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Sat, Oct 30th - 10:33PM

October 26: Photo Shoot

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
241.0 miles

86 recordings of 34 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 47/52.

Bernadette had set up to do a photo shoot at her work in order to set up for a Hallowe'en special.  (at that link, family gallery, there are some Gareth pictures!) She left a little before 9 and half an hour later, we followed her.  Riverside Avenue in Roseville has been prettied up a lot since we were last there.  We pulled up about 10 and Gareth went right in.  Then he fussed about putting on the astronaut jumpsuit, but then settled down to wait while they set up the scenery.  This took forever.  We looked around and I told stories and we wandered around and I sang to him and read to him and we waited and waited.  Finally we got some pictures. It was hard convincing Gareth to hold still but Bernadette was good at getting him to smile.  She also knew the magic song to get Joanna to grin: the Dr. Who theme song. Obviously, this is Bernarob's child!! Gareth was So GOOD. All in all, it took two hours(!) Rich wasn't much help... I'd forgotten he wasn't supposed to do anything strenuous like pick Gareth up, and I got really tired of holding the boy.

DSC01232     DSC01236

Then we went to McDonald's for lunch. Joanna managed to break my picture keychain.  Gareth had the 4 chicken nuggets, milk, and apple.  He ate most of it. I paid with the Arch card we got last year in Pittsburgh, which turned out to be for $15 instead of the $10 I thought it was.

Back at home, I discovered three phone calls that I would have appreciated getting, two from a neighbor and one from the Retreat House. When I'm home, all I get is political calls and hang-ups.

Gareth knows Twinkle Twinkle is the same as the ABC song. I didn't twig to that till I was a grownup.

Joanna had a big bottle and finally napped.  Gareth never quite made it to the nap.

Toward the end of the day I heard scratching at the door. I thought it was Abby planning to come in, but it turned out it was Spooky working the door open so he could go out.  Gareth informed me of this, "Spooky out door."

Jamie Weinstein writes a letter to Michael Moore
Let it not be said you do not take iconoclastic positions – even if they are supremely moronic.

Anne Appelbaum on Stewart's Rally.

Hope hope hope!

I for one am not surprised.
The sleeping elephant is awake, and the donkeys well…are acting like ass*s.
I am not surprised and am tickled pink.
seesalrun on October 26, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    In all seriousness, what sort of number are we shooting for here in order to send a message to Obama that simply can’t be spun away?

You’re joking right?

GOP could win 435 seats and Obama would say it was due to poor messaging on the Democrats part, due to shadowy foreign money stealing the election or most likely spin is that “people are angry at the Bush recession and are taking it out on the party in power, even though Republicans put us here”. (In other words, he’ll say the electorate is stupid in a flowery manner.

He will NEVER concede the idea that his ideas or his policies are at fault. NEVER.
ButterflyDragon on October 26, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Joy(less) Bahar

What makes it noteworthy is less the clip itself than what it portends for the next 168 hours: We are, after all, now seven short days away from Election Day, which means Refudiation Week has officially begun. And needless to say, as the reality of the wave crashes in, I suspect we’re going to see some mighty interesting coping mechanisms playing out among among liberals. Pelosi’s already entered some sort of Queeg-ian fugue state of denial, and last night on Twitter Olbermann was promising a 20-minute mega-special comment rant tomorrow about the tea party. By the end of the week I expect Bob Beckel to be weeping openly on-air and near-hourly references to 1933 Germany on MSNBC. And that’s just the next week; imagine what the reaction will be like next Wednesday after the results are in. Imagine.

Gibbsy on the Car and Ditch Metaphor

Soooo, Gibbs says it has a 0 bumper sticker? Then that completes my investigation of the cause of the accident. It could not have been a Republican driving the car into the ditch as no Republican would drive a car with a 0 bumper sticker. They finally admitted they drove the car to go into the ditch.
Oleta on October 26, 2010 at 8:46 PM

I’m sure I’m not the first to observe this, but we can all recall what happens when a liberal Dem is in the driver’s seat.
He’s walking away while his passenger(s) drown.
Hyunchback on October 26, 2010 at 9:11 PM

Like that'll ever happen!

ANOTHER UPDATE: “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”

This kind of inflammatory rhetoric is dangerous. I don’t think we’ve ever seen its like from a sitting President.

[Well, you can't expect an adolescent to know how to act Presidential.]

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Fri, Oct 29th - 10:45PM

October 25: Monday, Monday

Alisa Rose Mueller: "Opportunity may knock only once but temptation leans on the doorbell."

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
241.0 miles
partly cloudy

88 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 47/53

Argh.  Everything's happening on November 14th. We have the neighbor's wedding, and also Monica is having Genevieve's birthday brunch. Oh, and there's a Geocaching event. I'm dreading telling Monica that we aren't coming.

It's a little annoying that Rich blames me for cleaning up. The current thing is that he can't find his election material.  "You always do this!"  Well, you know the kids are coming... and in fact I gave him the election material and he put it away himself.  Where I found it after a bit of panic looking in my areas. Very irritating.

There are lots and lots of new Hatchlings, little trick-or-treaters in cute costumes. I love them.

Monday night football got in the way of one of my recordings of Criminal Minds (from season two.) I took it off but planned to put it back on as soon as Rich stopped watching.  The game went on and on and on, so that I lost almost half the show.  That's almost 4 hours. Oh, well, the show will come around again.

Tammy Bruce asks which side is more tolerant? She was at the last Tea Party Rally we went to.

McConnell says he's up for Defunding NPR.

Let’s cut $$$ to the United Nations while we’re at it, mmmmkay?
SouthernGent on October 24, 2010 at 7:32 PM

0bamateurism of the Day.
So for a 20-minute speech, India has to install a Teleprompter for the first time in its history, thanks to an American President who apparently can’t live without it. I guess that’s one way of being historic …

TOTUS = Binky
cmsinaz on October 25, 2010 at 8:09 AM

It's NOT the economy, stupid... it's 0bamacare!

The Atlantic
NOBELISTS UNITE: “Fifteen past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize have issued a letter to Chinese president Hu Jintao, asking that the newest winner, Liu Xiaobo, be released from his 11-year prison sentence, and that his wife, Liu Xia, be freed from de-facto house arrest. . . . Notably absent is a 2007 winner. I would love to have heard whatever discussion occurred between Desmond Tutu and that Laureate (OK, I’m talking about Al Gore) leading to the latter’s decision not to become the 16th signer.”

Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.
Robert Heinlein

They Hate our Guts, and they're drunk on power.  (P.J. O'Roarke)
Perhaps you’re having a tiny last minute qualm about voting Republican. Take heart. And take the House and the Senate. Yes, there are a few flakes of dander in the fair tresses of the GOP’s crowning glory—an isolated isolationist or two, a hint of gold buggery, and Christine O’Donnell announcing that she’s not a witch.
... This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order. [Yeah, I know I'm repeating that, it's too good.]

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah),  Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Desert Sinner, Ralph McInerney, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Thu, Oct 28th - 10:34PM

October 24: Rainy Sunday

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
241.0 miles

89 recordings of 36 types. (each YGG episode (8 of them) is listed seperately)

Rasmussen: -15: 47/53.

I felt pretty rocky today so stayed home. Rich hit every Mass this weekend because he's now head usher and was getting names and numbers of the other ushes

Well, the weather in Nevada is 15 degrees below last week: I  wonder if we'd have gone anyway.

I was running Plucker on other machine and it got totally abducted by the US Census! There are a lot of links coming up on one of the geocache searches.

So This Means We Get To See Obama's College And Law School Records, Right?

Lisa Murkowski is total sleaze.
I finished Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. It seems to be in pieces, not quite as coherent as Outlander. I think I'll take a short break before continuing with the series.  Well, I mean besides finding
Gabaldon's website and following her on Twitter.

Dave Cavena:
Americans need to understand a couple of things about AFT and NEA. And they are these:

NEA President (1974-1997) Albert Shanker: "When school children start paying unions dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children."

Recently retired NEA General Counsel Chapin: "NEA and its affiliates are such effective advocates not .. because we care about children... but because we have power."

Teacher unions are nearly singlehandedly responsible for the decline of America. They mal-educate the electorate - BOTH sides (our parties both are run by extremists and extremists, by definition, are ignorant), spew Dewey-based utter nonsense, put their own kids in private schools because they know how bad are the schools in which they propagandize, and demand pay absolutely NOT commensurate with their intelligence, ability, work ethic or results.

You could TRIPLE my property taxes for PROFESSIONAL teachers - NO union, MERIT-based hire/fire, NO tenure...

But the hacks we have there now? As the Dean of the Boston College School of Education wrote in THESE PAGES in 1985, the "Dregs" of the college student population, the "laughingstock: of students in academic disciplines... are the students in the "Schools of Education."

