Now, the 1.5 million in the Savers plan — who apparently didn’t buy enough prescription medication to need the Preferred plan — will enter the risk pool of the larger plan.

Red Flag on Green Jobs Numbers.

Yep, THIS is why I'm so adamant.

Andrew Jackson's Tea Party Movement

Media Bias.

When something as basic as a minor produce purchase is beyond his abilities, why would anyone think Odamna could “fix” the economy? He is at the peak of his abilities when he sits alone in the corner. Sheesh.
Crusader Rabbit on September 24, 2010 at 8:12 AM

Scott Ott Are you a Constitutional, limited-government, anti-elitist witch, or a bad witch?

Ben Hart  Posted more stuff here on Colbert's mockery of Congress today. And to think some say Christine O'Donnell is not qualified to join this group of boobs.

Victor Davis Hanson
Lost amid the campaign politicking are several growing crises that all, to one degree or another, reflect the general  global appraisal that the United States has abdicated its traditional role, either on the grounds of fiscal erosion or self-doubt about our moral authority to pass judgment on aggressors.

Bernie Goldberg:  [Heh.]

What a lot of Democrats don't seem to get, even at this very late date, is that voters don't think tea partiers are the ones who are extreme and out of the mainstream. They think Democrats are the extremists who have lost touch with the mainstream.
...The architect of the looming disaster is the leader of the party, the same Barack Obama  who had a halo over his head when he was sworn into office. With the help of his most loyal base -- giddy journalists who slobbered all over him during the campaign -- he came to office as Saint Barack, the messiah bringing hope and change.

But instead of focusing on how to right the economy and put his fellow Americans back to work, President Obama spent more than a year on his health reform legislation, which, according to the polls, Americans don't want. Transforming America into a green nation with cap-and-trade legislation was supposed to be next, something else Americans don't want.

Colbert v. Coates

Sure, he’s doing a bit, but so is most everyone else in the room whether it’s the brain-dead Congresswoman who invited him, the corrupt and contemptible John Conyers who decided this absurdity was beneath him, the flaccid Republicans who are trying to create “serious” soundbytes bemoaning the circus they so often happily perform in, or the reporters/shills who thought he was on their team. At least he’s honest about his bit. I can’t say the same for the rest of those losers.

[the brain-dead Congresswoman lives a couple of blocks away from Monica. M. was happy about her performance on Colbert.]

Can You Believe that we are going to Mississippi to Protect White Voters?  (Treacher)

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