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Tue, Mar 30th - 7:00PM

More Measurements

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 728
87.3 miles
gray, cold, some rain

99 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/53

Teach a man to fish, and you lose a democratic voter.

Reunite Pangea!  Stop manmade continental drift!

Douthat on the Catholic Problems.  The Anchoress:
"We’re in Lent; it’s Holy Week. This time of the year, it’s always something, and it’s always something that “changes everything!” If it’s not someone declaring that The Gospel of Judas (April, 2006) invalidates Christianity, then it’s someone claiming they’ve found Jesus’ casket (February, 2007). If it is not a Lent-long hype for a stupid movie, it’s the “Jesus was a racist” silliness (February, 2009)" 

While I was going to Bernadette's today I heard a state legislator who wants CSUStanislaus to disclose Sarah Palin's speakers fee. A caller asked  "Would they care if it was AlGore?"  I want to know do they think they'd get $500 a ticket for Al Gore?

Another story, from Mark Steyn, on a Chinese guy with man-boobs... he's a dairy farmer: are there chemicals involved?

Gareth and I had a great time.  We read books and talked (some: he still hasn't realized that there's a reason people make these noises. I don't think it'll be long, though.)  Bernadette says she's fine, some effaced, some dilated, which sounds like maybe the little girl will be earlier than the two-weeks-from-now due date.  Grandma's coming next week, so it's likely we won't need to be babysitting when the baby comes after all. That would solve a lot of problems.

Meanwhile, since his mom is coming, that should get Robert to clean up the bathroom.  His "green" kitty litter is not popular with the kitties and the room is disgusting.

And today, Brian from Brian's Drapery Service came to measure my front window.  100" by 42". I'll be ordering this stuff soon.

Dude, where's my country? Somehow, I'm not surprised Phelps is a Democrat.

How to cook bacon with a machine gun.

I keep seeing John Barrowman! He was in De-Lovely. Now he's a bad guy in Desperate Housewives.

I already posted this... it's all Rich's fault. He said something about not liking Carlos' voice: I say hey, he's a grandfather sitting in his kitchen talking to the kids. How neat.

Only TV we have all seen is Owl MyChildren!

 Well-known East LA math teacher Jaime Escalante has died. He was the subject of 1988 film "Stand and Deliver.
Awww. RIP.

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Tue, Mar 30th - 1:23PM

Newest Time-Waster...

But fascinating!!!

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Tue, Mar 30th - 1:04PM

March 29: Carpet Measuring

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 728
87.3 miles
cold, gray

96 recordings of 40 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 47/50.

From the Passover readingsFor not just one alone has risen against us to destroy us, but in every generation they rise against us to destroy us; and the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hand!

Yesterday when we got home, we saw they have taken a neighbor's tree down. I really liked the Modesto Ashes*, but after 60 years the remaining ones are sick and mistletoe-ridden. He has left one up.

*Particularly in the fall: you'd turn off busy noisy urban Watt Avenue onto a street lined with gold, almost arching over the top, a country lane.  But that was 30 years ago.

To my delight, I see there is a book for intentions in the chapel. That was one of the suggestions I had, the other being that we have the bilingual Stations of the Cross again. So far, so good with this priest.

I picked some stuff up in the bedroom and decided it was a good opportunity to vacuum. I knew Abby would head under the bed right away. I brought the vacuum in and plugged it in, but she didn't move.  Well, I figured she'd certainly panic when I turned it on. To my astonishment, the cat stayed put, even when I approached the bed.  I gather it's a lot quieter than the old one!

The guy came to measure for the new carpet.  He came up with 524 square feet.  They'll do a couple of seams in the hallway which will save us a lot of extra scraps. The dog whined and whined in the backyard.

Some people think I'm back on Facebook because Twitter posts echo. And such a stupid one, too, a bit of gossip about Jon Gosselin.*  (His second girlfriend got tired of his laziness and threw him out. That's three times single this year.) Hey, he wanted to stop being a grownup, now he's finding out what it's like. Meanwhile, Kate cannot dance her way out of a paper bag on Dancing with the Stars.  Buzz Aldrin has the excuse of being old.

*"It was five months of his pure laziness and her mounting frustration," a Christie friend told In Touch about the split.

"She couldn't take it anymore. He was lying around all day long, not contributing to anything and not working. He doesn't even have his own friends. He even mooched his social life off of her."

(I can hardly wait till I get the new window covering... I swear I'll start doing the exercise programs I have on the DVR again.)

Ah, who knew sleep apnea was a service-related disability?  Maybe Rich could get some $$ for this!

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