Watch this video to see Chapin yammering about how putting kids first - before collective bargaining, "is simply too high a price to pay," and then wonder why, for the first time since Gutenberg, succeeding generations are LESS educated than were their parents.

Christie/Ryan 2012.
And OUTLAW teacher unions.

Bill Iowe:(is that really his name??)

Obama and the loony left wing of the Democrat party must be the only species on the face of the earth that cannot or will not learn from experience, even Animals and Babies learn from experience!

The Socialist countries in Europe , Britain, France, Germany, Greece etc. have finally recognized Socialism and the Welfare State with unlimited immigration of uneducated third world parasites flooding in to get on the public dole does not work and are cutting back government, including numbers, wages, & benefits in order to survive as a Nation and returning to capitalism.

While here in the USA Obama and the Democrats are hell bent on taking the us to a welfare socialist paradise in spite of proof all over the world and in the failed Blue States here that it does not work.

Illinois, Calif, New York, New Jersey, all Blue States that have been controlled by Democrat Majorities for years and long enough to try there taxing, spending and vote buying of public union members by giving wages and benefits that is bankrupting the government while pandering to illegal Aliens, and welfare leeches, are now seeing the results, all are bordering on bankruptcy.

Now Obama is following the same blueprint on a vastly bigger scale for the rest of American using 100,s of billion of the simulate money to reward Democrat supporters and to keep the under worked and overpaid public union in jobs and buy Workfare & Welfare votes!

US Debt is Child Abuse.

GOP has the momentum:

1) Throw the old bums out.

2) Ride the new bums like cheap show ponies for 2 years. If they give us any grief, primary their a$$es.

3) Repeat every 2 years. It’s going to take at least three cycles to completely take over the Republican party and force it back to fiscal responsibility. This is going to be another ‘long war’.

BTW- vacation day 11/03 is in and approved. Looking forward to the blog party here Tuesday night. Also, folks should start posting good links for election results.

2ipa on October 24, 2010 at 12:19 PM

Only 68 weeks? It seems like FOREVER!

Once again, an “all of the above” option would be nice. Mein Gott im himmel, when will this national nightmare end?
Extrafishy on October 24, 2010 at 9:07 AM

I’m not sure why the Joe Biden statement makes this list. It may actually be true, and I don’t mean that in a good way.
MikeA on October 24, 2010 at 9:40 AM

Dr. Zero: Williams will be just fine.  He’s got a new $2 million deal with Fox News.  Getting fired from NPR when you’re a fixture on Fox is like Will Smith learning he’s been kicked out of his local dinner theater company.

Victor Davis Hanson
Juan Williams becomes the Clarence Thomas of journalism, or proof of the notion that the NAACP has nothing really to do with race per se, but rather is concerned only with racial issues to the degree they touch on massive state support for racial identity, the publicly funded industry of racial grievance, and the rationale for public atonement and reparation — in other words, the reason to be of the NAACP.
8 ) The high-profile firing of Williams could not have come at a worse time for liberalism as an election looms in under two weeks. Consider: Public unions are rioting in France. Socialist Greece is broke from unfunded liabilities. The dollar is crashing under worldwide perceptions that the United States is printing money to fund out-of-control social programs. The voter now goes to the polls — with the firing of Juan Williams (who, unlike Prof. Gates or the Ground Zero mosque, so far does not earn a presidential intervention) by public radio, with the knowledge that anywhere in the world statism has been implemented it is imploding in the streets no less, and in despair that the United States under Obama is piling up record debt — and surely will be skeptical about candidates who advocate higher taxes to pay for more state agencies and employees to grow government and its apparent hostility to the private sector.

6. CJL
It’s the late cretaceous for the democrats, and the asteroid hits on November 2nd.

Instapundit On Wikileaks.

 Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah),  Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand,  Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dietingfor Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey

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Thu, Oct 28th - 10:24PM

October 23: Rainy Saturday

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
241.0 miles

92 recordings of 36 types.

Rasmussen: -19: just keep campaigning! 45/54.

A weekend at home, with nothing happening except the rain.


In Farmville, we all got a blimp that will keep our crops from withering. So the Farmers Insurance Facebook Page mentioned it:

You guys are funny! We asked how you spent your spare time thanks to our wither protection on FarmVille. Your comments were the best. Below are two faves, excluding naughty ones ;).

"I finished my novel, started a book club, ran a marathon, learned spanish, and caught up on some house work."

You cannot!

Welcome to Nevada, Mr. President!

Welcome to Minnesota (video)

Feet. Fire. Holding.

Funny in a gruesome way, or gruesome in a funny way:

Ken Rusnak This could have been avoided if the passengers overcame their liberal guilt and actually expressed their discomfort about flying with a large carnivore. Unless they were afraid of getting fired by NPR...

Michael Meyers

De-funding will only encourage other special interest and pressure groups to emerge and seek de-funding of the programs and ideas they, too, find "offensive" or unbalanced.

(He says that like it's a BAD thing.)

Yes, Racial Politics are rife
Very courageous of WaPo, publishing at 3:30 on a Friday at the same time as the largest classified document dump in US history.

Infidoll on October 22, 2010 at 9:04 PM

David Zucker regrets voting for Boxer.

P. J. O'Roarke
This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order. Power has been trapped, abused and exploited by Democrats. Go to the ballot box and put an end to this abusive relationship. And let’s not hear any nonsense about letting the Democrats off if they promise to get counseling.

A TEAphoon, yes, that's what we need.

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Thu, Oct 28th - 6:57AM

October 22: Rain!!!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
241.0 miles

90 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 46/53.

I'm 1.8 pounds up with borderline blood pressure. Argh!

More babysitting, and Bernadette planned to stay late at work, so she put the two child seats into our car so we could take them home. Or rather, so that I could, since we don't have room for 3 adults and two children in carseats.

My notes are sparser this time.  Joanna took her bottle a half hour after Bernadette left and slept from 10:15 to 10:45.  We all watched the Yo Gabba Gabba Hallowe'en episode. I'm trying to get Gareth used to the idea of Hallowe'en. If he knows how to behave, he'll probably be all right.

After lunch (circles again... that is, zucchini slices), I took him over to the museum.  We read the Grouchy Ladybug again and also played in the diner. Then he found the car, which he really enjoyed.  Then he got to play with the car.  We also checked out the other exhibits this time.  We were there about a half hour, which seems about his limit.

Then I packed up the kids at 3, gave Rob a call, and started down to Elk Grove. There was traffic right away, despite Bernadette's fond hopes, and I just made it down to his work by 3:30. It took a good 30 minutes to get the few miles to their house and get the sleeping Gareth in. Since it was raining by that time, I drove into the garage so nobody got wet. So I started home at 4:00.  We'd noted the freeway clogs and I decided to do surface streets, up Elk Grove-Florin and Watt. I thought it would be longer but less stressful.  Longer, maybe not so much, since I could hear on the radio that there were 2 accidents on the freeway. We had one on my route that blocked 3 lanes down to 1. However, once I got past that, it was just normal red light stop and go traffic. It was raining hard by then. It took a full hour to get home. I flopped into a chair and didn't feel like moving for the rest of the day!

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Tue, Oct 26th - 9:56PM

October 21: Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
240.8 miles
cool, partly cloudy

84 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 47/52.

He'll bow to any and everyone, but won't cover his head.

He repeatedly leaves Creator out when he quotes The Declaration of Independence.
He can’t bring himself to step foot in church.
He won’t put a cloth on his head to visit an Indian temple.
The man sure seems to have some issue with the concept of a higher power.

Disturb the Universe on October 21, 2010 at 8:21 AM

Babysitting day!  I had a few new things for Gareth: the box, a Melissa&Greg shape-sorting clock, and later in the day a Goodnight Moon game.

From my notes:

J. down 9:50, fussy, sleeping as soon as bottle warm asleep at 10:15.

Yo Gabba Gabba "Clean."

Joanna lunch 11:30, full bottle.  Meanwhile, Gareth had 3 ravioli, 2 plums, 1 full tub of yogurt, 1/2 glass of milk.

noon, he down for quiet time, she crying, may be afraid of dog, who sure isn't helping. (He's loud, fast, licks, and scary.)

G. poopy but cooperative.

J. full bottle 2:20.

I LOVE Mercer Meyer! I was re-reading the Little Monster books with the Stamp-Collecting Trollusk and the Zipper-Ump-a-Zoos.  Hahaha!

I tried to show Gareth how a friction motor works.  Luigi, "pull it backwards and let go".  Fat chance. The "let go" part just doesn't register.

She major poop 2 diapers, 1 change of clothes and the changing pad.

The game arrived. It's pretty simple for the 2-year-olds. I will start playing with him and teaching him to "take turns." (No losers in this game.)


