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Tue, Aug 31st - 10:29PM

August 21: Marvellous Wonderettes

The Age of Napoleon, p. 13
213.6 miles
not too hot

I'm up +.6 pounds (with wet hair, though my notes said "red" hair, rather confusing!) Blood pressure is borderline.

85 recordings of 36 types.

Rasmussen: -19: 45/54.

I babysat today. For some reason I was on a short fuse and Joanna seemed to cry whenever I least was able to deal with her. I found myself saying "shut UP!" under my breath a lot.  Gareth was catching up with his busy week, I guess, since he was mostly sleepy and subdued.

Tonight was a cute Music Circus, The Marvellous Wonderettes. It was supposed to be at a high school prom in 1958 and a reunion ten years later. LOVED the music, since I grew up with it!  Presumably we were voting for prom queen, but in reality it was just for show. The fun thing was they picked on a guy in the front row to be "Mr. Lee" and his wife was having hysterics.  It was great fun to watch her, and they ended up with a picture, too. Rich didn't feel well at intermission but was able to stick it out for the whole show.

0bama's new metaphor.

He says problem: The car’s in the ditch.
He says solution: Nationalize the car company, raise taxes on the driver, and mortgage the ditch to China.
Gotta love that Bamster.
petefrt on August 19, 2010 at 9:15 PM

He gets in, buckles up, makes sure the girl gets in and gives him instructions, (girl in case he guns it and it gets away from him), he drives 8 feet, a girl reporter says “he’s driving”, he tries to stop twice, figures out how to turn the mean machine off, gets off and says That was “pretty smooth”

No crap “Cousin Eddie" ya drove an electric car 8 feet on a polished concrete floor was it gonna be bumpy?

“Pretty smooth” Urkel ya gumby doll lookin dweeb! What a wuss!

D is for dumber than a box of rocks!
R is for reverse this mess, back us up to prosperity, full employment and a great stock market, back us up to George Bush!

dhunter on August 19, 2010 at 9:20 PM

Lefties no longer say 0bamacare will save money.

Flashback exit quotation via Jim Geraghty: “If Republicans want to campaign against what we’ve done… that is a fight I want to have.”

From Ace, a plea on turnout:

Either way, liberals will be taught a lesson this year.

But they can learn one of two lessons:

1, America doesn’t mind a little socialism and the electoral condquences for pushing it are minor and livable, or

<b>2, My God What Have We Done.</b>

We need the lesson to be 2.

If it’s 1, we lose something forever.

From the comments: “So, their big argument for why they should be re-elelected is that they promise to fix the horrible legislation they lied to us about and passed over the public’s very vocal objections. Good luck with that.”


the amazing fact that Dubya is now polling six points better than Obama in frontline (i.e. vulnerable) House districts. That’s not according to Rasmussen either; it’s from the Democrats’ own surveys.

Missing his moment, and America's , Aaron David Miller

Obama may have had no choice but to introduce a large stimulus bill to stop the economic bleeding, but healthcare reform (and the way it was done) represented an overreach and stressed a political system that was already dysfunctional.

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Tue, Aug 31st - 10:05PM

August 20: Yolo County Fair

The Age of Napoleon, p. 13
213.5 miles
not too hot

85 recordings of 36 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/53.

Today we went to the Yolo County Fair so I could see my picture and bid on it.

C'est Moi!

$5 to park and then it was free.  We came in right at the Art building, so that was done.  I had pupusas, a sort of meat turnover from El Salvador, and Rich had a chicken sammich. We saw all the proper county fair things, animals, produce, quilts, kids' displays... it's a really nice little fair. We were there a few hours. One thing we got was a coupon to have a free tuneup from Staples on my laptop.  Maybe I can get it to work faster, wouldn't that be nice!

LA Traffic.

Is the Mosque Issue a Risk for 0bama?

Making friends around the world!

If Obama’s term in office thus far can be summed up with a single word I would choose petulant.

Paul Smith Pelosi wants mosque 'transparency'. How about posting bills 72 hours in advance of a vote so all of us can read them? Doh!

Scott Ott Did I doze off for a couple of months and miss the huge Republican groundswell for privatizing Social Security? To hear the president tell it, the new GOP scheme would turn over all the funds in the Social Security lockbox to Morgan Strawman.

Just to set the record straight, those of us who advocate getting the federal government's bumbling hands off of our retirement funds, don't want to "privatize Social Security", we just want to control our own investments, make our own decisions, and wear big boy pants.

Smart: Border Fence Bookended By Two Wide Open Foot Bridges Into US

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