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Sun, Apr 11th - 6:49PM

Healthcare/Tea Party Linkage

(When I'm busy, I don't have time to post: will get Friday and Saturday and today's posts up Real Soon Now.)

The New Federal Menu Mandate Meets the Real World.  Ed Morrissey comments:
“Little-noticed?”  Bear in mind that this comes from The Paper of Record, which supposedly publishes All The News That’s Fit to Print.  If these are “little noticed,” it’s because media outlets like the Times didn’t do their job.

Texas HHS Chief says 0bamacare will cost 20 times Waxman's Estimate.

A cancelled Democrat town hall.

Tim (NOT Paul) Ryan, "profile in courage."

Photos from Denver Tea Party.

AP: Federalizing student loans won’t lower tuition

AP: Obamacare kills small business. Oh, gee, NOW they tell us.

Will Dems Sneak a Second Doctor Fix Through Congress.
Either Congress has to write another “doctor fix” to get states off the hook and the governors off their backs, or they have to let the states go bankrupt after 2015 with this new unfunded mandate.  States already suing over the individual mandate may want to figure out how to push back against federal encroachment on this point, but realistically speaking, that train left the station a long time ago.  Either way, the Medicaid reimbursement catch-22 shows the dishonest approach Democrats took in scoring this bill, and why imposing more price fixing on a system already badly damaged by earlier price fixing will doom ObamaCare to failure.

The hits keep coming.
There is no punishment too severe and/or painful for the Democrats who voted for this and who passed this.
NoDonkey on April 1, 2010 at 1:42 PM

I think you guys are missing something here. . . . .

As a physician, let me note that the 21% cut in medicare re-imbursements is a feature, not a bug.

Sure — it will cause more doctors to drop out. But as doctors drop out — that means fewer tests will be ordered, and fewer things will be discovered from those tests, and few procedures will be done — hence the cost of medicare will drop a whole lot more than just the 21% cut to Physicians.

Example 1: If 86 year old Grampa Jones has noticed pain going from his jaw to his neck to his left arm. If he was able to go see his internist, the internist would order a non-invasive stress test which would show critical ischemia of the left main coronary artery, and soon a cardiologist or cardiac surgeon would be doing their thing — all to the cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

But if he can’t get in to see the Internist — instead he wakes up dead in a few weeks, and the cost of his medical care takes a huge drop.

Example 2: Grandma Jones has problems walking. She makes an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon, but can’t get in for four months — because the orthopedic surgeon decides to limit medicare patients because he can’t survive doing total hips on medicare patients for $1300. So Grandma has to do with a cane — and beside that, no one knows about the anemia that is being caused by a small colon cancer that would have been detected on pre-op lab work and resulted in an expensive colon cancer operation before her total hip. So here medicare saves the cost of a total hip, and the cost of a colon cancer operation — way more than just cutting physician rates 21%.

And because physicians refuse to see Grandpa and Grandma Jones — it’s their fault the two wind up dying, because doctors are greedy SOBs who all golf on Wednesday afternoon, and make $50,000 from chopping off legs and who knows how much from taking out tonsils that don’t need to be taken off. Besides, pain pills dispensed by a nurse are probably all the Jones oldsters really need, anyway. To quote Democratic governor Richard Lamb, “They have a duty to die.”

You can rest assured that’s how Obamacare will work.

Narniaman on April 1, 2010 at 1:56 PM

0bama is still trying to sell healthcare:
According to a Congressional report, the cost of operating Air Force One is $56,518 an hour.  This figure does not take into account the cost of security and transportation of presidential vehicles.  In addition, Maine taxpayers will foot the bill for the state and local police who will provide additional security at the event.  All of this money is being spent to sell a health care reform bill that has already been signed into law to what is sure to be a mostly liberal audience in a deep blue state.  In the middle of a recession, this doesn’t seem like a particularly good use of taxpayer money.

Don Surber

2. From Reuters: “Democrats lie low after health-care victory.”

It’s historic. So was the Hindenburg crash.


...15. From Fox News: “Less than half of the 229 million doses of the [swine flu] vaccine the government bought to fight the virus have been administered, which leaves an estimated 71.5 million doses that will have to be discarded if they are not used before they expire.”

Ah, a preview of Obamacare.


Miscalculating Obamacare costs

From George Hohmann: “Incredibly, I’m told that no one in Washington, D.C., has estimated the cost the changes will have on the federal program.”

(You'd think it wasn't really about health, wouldn't you?)

Heh.  The NSRC ad.

Moe Lane: Since the President is so eager to bring this up: I agree that he’s a natural-born citizen, and so is thus the legitimate President of the United States.  My problem with the man is that he sucks at being both.

Yep. he doesn't take well to dissent. "Via the Right Scoop, this is as snarky as I’ve ever seen him; obviously, America’s cool reception to his world-beating boondoggle has hit a nerve. ...savor the inanity of the situation. Here’s The One goofing on people for worrying about O-Care’s popularity — at a rally he’s been forced to hold to sell O-Care to the public. Not a one-off rally, either: He’s held a bunch already since the bill passed and will hold many more in the months ahead. If he were confident about the glories of our new health-care system revealing themselves in time, he wouldn’t need a perpetual campaign to spin it. "

The Hill:
“Both Maine Senators declined the White House’s invitation to attend President Obama’s event in their home state today, according to White House spokesman Bill Burton.”

Didn't Obama Get the Memo that His Bill Passed?