NPR fires Juan Williams.

Does watching an entire segment and hearing remarks in context also conflict with NPR’s editorial standards and practices?
...But then again, Williams was arguing for tolerance, and that apparently violates NPR’s “editorial standards and practices.”  Clearly, NPR only wants opinion journalists that agree with the opinions of NPR, and I mean totally agree.  An NPR opinion journalist had better not admit to having a normal human reaction about potential for terrorism nine years after 3,000 Americans got killed by radical Muslims on commercial air flights, or else. The rest of NPR’s cast just got an object lesson about the range of opinion tolerated by management.

But, hey, that’s NPR’s prerogative.  After all, it’s not as if they’re government sponsored in any way.  Oh, wait …c

...Why not just have Juan Williams debate the issue on NPR?  Get him on a panel with other NPR opinion journalists and either have him defend himself or best him with actual argument?  It’s not like Williams just got hired by NPR, after all; he’s been there for eleven years.  Rather than explore the topic, NPR decided to can him instead in order to maintain their “editorial standards and practices,” but more to the point, their editorial and ideological purity.  That’s exactly what Williams meant when he warned about political correctness, and unwittingly turned himself into an object lesson in it.

A Moslem reacts.

Instapundit has summaries.

The Anchoress Opines.

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Mon, Oct 25th - 11:36PM

October 20: Biopsy

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
240.8 miles
partly cloudy

85 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 47/52.

Again. Third time. Sometimes I wish for a well-aimed lightning strike. He doesn't want anyone else to get any credit.

This was a busy day.  First thing was to take Abby in for her checkup and rabies shot. Somehow, she's been missing her leukemia shot as well, so got that.  All is well.  She's nearly 8 pounds and her eyes weren't gloppy... I think she's a lot less stressed with her own box and her own food.  However, the stool sample showed giardia. It turned out, later in the week, that the other pets don't have it.  Without diarrhea, it's not really that serious, but we got some medicine to try to kill it off.

On the way back, we stopped at the BX to get a tricycle for Rich.  He'd seen them yesterday, and after my experience with the finger-painting tray, (didn't go back to get it right away, and it was gone for months!) we thought he'd better be quick. The box just barely fit in the car with the cat carrier.  When we got the trike pieces out, there were two big boxes, but we only need one... it looks like a great house for a toddler!

But the big thing of the day was Rich's biopsy. There had been a lump on his prostate, but when the doctor got to it, he's pretty sure it's a cyst. Whew! We'll know for sure on the 3rd.

The wheels are off the bus.

FIRST RUSH LIMBAUGH, THEN SARAH PALIN, NOW THIS: Senator Jim DeMint Threatens To Leave Current Republican Party. I’m not sure what the Republican leadership has been up to lately, but it looks very much as if they’re engaged in some idiocy that is likely to lead to disaster. What is wrong with you people?

Frank J.
People do remember how much the Republicans suck, and they know where it tops out … and that is nowhere near as bad as the Democrats are today. Like with the barking dog, it’s annoying, but you know it’s not going to cause the collapse of civilization as we know it. Not so with the zombie apocalypse; who knows how bad that could get if left to continue? Same with the Democrats and Obama; people have never dealt with anything this horrible their entire lives, and they aren’t that curious to see how much worse it can be.

So the Republicans kinda suck, and that’s why they’re going to win huge this November. Because in the land of epic, mega, ultra, apocalyptic levels of sucking, those who kinda suck are king. Or at least are going to win in a landslide.

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Sun, Oct 24th - 9:04PM

October 19: On Hold

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
240.8 miles
cool, partly cloudy

90 recordings of 39 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 49/50.

Rich had a dental appointment in the morning, and also made a run to the Commissary. I was able, however, to go to the card store and get a card for Monica. Then he was off again, to Sharing God's Bounty. He told them he might not be there next week, because I'm sort of planning a trip to do the Alien Head geocache picture and some of the 1014-cache long E.T. Highway, plus picking up the caches we didn't get in Tonopah three years ago because we didn't have a car that could tackle these roads. So far it looks like the weather will be reasonable.

But. Bernadette is needed at work. We can always do Nevada in the spring. (Sigh. But this way I don't have to get a pet-and-house sitter or put the beasties in the kennel. I had someone in mind, but hadn't asked her family yet. She's an adult, but just had a major nervous crash, so it might be helpful, but might not be. I was trying to dig out Bernadette's room, but now I can take my time.)

Pelosi faces foreclosure on House.

Rumor that Pelosi won't be the Speaker next time.
Well, that's true, if they lose the House, she can't be Speaker, and I suspect they'll not want her as minority leader either.

If they lose the house, she won’t even be in congress. She’ll resign. I’m sure that she twisted a lot of arms over the last few years, and with no power, payback will be a pelosi.
rw on October 19, 2010 at 5:43 PM

Comment at Gatewaypundit:
And on top of that, he admits himself to drug use – including cocaine – during his youth and college years. That does not miraculously disappear. In fact, cocaine is so addicting that the US military bans anyone who has ever even tried cocaine a single time from ever getting anywhere close to our nuclear arsenal. Doesn’t it make you feel good to know there is a druggie with his hand on the switch? And you know  he still is, because he is still smoking. If he doesn’t have the willpower to quit smokes with all the help there is out there, he didn’t quit the other stuff either.

0bama blames scared voters.

Did Obama actually go and read "Atlas Shrugged", then decide to use all of the negative characters as his road map? 
I think he did. He now talks about scared people not paying attention to science and facts, and his real push has been to get "green" energy and products on the market, backed by the Stimulus, of course. 
My son has been reading Atlas Shrugged. I glanced down to see the last page that he read to find: 
Page 827 of the current hardback version: Bottom of the page:   

"Lack of faith," a beefy speaker was snarling on the platform, in the tone of a street brawl, "lack of faith is the only thing we got to fear! If we have faith in the plans of the our leaders, why, the plans will work and we'll all have prosperity and ease and plenty. It's the fellows who go around doubting and destroying our morale, it's they who're keeping us in shortages and misery. But we're not going to let them do it much longer, we're here to protect the people..." 
"It would be unfortunate," said Dr. Ferris in a soft voice, "to arouse popular resentment against the State Science Institute at an explosive time like the present. There's a great deal of dissatisfaction and unrest in the country==and if people should misunderstand the nature of the new invention, they're liable to vent their rage on all scientists. Scientist have never been popular with the masses." 

Obama came remarkably close to paraphrasing that statement from a book published in 1957. When you add to it his crazed adventure to push "green energy" and Cap and Trade, it seems like he is taking it right out of Atlas Shrugged and moving it forward. 
But those were the bad guys, who were implementing communism/socialism into the U.S. The very people Rand warned us about when she wrote the book. 

[I haven't gotten that far, but what I've read sure looks like current events.]



More laughter.

Iowahawk tweets
#KosHistoryQuiz Match number to subject. 1773, 1776, 2112, 73 : Boston Tea Party, American Revolution, bitchin’ Rush album, Kos IQ

Yeah, this is what I really need, another book to read.

Instapundit:  Reader William Jamieson writes:

    I’m rarely out driving during Rush’s show, but was today, and heard the same warning. I now read of Palin’s on your site.

    I agreed with Rush, and upon my return to the office, scribbled on my desk calendar:


    This is my message to all Republican officeholders, from McConnell and Boehner on down:

    “Don’t F*** This Up”.

    You’ve been given another chance, another opportunity, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher: DFTU. You won’t get another chance like this in 2 generations, if ever again: DFTU. And so on.

Bernadette Durbin Oh yes. Little man is singing the ABC song. He gets bogged down about H, so it goes something like "A B C D E F G, A... A B C D E F G, A... Dub, X, Y an' Z. Now I no I A D C, X dye oh B C D B."

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Sun, Oct 24th - 8:28PM

October 18: Ugly Warty Pink Pumpkin

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
240.8 miles
beautiful blue sky

90 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 49/51

Not much going on, but it was time to harvest this 20.5 pound pumpkin.  It was growing on the wire fence, so it was definitely time to take it down before it took the fence down.  Rich has been working on the decorations, too.

Everyone defending Meghan McCain: for the sake of your descendants' pride in their ancestors, stop.


Jammie Wearing Fool, commenting on Reid's comment about 0bama being like a Chilean Miner:
Well, he has a point. He's in over his head, he's leading a party that's about to be buried by an avalanche in two weeks and he's completely in the dark.

Angela Merkel says multiculturalism is a failure.

    I’m sick to death of 26 year olds telling what the “youth” thinks.

    By the time I was her age–and it wasn’t THAT long ago–I had been in a professional job for four years. I was also married and pregnant with my first child: a full-grown adult who had left liberalism behind with my college dorm room flipflops.

