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Wed, Nov 17th - 10:25PM

November 16: Poor Sick Little Boy

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
247.2 miles

98 recordings of 45 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 45/54.

Bernadette warned me that Gareth was sick... I could see the dripping nose and hear the cough. Joanna feels a lot better, though she was sleepier than usual. Gareth was doing OK, playing quietly in the living room (here I finished the Big Project yesterday in the playroom) and reading the books all morning.  We did have one incident when I was trying to get him to bring me Joanna's blanket. I finally turned off the TV (sick kids need the electronic babysitter) and said it loudly, and made him cry. And he still didn't know what I meant, too confusing.

Then he sat in my lap for awhile. I got up to make lunch. Lunch was the low spot of the day. I'm thinking he has a sore throat... he liked the tomatoes and wanted more, and I said to eat some circles, and he cried... and then even tomatoes didn't console him, he's looking at me with his sad eyes dripping tears and seeming to ask why I didn't make it better. He didn't even want the yogurt.  Poor baby.  So then I mostly sat with him. Rich gave him a couple of oranges which he liked. A little attention to Joanna but fortunately Rich came in so I had a sleeping Gareth and he had a sleeping Joanna. We watched Wall-E, which we've never had time for before.

G. was running a fever. At least he wasn't as drippy.  Poor little boy, and I sure hope he feels better Thursday!!!

But what about compliments?

0bama Caves on KSM Trial

Includes a cartoon.

The Wages of Spin
The Obama camp ran their campaign in such a way that they won the election by dooming the presidency. Of course there is nothing new in politicians promising more than they can deliver. But Obama committed this political sin on such a gargantuan scale that it ought to be named after him. Let Christian politicians take note: never promise so much that your failed promises will cripple your administration.

Comply with Me.

The Left's heads are exploding because of Bristol Palin... which is kinda fun all by itself.
Nice comments.

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Wed, Nov 17th - 9:40PM

November 15: A Little Shopping

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
247.2 miles
warm (high 70s) sunny

102 recordings of 45 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 46/53.

William Least Heat Moon, about the Natchez Trace: "The new Trace, like a river, followed natural contours and gave focus to the land: it so brought out the beauty that every road commissioner in the nation should drive the Trace to see that highway does not have to outrage landscape."

The only semi-exciting thing we did today was to go over to William Glen which is closing and has a big sale. I got a couple of vinyl-backed tablecloths and a plush throw because there's no blanket for Gareth here. Also, I'm going to try some silicone pans. Looks interesting.

I had been going to make a pumpkin soup in the pumpkin, but trying to break into the pumpkin just was impossible, so I postponed it... I'll make the soup in the crockpot, on Wednesday.

I did finish in the playroom.  Perhaps it should be on the schedule like changing the smoke alarms when you change the clocks... rearrange the playroom when the SPCA booksale is.  I went into one of the cupboards and pulled out a lot of Vince's stuff, especially and alarmingly the box of model paints. I also rediscovered the Fisher-Price farm, but will postpone bringing that out till January, since he'll have the nativity set next month.


Leno: President Obama's foreign policies have been such a disaster that people in Kenya are now claiming he has an American birth certificate.

Leno: Long trip for Pres. Obama. This week he was in India to visit our jobs and next he goes to China to visit our money.

QE2 explained.

I begin to think maybe the TSA has pushed the public to a tipping point. We got used to the metal detectors and putting laptops in bins and going shoeless and without a drink of water, but enough is enough. I can remember when flying was fun.

TSA Ejects Man
Tyner points out that every terrorist act on an airplane has been halted by passengers. "It's time to stop treating passengers like criminals and start treating them as assets," he said.

“It is acceptable and encouraged that a TSA government official can do something to an American citizen that US military personnel cannot do to a member of the Taliban.”

Mugging a 3-Year-Old
(video blocked)
We have to ask ourselves: do we really feel like we’re going to be any safer with these idiots patting down children? We have a security system in place that refuses to profile the people most likely to be terrorists — they could be called racists, heaven forbid. Most of us are reasonable people, and are willing to accept some inconveniences in the name of airline safety. But these aren’t mere inconveniences anymore, and as we saw last Christmas, they aren’t keeping us any safer.

The TSA is chock full of morons. And if they trained them like the Israelis train their screeners, at least they’d do some good. Instead the TSA is like a less educated, infinitely less effective, and much more annoying Postal Service.
mjk on November 14, 2010 at 4:16 PM

Groping Children is Preferable to Profiling

The TSA Overlords Strike Back


MY PREDICTION ABOUT AMERICA SUDDENLY BECOMING “UNGOVERNABLE” IF OBAMA FAILED has certainly been borne out. Now Newsweek asks: Is the Presidency too big for one man? Nope. Just for the inexperienced guy with no management experience that we elected. As Jay Cost wrote a while back “America is not ungovernable. Her President has simply not been up to the job.” And see these thoughts from Arnold Kling, too.

Plus, as Ed Morrissey noted last fall: “Who could have warned us that a man who served seven years in the state legislature and three years in the Senate would not have been prepared for the toughest executive position in the Free World? We did. Repeatedly. So did John McCain, and for that matter, so did Hillary Clinton.”

Big desk. Little man.

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