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Mon, Jun 7th - 6:54PM

Seditious Links, Misc.

OKeefe's newest investigation, into census fraud.  Others are reporting the same thing. Jay Nordlinger has more. George Stephanopolis actually commits journalism. Looks like the FTC will stop that as soon as possible. Where am I, Venezuela? Maybe they'll all read   this newspaper! Heh.

Boy oh boy. Cash for Clunkers was a clunker, go figure.

Jim Treacher, funny as usual.

Oh, joy. 0bama sure picks winners!

The Onion.

Mark Steyn says we're too broke to be this stupid.
Well at least we know a President Palin would have that border fence built literally overnight.
Doughboy on May 27, 2010 at 10:48 PM

This wouldn't be happening if 0bama were President.
Obama's governing theory is that he knows what the people want and they deserve to get it, good and hard.

OK, we have a prog Presidential Administration following the Hoover/FDR economic formula (and it looks as if the same results are happening), embroiled in at least three scandals (Black Panthers, Sestak bribery and Birnbaum lying under oath) and implementing an ineffectual at best and disastrous at worst foreign policy. It's probably time for MSM to do an in-depth study on the threat from those low IQ conservatives!
Posted by: Thomas Collins | May 28, 2010 at 12:02 PM

Gateway Pundit: "Truth is stranger than fiction. It is bizarre that a US president would choose to go to a rock ‘n’ roll concert instead of meeting with a state governor on an immigration crisis. We have seen such pettiness before from President Obama. It is childish and ill-becomes a Commander-in-Chief. “Big Baby-in-Chief” would be more like it.

Woman sues Google over walking directions.  Too bad we can't bottle stupidity for our energy needs.

Jennifer Rubin
If Obama isn’t going to get his 2008 marketing brand back, what does he do next? He’s never had to answer that because he’s never stayed in any political position long enough with enough coverage to be held accountable for his results. And he’s never been forced to deviate from his ultra-liberal ideological agenda. It’s also not clear that he is capable of changing his tune or even wants to. One term would be fine, he told us.

The interesting question for 2012 is what sort of candidate would Americans be attracted to as an alternative. Obama ran as Not Bush.

If only we had elected a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress.

Pass the bill to see what's in it.

Heh.  Why there was no looting in Nashville. (Check out the picture.)

Victor Davis Hanson:
About every 30-40 years, democratic citizenries begin to become complacent. They assume their defenses are unnecessary if not destabilizing, and take away from more needed social services and income redistribution. Deterrence and preparedness are assumed in turn the stone-age tools of unsophisticated mind. The peace that follows from  past victories and postwar deterrence is considered artificial, and can instead grow far more organically from professed good intentions and signs of magnanimity, if not apology. Philosopher kings assure the world of a new age to come, one in which a new human nature replaces the old Neanderthal pessimism. Slogans that “we are the ones we have been waiting for”, “yes, we can”, “this is the moment”, and so on usher in the new golden age, free of nukes and war itself.

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Mon, Jun 7th - 4:43PM

June 4: Shopping

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 840
134.6 miles

109 recordings of 27 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 48/52.

I'm 1.3 pounds up. ARGH.  At least my blood pressure is good.

So I was just sitting with Spooky in my lap, when Rich tapped at the window.  This scared my aptly-named cat and he vanished, but not before tearing me up. Massive scratches on both legs, blood, (which I had to wash out of my nightshirt) and pain.

Later in the day we went shopping, by which I mean we went to IKEA.  They have lots of lovely stuff but the only thing that would do for part of a wedding present was some heart-shaped ice cube trays. (I suppose if it's heart-shaped, it isn't a cube.)  I saw lots of things we might use (if only we had a mansion.)  It was interesting, though.  Then we went next door to WalMart. I didn't think I'd find Gabe's present there, since our local one didn't have anything wonderful... but there was a Mater ramp that looked like fun.  Only then we found the Lightning McQueen sleeping bag. I called Vince.  "I'm standing in the store with a Mater ramp in my hands, standing in front of a Lightning McQueen sleeping bag, what do I want?" and he told me I want the sleeping bag!

Later I went out to get a box to mail photos in, and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I couldn't find ice-cream sundae fixings, but I did get an idea: I'll put together a "root beer float" basket.

This evening Juan, from Fairfield, came to check out the carpet pad job. He brought his kids, who are just the wrong ages for this house (what, 5 and 11 year old boys, 7 year old girl?)  They played the piano and then I got out Nana's treasure chest which enthralled them.  They took 4 necklaces (one for Mom). That was nice!  And Juan will come to do the job on Sunday.

Paul McCartney took a gratuitous dig at President Bush, no doubt because he figured it would please 0bama.  I bet Bush has read more books than Paul McCartney during those 8 years.  (And what was 0bama doing with him anyway?)

Michael Silence: "I'm not surprised that mantra is still hanging around. I mean, do you think they want to talk about the last 18 months?"

America, electing Obama because you didn't like Bush was like shooting yourself because you had a head cold. People who continue to diss Bush now are standing over the corpse and arguing that the cold was really bad.
Posted by: Steve at June 4, 2010 2:49 PM

Well, it's not like Bush went over to England and gave the Prime Minister a DVD collection. That would have been really stupid.
Posted by: Dean at June 4, 2010 2:50 PM

Could have been worse, Dean. He might have given the Queen an iPod loaded with his own speeches and pictures from the inauguration. Can you imagine?
Posted by: FB at June 4, 2010 2:57 PM

I've never picked up any of the telltale clues which would make me think that Obama is a well-read man.

For that matter, I've never picked up any indicating that Sir Paul is, either.
Posted by: tom swift at June 4, 2010 3:14 PM

Bush has an MBA from Harvard. McCartney did not graduate from high school. Nuff said.
Posted by: artwebster at June 4, 2010 3:23 PM

What is McCartney? 10 years old?

You're stupid...

No, you're stupid...

Shut up you dumb poo poo head!!!

Posted by: RTL at June 4, 2010 7:44 PM

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