    Grow up, Meggie Mac.

    Grace_is_sufficient on October 17, 2010 at 7:37 PM

If Bush had said it... "facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day."

No one else comments about the grammar there.

0bama on Mythbusters. Blech.

Poor guy really needs to get some television facetime. He's working so hard at his golf game we hardly ever get to see him.

Turns out there ARE death panels with health care after all.

Yep. RT @ewerickson: I have a feeling that if the GOP d/n repeal or defund Obamacare in 2011, there will be no GOP in 2012.

VFW dissolves its PAC.  And a good thing, too.

ABC: Dems Have 63 Seats In Serious Danger

Catch the wave! Obama said months ago he would make all the difference in the mid-terms. Good to see he finally got something right!

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Sat, Oct 23rd - 8:50PM

October 17: Cold Sunday

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
240.8 miles
cold, rain

89 recordings of 39 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 47/52

I can't believe the change in weather since Friday!

This gets harder and harder every week.

There are so many of these from this Administration……would it be better to have a AM and PM edition?

Jus sayin’.
PappyD61 on October 17, 2010 at 9:08 AM

Blind Giants, Dr. Zero. Yeah, it scares me that people are forgetting their fury.

0bama on 0bama:

 Deficits four times higher than the highest under the terror of G.W. Bush, deficits that he intends to continue for every one of his hoped-for eight years, and, mirabile dictu, people got the impression that he was "the same old tax-and-spend liberal Democrat"? How could his subjects be so -- so...unfair? It's a perception problem: he just looks like one.
Finally, we learn that Obama's contempt of two years ago for Bill Clinton has turned to hope -- hope that he can become Clinton by getting reelected rather than Carter, sent home in ignominy two years hence. My, how hope can change.

Jennifer of Cubachi. One of the things I witness that is sorely lacking in President Obama's presidency, is leadership, national  pride, and resolve. Often I hear Obama whine, apologize, and lament the problems he has "inherited." Juxtapose this with Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.

Dan Riehl: Both Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown are card-carrying members of the anti-American Left. For that alone, they both deserve to be defeated in November.

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Sat, Oct 23rd - 8:34PM

October 16: Nothing

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
240.8 miles
suddenly cooler

98 recordings of 44 types.

Hahahaha!  This beats the sleeping dragon in the large sunny meadow!

Rasmussen: -17: 43/56.


My Facebook status: "Jan Yarnot supposes "sleeping in" means past 6, but enjoyed it anyway."

It was a great day of doing absolutely-effing-nothing. I did put the bridal shower pix on Facebook.

50th anniversary!

I can see November from my house:
For a lot of Democrats opening the ballot box is going to feel like opening the Ark of the Covenant, complete with heads exploding and faces melting. Instead of provoking the Wrath of God, they’ve provoked the Wrath of the Electorate.

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Fri, Oct 22nd - 6:45AM

October 15: Pumpkin Patch

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
240.8 miles
sunny and very hot

100 recordings of 44 types.

Rasmussen: -19: 43/56

I'm down .4 pounds with low borderline blood pressure.

We went out to Goblin Gardens Pumpkin Patch today.  It was way hot.   Gareth liked the rides but wasn't at all excited about pumpkins.  $4 a pop was too expensive for his enjoyment, but it was fun overall. The only big glitch was he wanted to get into the train engine because he thought it was like FairyTale town, and he wasn't allowed.

Eventually he picked out a pumpkin and here at home he made a picture (which Bernadette doesn't appreciate and has left in the car to be stepped on. I never did that with HER pictures!)

DSC01151     DSC01165 DSC01171     DSC01172

Gareth actually took a nap today.

Harry Reid forgets about YouTube.

Harry Reid claims he is a temple worthy member of the LDS faith. For those who know, THAT worthiness is a huge deal. My personal feelings are that Harry should turn in his temple recommend and his bishop should cut it up into little tiny pieces right in front of his face.

He is a liar and a socialist. His votes as a senator are as against his faith as Pelosi’s abortion votes are against hers. And I’m sure both of these despicable minions of Satan justify their votes the same way…..they are just representing their constituency. My answer to them is a big fat Bronx’s cheer! You two are interested in personal power. PERIOD!

csdeven on October 15, 2010 at 5:16 PM

Biden says 0bama's Brain is Bigger than his Skull

The latest from that giant brain of his is that putting Biden on the ticket was the “single best decision I’ve made”  since running for president. Which sounds insane, until you consider all the other decisions he’s made over the past 21 months. Dude — I think he’s right.

"Shovel ready."

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Wed, Oct 20th - 10:50PM

October 14: Circles for Lunch

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
239.8 miles
sunny, hot

96 recordings of 41 types.

Rasmussen: -18 (just keep talking, Mr. President!) 44/55.

I was babysitting again. Gareth managed to get into dangerous situations twice today. The first time, Joanna was on the floor in the corner and he was looking out the window. I was sitting in Rich's chair so I could see them both, but then noticed Gareth was sitting on the back of the couch. If he were to fall between the couch and wall, he could easily break something and I could NOT easily get him. So I moved him. He can play up there, but his feet need to be on the sitting side! 

The second time he was in the playroom while I was feeding the baby.  Suddenly, I hear "Nana?" and then "Okay. Okay."  That's his word for wanting to be anywhere other than where he is. I finally got a dozing Rich awake enough to go in there and help.  Gareth had gotten up on the bed and wasn't at all sure how to get down.

Joanna took a nap about 10 and Gareth was also sleepy, but re-energized when Rich got home. When I was trying to keep him entertained, I turned on Nick Jr. Naturally we had the screaming baby and poopy diaper all at once.

Lunch was great. I stir-fried him a half zucchini ("circles") with parmesan cheese, and plums on the side.  He scarfed it all down.  Of course, after being languid all morning he didn't take a nap.

DSC01085     DSC01091 DSC01120

You’ve got to hand it to Senator M’am: The woman defies parody.

Ed Morrissey:
Andrew Malcolm notes a rather interesting admission in a recent fundraising letter from President Obama:

    “I didn’t run for president because I wanted to do what would make me popular.”

Er … okay.  Did he run for President to make himself unpopular?  Because, as Andrew notes, he’s succeeded beyond his wildest dreams if that was the case.

Victor Davis Hanson,  The Anatomy of Petulance.

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Tue, Oct 19th - 10:28PM

October 13: Cache Maintenance

The Age of Napoleon, p. 95
239.8 miles
sunny, hot

112 recordings of 44 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 45/54.

Since we weren't going to San Jose, I planned to sleep in today... ha. 5 AM up and not going back to sleep. Oh, well.  I also planned to do nothing but vegetate, but I noticed some people found the second stage of our cache without finding the first stage.  That's just not right, so we went to check.  The first stage was a bit broken, so we must fix it.  The second stage was, indeed, visible from a hundred feet away, so we re-hid it.
Pharaoh was really excited to be getting out.

"Otherwise known as 'taxpayers'". The people who pay their salaries.

    The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) released this “teabagger” election ad this week. They hope that by smearing all of those limited government protesters with an offensive sexual innuendo these patriots will stay home on election day.

    And, of course, they don’t care that these vile ads are playing on the internet and are heard on the radio so your children can learn how to be mean and rude, too.
.... This is a union with a very disturbing and ultimately antidemocratic view of government, which is making the argument on its website as to why it’s dangerous to allow unionization of civil servants in the first place.

Ed Morrissey
Thanks to the policies of Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress, the party in power may stand at the threshold of a midterm cycle not seen since 1948, or perhaps even 1894. The failure of Obamanomics has Republicans enthused, independents angry, and Democrats trying to avoid declaring their party affiliation.

[So he puts himself out as a raffle prize!!]

...note well that the venue for this momentous Presidential meet-up is in the city that Obama inartfully suggested — twice — that Americans should avoid.

The Cole, 10 Years ago yesterday.

Schwartenegger endorses Crist.
Done That on October 13, 2010 at 6:42 AM
Has been RINO politician endorses washed up RINO politician? Nothing newsworthy to see here. Maybe Murky, Mikey, Arnie and Charlie should form a PAC and call it LOSERS United Against the Will of the People PAC.

Mae on October 13, 2010 at 1:13 AM
Can hardly wait for November 3rd when all this will be over except, of course, the flipping up of car trunks to find multitudes of uncounted ballots thus bringing the Dems back into contention through forced re-counts.

Johnnyreb on October 13, 2010 at 8:09 AM
    And so the White House has embraced an epistemological standard worthy of the birthers.

It is just going to get worse in the coming weeks. He will have a weapons grade meltdown when Congress starts dismantling his Obamacare plan.