Ed Morrissey:
Barack Obama has avoided making appearances since his intervention in Massachusetts helped produce the state’s first Republican Senator in almost 40 years. 
...using the CBS poll, Obama’s approval rating has gone down to 34% on what has traditionally been a Democrat-owned issue — among the general population of adults, not registered or likely voters, where it does worse.  Obama’s both unpopular and ineffective on the stump.
Most Democrats at risk of losing their seats in the House and Senate are at risk because of Obama.  They’re trying to figure out how to run against him in their general elections.  The last thing they need is President Obama showing up in their districts and states, talking about himself and his fabulous plan to run health care out of Washington DC, and how he needs the incumbent to help him finish the job.  That kind of endorsement might make tar and feathers fashionable again.

Byron York.

jenniferbinmichigan: Great point, Cindy. For eight years, Bush endured some of the most hostile vitriol we've ever seen heaped on a President, yet not once did we ever hear him call his detractors 'the enemy'... not once did he ever call their Constitutionally protected free speech 'troublesome'... he never labeled them as an 'angry mob'... Yet here in Obama, we have a President who has literally used the words 'the enemy' to describe me - an American citizen! - simply because I disagree with him. MY PRESIDENT has said I'm part of an 'angry mob' because I go out there and peacefully protest against his agenda. My President has told me to 'shut up and get out of the way' when I argue against his policies. This is not only unprecedented, but it's un-Presidential. Obama will go down in history as the most divisive President the USA has ever known.

@fredthompson: Obama: I fought for HC law bc "this country was going to go bankrupt." Apparently not going there fast enough for Obama

Another GREAT Doc Zero piece.

Declaring repeal to be “impossible” is a self-fulfilling prophecy of American decline. A slapdash pile of graft and fraudulent cost projections, passed by a fantastically corrupt Congress that claims it couldn’t hear the muffled screams of the outraged electorate through the thick doors of their smoke-filled rooms, instantly becomes an eternal component of our lives? That will only be true if we make it true… and even then, it won’t be true for long.

One way or another, ObamaCare won’t last far beyond the point where your kids go bankrupt trying to pay for it. The American entitlement state is the world’s tallest, shakiest house of cards.

...Behold the toxic wonder of a bill that forces people to buy a product that it will also cause a shortage of.

Repealing ObamaCare, and replacing it with real and meaningful health care reforms grounded in the fertile soil of the free market, should be the beginning of your commitment to guide your country away from this fate. To compromise with those who showed no interest in compromising their lust for power would be surrender. When you discover people trapped inside a burning car, you’re not doing them any favors by feeding change into the parking meter.

Another of Nancy's little surprises.

CBS poll has 0bama at 44%

Here’s a Newsflash for ya Champ
44% does NOT = B+

huskerdiva on April 2, 2010 at 10:51 AM

No, 44% is an A+ in affirmative action land.

AZCoyote on April 2, 2010 at 11:26 AM

(It's a Friday dump)

The Clintons knew exactly what they were doing when they told Barry he had to pass it. Clintons-1 Barry-0

PrincipledPilgrim on April 2, 2010 at 12:05 PM

Dan Riehl: "Seems our government can't even get the word out about potential health care benefits. Yeah, they're going to run them just swell.

Paul Ryan:

Last week, on March 21st, Congress enacted a new Intolerable Act. Congress passed the Health Care bill - or I should say, one political party passed it - over a swelling revolt by the American people. The reform is an atrocity.
...We are challenged to answer again the momentous questions our Founders raised when they launched mankind's noblest experiment in human freedom. They made a fundamental choice and changed history for the better. Now it's our high calling to make that choice: between managed scarcity, or solid growth ... between living in dependency on government handouts, or taking responsibility for our lives ... between confiscating the earnings of some and spreading them around, or securing everyone's right to the rewards of their work ... between bureaucratic central government, or self-government ... between the European social welfare state or the American idea of free market democracy.

What kind of nation do we wish to be? What kind of society will we hand down to our children and future generations? In the coming watershed election, the nature of this unique and exceptional land is at stake. We will choose one of two different paths. And once we make that choice, there's no going back.

This is not the kind of election I would prefer. But it was forced on us by the leaders of our government.
...Self-government stands or falls on integrity, not only in those who represent you but in the enactment of law. This indecency soiled our freedom and embarrassed the democracy we promote in other nations. And this may not be the last of it. To enact its transformative agenda, this leadership employs the Machiavellian saying that the end justifies the means. America was born in a revolution against that whole idea. Soon it will be the norm.

The Constitution and the consent of the people are all that stand between limited and unlimited government power. Zealous ideologues with the best of intentions brush aside the limits on power in order to get whatever they believe is good for the people ... no matter what the people believe. Our system of freedom can survive an assault, but it won't survive if the people are frightened, or angry, or asleep at the switch. A great Democrat, President Andrew Jackson, once said: "eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty." We can thank our current leaders at least for this: they have awakened the nation to the danger of taking self-government for granted.
...Those leaders have underestimated the good sense of the American people. They broke faith with independents, Republicans, and their own rank-and-file. They walked away from the foundational truths that made America the wonder and the envy of the world. The price of their infidelity will be high.

Omaha Tea Party Express stop.

Organizers were expecting a few hundred at the rally but instead there were an estimated 3,000
@snarkandboobs: Obama really is "unprecedented." 1st Pres. who tries to mock me and fellow citizens in *every* speech/interview he gives.

(Yeah, I wondered when Bill said his approval would go up 10 points... Slick Willy is still very slick.)
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