I’m waiting for Obama to utter the words…
“I’m rubber your glue, what ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you”.
At that point he needs to be committed. Wait for it, it’ll happen in one way or another.
milwife88 on October 13, 2010 at 8:13 AM

    He will have a weapons grade meltdown when Congress starts dismantling his Obamacare plan.
    Johnnyreb on October 13, 2010 at 8:09 AM

Anyone who has kids can tell you how ugly it gets the first time a spoiled child is told “No.”
Kafir on October 13, 2010 at 8:14 AM

Unhappy Trails:

Obama loves to campaign, so it’s no surprise he’d want to do this more than actually governing. And if they could book each stop or fundraiser next to a golf course, so much the better.

The problem is that coming from Illinois where Democrats have had a stranglehold on Chicago-area politics, and from the 2008 election where he was The One on all his stops both against Hillary and McCain, this is different. The adjulation is down and instead of riding a wave of liberalism, Obama’s being asked to save drowning Democrats where Barack personally is the heaviest weight they’re toting.

That means that unlike 2004, 2006 or 2008, campaiging new requires work, and like governing, that’s something Obama isn’t all that excited about doing. Better to try and trot out the same message while scrambling to find some new right-wing demon to plug into the proper spot on TOTUS that will resonate with the voters than actually adjusting your speech or style to reflect the concerns of the voters (plus if Obama did that, he might have to confront his far left base, and that’s the biggest thing Obama is deathly afraid of doing).
jon1979 on October 13, 2010 at 10:12 AM

I have a question:
Why should ALL of us have to pay for this one sided campaigning for Dems?

Will someone remind them there is a WAR on and our people aregetting KILLED, please! ?? !
golfmann on October 13, 2010 at 10:17 AM

Does Giggles ever actually sit in the oval office and work ?

Is anyone tracking his actual work days ? I understand he does less harm when he is on the road attacking the CoC but I would love to know how many days he has actually worked.
DeweyWins on October 13, 2010 at 10:17 AM

REALLY appreciate a government which would work on the economy, on our falling educa

I know I can’t be the first, or the only, to say that I really… Really, really, wish my President and my Government would WORK ON THE PROBLEMS we’re having right now and stop G******m campaigning all the time.
I’m sick of it.
I’m sick of hearning the word “Obama”.
I’m sick of hearing smears, lies, half-truths and slander.
I’m sick of people placing blame.
I’m sick of hearing about grandoise utopain societies we should strive to be more like.

I would tion levels, on our sky high tax rates, on jobs going overseas, on endless wars without any real goals and on our government taking people prisoner without any sort of “due process” to determine their guilt or to determine their fates. I would like to see our Government serve the People of this country, and protect us from potential terrorism because of porous borders. To better use the taxes paid by us, to serve us, and to stop allowing people who are here illegally to steal from us and to flaunt the law.
It’s time we stopped this nonsense and brought our country back to it’s core principles.

None of this can be done by a President and a Government which is perpetually campaigning!
KMC1 on October 13, 2010 at 10:50 AM



The Sears Tower is now the Willis Tower... with a ledge overhang!!! I need to go back!

And I learned that L.A. has a Holocaust Museum.  I must go back and see that, too.

Rich spent a lot of time on the spider decorations.

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Mon, Oct 18th - 8:41PM

October 12: Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 95
238.8 miles
sunny, 80s

102 recordings of 40 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 47/52.

I was awake from 1:30 to 5.  Unfortunately, the 10-10-10 geocoin that we tried to order didn't work out, so we won't be going to San Jose tomorrow, so I'll get to rest.  Today wasn't it, because it was a babysitting day!

Babysitting went well, except the baby goes from cooing to shrieking with no warning. It seems to me she cries a lot. I spent a lot of time with her, making sure she got face time, not just bottle/diaper/jumpchair/playpen.

Lunch for Gareth, scrambled egg and cheese, plums, and flan.  Since I got some straws he's drinking a lot more milk, too.

Gareth has been good, though not sleeping, at nap time.  Yesterday, with Bernadette, we watched Yo Gabba Gabba "superhero" which was fun. I turned on "Sleep" before his nap, but it didn't really work.

Richard Cohen:

Almost like an apparition, Jimmy Carter stalks Barack Obama. The former president has published yet another book, his 25th, which has been greeted with some scorn and plenty of ridicule. Garry Wills, in the reliably liberal New York Review of Books, writes that "Carter is a better man than his worst enemy would portray him as. And his worst enemy, it turns out is himself." To which a chorus of critics would quickly add, "Not as long as I'm around."


Oh, interesting.

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Mon, Oct 18th - 5:32PM

October 11: Library Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
238.8 miles
sunny, 80s

98 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 48/51.

Duh, you think?  "As it turns out, incompetence and arrogance produce really bad results.  Who’da thunk it?"

Obamateurism of the Day.
Nothing screams leadership like a man playing golf just after scolding his followers to get to work.

It was library day today!  Because Rob stayed home from work, Bernadette could come over closer to the time. I'd said if Gareth needed some home time, we could skip it, but she thought he'd be OK.

He was more than OK.  Now he's listening to the stories, playing with others a little bit, building with blocks, and has figured out how to get on the riding toy and ride.
Joanna is so close to crawling so she was quite busy too.

DSC01069     DSC01070

Apparently on their trip Gareth kept talking about the train puzzle "1 kitty 2 dogs 3 bunnies 4 fies (butterflies)" so he was really happy to see it and play with it when we got home.


Bernadette stuck around till about 4: I think she's missed us!

The paleontology seminar in Pittsburgh.

Fun times in Alaska!

Fred Barnes, the Most Important Race of 2010.

Mysogyny, hard to spell, easy to practice.

it isn’t just coming from men. Alleged feminists are some of the worst offenders, spewing sexist and outright misogynistic garbage at conservative women. Because, abortion. They have grossly tied up equality and “women’s rights” with a legal ability to kill your unborn children.
...Gloria Steinem recently said conservative women cannot be Feminists. Cannot. Why? Because you are anti-woman if you are pro-life.

A really hopeful projection. 
Why is President 0bama Still Talking about Change?

Word Cloud of Americans' Opinion of the Government.

Speaking of desperation, according to James Carville’s polling firm, Democrats are now so weak that blaming Bush actually costs them a few points among voters. Why? Simple: Economically, invoking Bush actually makes people nostalgic for the not-so-distant past.

just heard biden was in pitzbg for fndrser: only 45 attended.
reliapundit on October 11, 2010 at 9:18 PM

More joys of Government-run health care.

Laura Brod, the "As Seen on TV" President.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah),  Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Voyager, Diane Gabaldon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Sun, Oct 17th - 7:17PM

October 10: Wedding!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
238.8 miles
sunny, 80s

91 recordings of 30 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 49/50.

Because the wedding was this afternoon we didn't go to Mass in the morning. Instead, we moved the "entertainment center" (shelves) back and put the electronic stuff onto it. We got the TV out of the fireplace. 

The it was off to the wedding!  They didn't have the ushers ush, so it was kind of everyone for himself to sit. (Even moreso, there were no chairs for the attendants so they got to stand through the entire ceremony.)  We sat behind Niki, her mom, and the boys and with Bernadette and her kids. (Yes, she does actually have a husband, though occasionally people wonder.) We hooked Gareth's monkey-leash to one of the purse clips, which was great.

Gabe wanted to know "why is Daddy walking with that lady?" and also was quite offended that the little girl was throwing stuff on the ground.  They were all very good.  The ceremony was beautiful.  At Communion, we were behind the little boys, carrying Gareth and Joanna, and Father Eduino made a fuss especially over the baby. 

Afterwards, there were bubbles!  Then we had about a half hour to wait before the reception, so Bernadette came to the house. 

DSC00951     DSC00968

We found parking downtown (Rich pointed Bernadette to one and I got out to help with Gareth, but he found a place close by) and located the
Capitol Plaza Ballroom.  It wasn't the Grand Ballroom, which is an old bank and where I thought we were going.  Very elegant.  We were invited to sit with friends but went to an empty table so there'd be room for Niki and Kristen and the boys.  That was kind of a waste, because as soon as they could they changed tables.  (A friend was sitting alone with his roommate. He *could* have joined us, of course.) Oh, well. 

Gareth was very good. He was bored and moving silverware till I found the bread table.  Then we took turns getting buffet and he had broccoli so he was happy.  The best man, (my friendly neighborhood jihadist, though he's no longer Muslim) gave a very good toast. That could have gone either way, I'm glad he chose serious over silly. The wedding had the usual stuff, though it was great fun when the Mother-Son dance came up: "Fried Ham", a Boy Scout song.  All the kids were invited in, did a reel dance, and had a good time. Nick ended up under Deena's skirt for the garter toss.  And all the young men avoided the garter like it was a rattlesnake, till the best man gave up and actually picked it up.

For the money dance, Rich danced with the bride, mostly because he had Joanna on his shoulder.  She spent most of the reception asleep and he carried her, a major bonding experience!  The best man gave Bernadette $20 to give to the groom to dance with him. They've been friends a long time... Nick was one of Bernadette's escorts to Jesuit's grad night! Later Rich and I danced and Nick cut in.  That was nice: we, too, have been friends since he was in 3rd grade.  I expressed my astonishment that he's turned out so well and he said "I have a wife, a commission and a mortgage, but I'm NOT a grownup!"

DSC01049     DSC01034

At the end of the evening, everyone filled boxes with their candy of choice (except I apparently lost some of mine) from the candy bar.  That's a really nice idea I've never seen before. All the buffet food was great! (And having done a little buffet catered, I can only imagine what this all cost! ($28 per person, plus tax, and that's just the food. Wow.)


Deena had a dream, that the wedding party would dance "Thriller" and they've been practicing the last few days.  At the beginning, I was blocked by a young guy, then ran out of disc, but this gives the idea.

We left just after Niki and gang did.  After we helped Bernadette get the kids in the car (Rob hadn't realized she was eating, and didn't make dinner till she got home, so he was HUNGRY!) we remembered we had some plastic bags for Niki's gang so stopped by the motel to drop them off.  Said goodbye to the kids. Sigh. At least we got some time with them. Good wedding!

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Sat, Oct 16th - 5:01PM

The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the Fly
by Mary Howitt  (from Wikipedia)

DSC01099     DSC01101

    "Will you walk into my parlor?" said the Spider to the Fly,
    "'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy;
    The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
    And I have many curious things to show you when you are there."
    "Oh no, no," said the Fly, "to ask me is in vain;
    For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."

    "I'm sure you must be weary, dear, with soaring up so high;
    Will you rest upon my little bed?" said the Spider to the Fly.
    "There are pretty curtains drawn around, the sheets are fine and thin;
    And if you like to rest awhile, I'll snugly tuck you in!"
    "Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "for I've often heard it said
    They never, never wake again, who sleep upon your bed!"

    Said the cunning Spider to the Fly, "Dear friend, what can I do
    To prove that warm affection I've always felt for you?
    I have within my pantry, good store of all that's nice;
    I'm sure you're very welcome - will you please take a slice?"
    "Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "kind sir, that cannot be,
    I've heard what's in your pantry, and I do not wish to see!"

DSC01102     DSC01107

    "Sweet creature," said the Spider, "you're witty and you're wise;
    How handsome are your gauzy wings, how brilliant are your eyes!
    I have a little looking-glass upon my parlor shelf;
    If you step in one moment, dear, you shall behold yourself."
    "I thank you, gentle sir," she said, "for what you're pleased to say;
    And bidding good morning now, I'll call another day."

    The Spider turned him round about, and went into his den,
    For well he knew the silly Fly would soon come back again;
    So he wove a subtle web in a little corner sly,
    And set his table ready to dine upon the Fly.
    then he came out to his door again, and merrily did sing,
    "Come hither, hither, pretty Fly, with the pearl and silver wing;
    Your robes are green and purple, there's a crest upon your head;
    Your eyes are like the diamond bright, but mine are as dull as lead."

    Alas, alas! how very soon this silly little Fly,
    Hearing his wily, flattering words, came slowly flitting by;
    With buzzing wings she hung aloft, then near and nearer drew, -
    Thinking only of her brilliant eyes, and green and purple hue;
    Thinking only of her crested head - poor foolish thing! At last,
    Up jumped the cunning Spider, and fiercely held her fast.
    He dragged her up his winding stair, into his dismal den
    Within his little parlor - but she ne'er came out again!


    And now, dear little children, who may this story read,
    To idle, silly, flattering words, I pray you ne'er heed;
    Unto an evil counsellor close heart, and ear, and eye,
    And take a lesson from this tale of the Spider and the Fly.

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Sat, Oct 16th - 3:02PM

October 9: FairyTale Town and Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
237.8 miles
sunny, 80s

93 recordings of 32 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 48/51.

Niki had a great idea to visit Fairytale Town today. The last time we were there with them, Eric was 3 and cut his foot on a sharp thing on the sidewalk.  But she remembered the Crooked Mile.  I saw that it was a free day, though, so we agreed to meet early. Rich and I arrived about 9:45 and snagged a parking place, then went to the street to try to tell the others to park across the street.  Vincenik had arrived earlier, so they were at the first of the line. I snagged Gareth (I've missed him!) from Bernadette's car and Rich took our stroller back since she had the twin stroller. I went around some of the booths on the outside of FTT, run by various child welfare agencies, and got a bookbag with books and a puppet for Gareth. Then we all met up and went in, catching up with Vincenik.

They were at the crooked mile.  Gabe was reluctant to go there.  Gabe is shy of new experiences, partly due to being the youngest kid in his neighborhood. It's "don't look at me!" till he masters stuff.  Meanwhile, Gareth marched onto the crooked mile and walked the whole thing. There were 6 adults with the 4 children (and Joanna was trapped in the stroller) so we were able to split up and watch various kids and talk.  Eric and Gabe liked the Cheese (which stands alone) the best, Gareth liked the Little Engine that Could.  He surprised me with being able to go down the twisty slide. Also, fearless, down the rabbit hole. He never saw the pirate ship but pretty well did everything else. They didn't have the watering cans out in Farmer McGregor's Garden, which probably saved a lot of plants from drowning!

Crooked Little House     DSC00861 DSC00871     The Little Engine that Could

Vince wanted to tire the boys out a bit with a swim in the pool, so they left about 11:30.  Bernadette and we went out to look at the booths, where B. got a lot of information and another book bag.  We saw some of the Parade of Mascots, though I couldn't get Gareth to look at Clifford. He refused to take some vampire teeth from the Tooth Fairy. (There were also the Rivercats mascot, Sacramento Bee's Scoopy, Smokey Bear, Officer McGruff, the Saggy Baggy Elephant, and a lot more.)

California Raisin  

Then there was free food. We first stopped at apples and cheese crackers before getting in line for the sliders. We stayed around till 1:30 for the raffle, which dragged on till about 2:15. There were about 3 or 4 times as many people there than at 10, so we planned that right.

Then we helped B. get back in her car and then drove home ourselves, in time to babysit Eric and Gabe while their parents were at the rehearsal dinner. 

The first thing we did was take them caching to two of our nearby (big) caches.  Each got a goodie from each cache. Eric held the GPS, though Gabe had a go. He couldn't figure it out.  Then back at the house E. mostly went up the tree with Rich in the backyard with him while Gabe, who doesn't seem to know how to play by himself, in the playroom with me. I asked if the trains were going to crash and while at first he denied it, soon it was "Oh, NO, oh, NO!!! They're going to cwash!" Heh. 

We had spaghetti outside, (saving my carpet!) and then I had taped "Shrek" which lasted till it was time to take them to the motel.  Gabe tried saying he didn't want that movie and I said "too bad, it's all I have" and so that was OK. Also, after two bites of dinner he claimed he was through. So five minutes into the movie, "I'm hungry."  "Tough."  I did tell Niki, of course, but obviously he wasn't really in distress. 

We'll see them tomorrow at the wedding.

Chris Hedges, at "Truthout," a link my brother posted (not something I'd normally have read.)

The One Nation March in Washington, which lacked moral and political courage, did nothing to educate or rally our most important constituency—those out of work, those being foreclosed, those without hope. It refused to confront the real, corporate structures of power. It refused to disown Barack Obama and the Democrats. And in the end it only confirmed what those who hate us think of liberals.

Being Conservative Go play more golf Obama. That means you have less time to push your bad ideas! "Like" if you agree...
You and 6577 others like this.

NOW endorses Brown.

In all seriousness, what does it take for a Democrat to lose an endorsement from the National Organization of Women?
...Whitman showed that women can succeed at the highest levels of the private sector with her incredible leadership at eBay, and that women can turn that success into political force.  That flies in the face of their need to hype victimization over self-determination, and demand the expansion of government interventions to dictate outcomes rather than create an equitable environment in which all can compete equally and win or lose based on their talent, drive, and fortunes.

Whitman represents the future that NOW claimed to champion when Jerry Brown served his two terms as governor.  Now that the future has arrived, NOW wants to live in the paternalistic past and want Californians to vote for the man who will protect them from the “whore.”  Ironies abound in this endorsement.

All Bush's Fault.

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Fri, Oct 15th - 7:50AM

October 8: There's Got to Be a Morning After

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.3 miles
sunny, 80s

95 recordings of 33 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 47/52.

Unsurprisingly, I'm up 2.4 pounds, but with good blood pressure. Despite the fact I forgot ALL my pills yesterday.

I was awake unconscionably early, and heard something in the family room. At first I thought maybe we hadn't turned off one of the Sternos, talk about a scary dangerous setup.  Then I figured it was coming from outside, and turned on the outside lights Rich had put up... oh my goodness!  There was a hole in the hose and the water was coming straight at the house! (So much for the nice clean windows!) It was almost aimed at the door, but fortunately not.

My hot water in the coffee pot (unused, despite a vast assortment of coffees and teas and spiced cider: it was too hot for that yesterday) was still warm this morning, 10 hours later. 

Hey, GOE, there's a Facebook page for you.

The Washington family came over about 10.  The caterer was supposed to pick up the food about then, as well, but didn't turn up till noon. :(  Niki was on the phone, what a surprise, but finally went in front to wait for the caterer so that I could actually spend some time with the boys, who were either playing in the playroom or up the tree. I did give them each a splat! toy which only works for a short time till it gets dirty.

Then her mother came, and the kids grabbed the iPod and Tablet, and it was all over. They then took the boys shopping and to Old Sacramento. I gave Vince and Rich leftovers for dinner, out on the picnic table, and then we went to the Aerospace Museum for the Star Trek exhibit.  This time, not so crowded, we could sit in the Captain's chair and get beamed away in the transporter. It was enjoyable. We were shown the little tricky bits in the ship map. Then we also looked around the rest of the museum.  Vince showed us the bits he's worked on in satellites and rockets. I'm so proud of him!

He had to leave to get his tux, and so we had the rest of the day to ourselves.

EU dictatorship. I must say, I thought the Common Market was a good idea, but had no idea this is the way it would evolve.

SHOWING MORE LOYALTY THAN HE SHOWED TO THE REPUBLICANS: Specter Will Campaign For Sestak. Then again, with Specter’s current popularity, maybe not . . . .

Again... that's not going to work.

Instead of enforcing the ballyhooed standards and mandates for insurers that Congress passed in ObamaCare, Kathleen Sebelius and the White House blinked in the face of bad press and exempted dozens of companies from the law.  If the marketplace had uncertainty before, the administration has made the situation much, much worse:
...First, let’s point out that the law turned out to be unworkable, almost before it even got started.
...The proper action would have been to repeal at least this portion of the law in order to give a level playing field to everyone.  By granting a few dozen waivers at the outset, though, the White House has amplified the uncertainty and arbitrariness in ObamaCare even further.  At least insurers and employers had a figure that they could use for planning.  Now there is no standard at all, except for whatever Kathleen Sebelius decides she likes — and whom she wants to favor.

The Rule of Law depends on an environment with clear regulation and unbiased enforcement.  From the start, ObamaCare lacked any clarity in regulation.

The only law Obama seems willing to abide by is the Law of unintended Consequences. What a helpless ship of fools.
SoRight on October 7, 2010 at 9:35 AM

…..hmmmm…..pass the bill without reading it to find out what is inside . Then decide which companies will be exempt from the new regulations while doctors are preparing to retire in droves. I would say Barry and Nancy have it all under control. Nothing to see here.
DeweyWins on October 7, 2010 at 9:37 AM

0bama heckled at Bowie State.

Oh, my.

And yet, to these albatrosses of ideological overreach and economic ineffectiveness, the Democrats have managed in the past few weeks to add a third indictment: incompetence.
...Congress adjourned without even a vote -- nay, without even a Democratic bill -- on the expiring Bush tax cuts. This is the ultimate in incompetence. After 20 months of control of the White House and Congress -- during which they passed an elaborate, 1,000-page micromanagement of every detail of American health care -- the Democrats adjourned without being able to tell the country what its tax rates will be on Jan. 1.
...As if this display of unseriousness -- no budget, no appropriations bills, no tax bill -- were not enough, some genius on a House Judiciary subcommittee invites parodist Stephen Colbert to testify as an expert witness on immigration. He then pulls off a nervy mockery of the whole proceedings -- my favorite was his request to have his colonoscopy inserted in the Congressional Record -- while the chairwoman sits there clueless.

A fitting end for the 111th Congress.

(he goes on to excoriate the Stewart/Colbert rallies.)

Venomous Kate: When the Nobel committee gave Obama the Peace Prize some figured they were using it as a carrot, hoping to entice him to accomplish "great things". Now perhaps the committee realizes what we knew last year: when you give a carrot to a jackass he's STILL a jackass.

0bamateurism of the Day.
Maybe they lost the other half while trying to blow sunshine up everyone’s skirts.

NOW is only for Democrat women.
They waited until today which looks like they think it is OK to call women whores.  It is not OK to call women whores and NOW is just plain wrong getting into this.  Dopes.

You go, Greta!

Barack 0bama is the Best thing to Happen to America for 100 Years.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Mark Alger writes: “I keep wondering whether the existence of homosexuality is proof that God hates Fred Phelps.”

You know, that's plausible.

MARK HEMINGWAY: Did Pelosi ‘drain the swamp’? Voters say corruption is getting worse. I think it was less a “draining” than a restocking.

Ashley Herzog, When Uncle Sam's in Charge, No One Takes Responsibility


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Thu, Oct 14th - 5:54PM

Google logo for John Lennon. I actually saved this on the 8th, his birthday. Imagine. 

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Thu, Oct 14th - 5:34PM

October 7: The Bridal Shower

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.3 miles
sunny, slight breeze. Perfect.

91 recordings of 30 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 46/53.

Not really an 0bamateurism More a symbol, I hope. Anyway, he did well without the teleprompter.

Today was party day!  And it got off to a roaring start at 8:00 with a phone call. I thought someone was asking directions, but it was an RSVP!!! I was furious.  That made 23, good thing I ordered enough for 24.  What a creep.

Then I had to wait till the dog went to the kennel, at which time I put Spooky and his box in the back room and threw Abby outside.  Then I moved the cat tree, stubbing my worst toe in the process. Ow ow ow ow ow. I vacuumed and mopped the family room floor and moved all the chairs where I wanted them, set the buffet tables, and then it was about time to wait for the kids to arrive. 

My neighbor came over with an anniversary present (wine and chocolate) and I showed her the house. She had a banner and some lanterns which she brought over to contribute to the decorating. 

Vincenik landed and were going to be here about 1. Then they were dreadfully delayed at the rental car counter so got here about 2:30.  Niki had the favors for the party, very nice boxes of truffles. The boys really wanted to play with something and I really wanted them OUT of the house, so we all went over to the science center.  Vince showed his sons the space shuttle outline he helped paint and the fence he made for his Eagle Scout project.  They went through the exhibits with great speed, and I let each make a stretched penny.  Apparently they've never seen one of these before.  On the way back to our house, Eric thought his dropped into the seat, but I found it in the door pocket. As we left the museum, there was a praying mantis which I let walk on me so the boys could see it better.  Neither one wanted to touch it themselves.

DSC00769     DSC00783

The men left a little after 4 with the boys, on their way to Elk Grove to visit Rob and the babies.  Niki spent most of her time in the back yard texting and phoning... she reminds me of the Social Butterfly granddaughter, who would be totally crippled without at least one phone on her ear or in her hands. Meanwhile, I waited for Bernadette. And waited, and waited. I had planned to run both of them through my schedule, so they'd know what was next. Finally, I started Niki through it.  The caterer came right on schedule, at 5, and set up in the back room. The chips and salsa went on the fridge and the rest on the tables along the window. I had to rearrange everything in the fridge for the flan... and left my dental bleach out overnight, so maybe it doesn't work any more, I haven't tried yet. Anyway.  Bernadette finally arrived just before the first guest who was, guess who, the rude guest from this morning. Rob had not realized she was supposed to be over here and had gone shopping after work. Niki made the punch (forgetting the ice the first time) and took it in to the back room.

 Let the wild rumpus begin!! My coat closet got used! Not only did big handbags and the occasional sweater go in there, but we also kept putting the TV trays in when we needed them out of the way. Bernadette greeted people and directed them, and Niki made sure they had drinks and chips... we all had a good time meeting each other.  The guest of honor was about 10 minutes late and I waited till she had made the rounds before I introduced the first game.


Deena's eyes are what color?
Deena's favorite color is _____________________________________
Deena's favorite movie is _____________________________________
Deena's favorite food is ______________________________________
Deena's favorite book is ______________________________________
Deena's favorite TV show is ___________________________________
Deena's favorite band is ______________________________________
Deena's favorite singer is _____________________________________
Deena's favorite song is ______________________________________
The last concert Deena went to was _____________________________
Deena has been in how many states? ____________________________
Deena has been in how many countries? _________________________
When did Deena meet Nick? __________________________________
Who was the boyfriend before Nick? (first name)__________________
Where did Deena go to college?________________________________
Class of ??
What was Deena's first car? ___________________________________
What was Deena's first job? ___________________________________
What is Deena's ambition? ____________________________________
What is Deena's dog's name?___________________________________

I passed out papers and Bernadette handed out magazines (for support while writing) and pens. I had this all ready. Of course, Deena's friends and family had the best chance on this but it was a fun way for Nick's side to get to know her a little better.  Deena's mom had 14 right, which was the winner. She got a picture frame.

DSC00777     DSC00802

Then it was time to eat!  The food went over well, I believe.  The chimichangas and enchiladas were the most popular.  Once that was over, it was time for the next game, one I stole from a geocaching event. We put tv trays away and everyone stood in a circle.  Everyone has a film canister, and is to pass it right when the narrator says "right" and "left" when the narrator says "left". If the narrator says "across" the canister is passed across the circle, and if the narrator says "back" you undo the previous move.  I stood on a chair to narrate.

How Deena Found Mr. RIGHT

Deena's search for Mr. RIGHT started in high school when she dated Peter.  Deena soon LEFT him behind, and went ACROSS the mountains to college where she met Billy.  She knew almost RIGHT away that he wasn't Mr. RIGHT, so Billy, too, was LEFT. BACK in Cheyenne, Deena met Mitch. This was a BACK-and-forth, to-and-fro, relationship.  Once, Mitch was dating the girl ACROSS the street. Then there was Casey. Casey liked to wash cars, bareBACK.

It's hard to know if your Mr. RIGHT is the RIGHT Mr. RIGHT, RIGHT? RIGHT!(Sorry, that was a line in SUDS and it just had to be LEFT in the story!) 7-1/2 years ago, Nick came to Thanksgiving Dinner, and Deena knew RIGHT away that he was the one, whether he was ACROSS the country or BACK in Wyoming. Deena has LEFT the single life and never looked BACK. She has found her Mr. RIGHT.

This was fun, confusing, and at the end Niki had the canister with the sticker on the inside of the lid.  This meant she won the picture frame-and-album.  Deena's mom missed this game because she was on the phone trying to find out why one of her friends didn't come.  (We ended up with 20 of the 22 firm "yes"s and one "maybe." It was a houseful!)

Time to open gifts!  Niki handed her the presents and warned her not to break the bows. (When Niki broke a bow I got all excited, but she says the baby factory is closed.)  Niki made the bridal bouquet for the rehearsal from the bows (the one thing I hadn't prepared for) while Bernadette wrote the gift list. Gifts ranged from serious to silly. Niki gave her a "favorite recipes" book and some measuring spoons. The last gift was from beyond the grave... grandma apparently had a message and gift for Deena when she got married.

 DSC00805     DSC00804 DSC00818     DSC00821

Time for flan!  Most of my guests were not hungry for dessert, but those who tried it liked it.  Then Niki passed out the favors and I went around with a bag of wedding charms.  All but one were bells, the odd one was wedding hearts, and Deena's mom drew that so got the door prize. She thought I'd planned it that way, but no. While they were eating flan I wrote up a Mad Lib, but had put my glasses down somewhere so I couldn't see what I wrote for answers. (All I remember was the groom was sour!)

On October 10, 2010, Deena Bonnell and Nick Condon were married in a (adjective                       ) (noun                                       ) at (place                                    ).  The bride was (adjective                           ) in a (adjective                         ) (color         ) (noun              ) of (noun           ) trimmed with (noun                   ). She carried a bouquet of (noun                         ). 
The attendents wore (color                ) (noun                   ). The groom was (adjective                ). The couple vowed to (verb         ) and (verb                  ) each other (length of time.) Afterwards, those in attendance agreed it was a (adjective                          ) ceremony.
Following the ceremony, the reception was held at (place                              ). (number) guests enjoyed (noun                                   ) (noun                                  ) (noun                                ) and (noun.              ).  All agree that this marriage was made in                 (place.                      )

And then it was time to leave! Rich got back in time to see some of the departing guests.

I was so chuffed.  I've been planning this for months, and it actually went off!  I sure was happy to have the help from Niki and Bernadette!

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Mon, Oct 11th - 9:29PM

October 6: Good News

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.3 miles

88 recordings of 28 types.


Rasmussen: -12: 48/52.

Lalalala... I can't HEAR you.

I went down earlier to the Social Security office and the line wound up the side of the building.  I decided to give it a whirl anyway. Stood in line for 20 minutes before I got in but there were only 8 people ahead of me in the "C" queue, which was "other".  I said to myself that I'd give them till 10.  However, things moved fairly quickly and I was seen about 9:35. I explained the problem (I should have waited till November) and the lady said to sit again till I was called for an interview. Actually, they called "Richard Yarnot" but I knew that was me.  It turns out that October is fine, my letter was right. Also the amount is correct because they take out the Medicare so we don't have to pay it. It is the 50% of Rich's that it's supposed to be. Whew!

Then we went to the grocery store to get our flu shots. Mine hurt and bruised up. But at least that's done for the year.

Tonight was a nice thing.  The Retreat House had invited us, as donors, to come for hors-d'oevres and a talk about Catholic Health Care. It was a very informative talk. He laid out the current state of the economy and of the law.  It's all stuff I've heard before, but without the fog of politics. And I hadn't known the Retreat House puts on a 3-year seminar for Catholic Hospital workers.  That, of course, was why they gave us this evening. It was really nice to get out of the house, which is as ready as it can be till I get rid of the pets tomorrow.  We also saw someone we know and had a short chat with him.

Thank you, President 0bama and Eric Holder.
Ann Althouse comments. Instapundit summarizes. Tom Mcguire

So “Not Guilty” won’t equal freedom for Ghalani,who is headed back to detention regardless of what twelve good men and true decide. I am surprised that libs consider this sort of show the way to enhance America’s stature in the world, but then, I have never claimed to be smart enough to be a lib.

More Instapundit:
JENNIFER RUBIN ON AMERICA’S INCIVILITY PROBLEM:  “Next time the left whines that the right is too ‘angry’ or that the Tea Partiers have debased the political debate in this country, remember which National Mall rally was polite, uplifting, and tidy and which hurled invectives at its opponents. And please also recall the rhetoric coming from the White House, which in the good ole days — two years ago — used to observe a certain level of decorum befitting the chief executive. The president and his spokesman now routinely name-call and demean the opposition.” They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

"I have done a terrific job."

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Mon, Oct 11th - 9:07AM

October 5: Frustration

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.2 miles

94 recordings of 23 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 48/51

Kitchen clean, bathroom clean... except I still have to mop the floors, and guess what vacuum again. Move the furniture, etc. etc. Eek!

I went past the Social Security office in the morning and saw the line clear along the front of the building.  Early in the morning makes no difference early in the month.  I did stop at the store and get dish soap and a floor cleaner.  Then I went back in the afternoon, also carrying a bag of books for the library. I went in, finally seeing the numbers thing.  There were 11 numbers ahead of me... and I waited half an hour, one was called.  Maybe tomorrow.

I tried calling Patty from La Rosa Blanca again.  And then I saw there was a misprint on the invoice, and the restaurant number was different. So I called the actual number, was given her cellphone number, and checked to make sure we didn't have two refried beans coming. No, it was the way I wanted it.

 I know that kid at 2:40! Roni says she is willing to admit he's related.

Heh.  "why don't they just lean the rest of the way and announce that the new progressive slogan is 'Bend Over'?"

Hahaha!  Although I would think "ethical problems" might be a resume enhancement.

Walk the walk...


Oh, my.

Glenn Beck  Obama is going solar. To recoup the cost of solar panels takes anywhere from 25-50 years (or more). The average lifespan of a solar panel is 30 years. It's a losing proposition - no wonder our government likes it so much. More.

Allahpundit is his usual acerbic self:
The total collapse of cap-and-trade in Congress and the epic failure  of the climate change summit at Copenhagen will be partially undone by Obama nailing a few solar panels to the White House roof? Greens are an even cheaper date than I thought. You know, it’s not too late to implement composting at the White House too. Maybe that’ll save the Senate for the Democrats?

according to articles floating out there, Bush installed solar panels as well to heat the pool and some maintenance building.

but yea, i never heard anything about that in the media. I guess when you major accomplishments involve killing saddam, solar panel installation just isnt considered big news.
triple on October 5, 2010 at 6:56 PM

Is the White House not a historical building? In a historic district? Shouldn’t he have to seek the approval of a historical commission, homeowners association, or other regulatory body.

I have owned a house in a historic district before and required approval on what hue of green I could paint my garden gate. Solar panels would have been out of the question.
DeathB4Tyranny on October 5, 2010 at 7:01 PM

Dr Evil on October 5, 2010 at 7:00 PM

Don't you dare ask hard questions!

I lived in the Quad City area (NW Illinois) during the 2008 election and couldn’t believe how many outwardly conservative people fell for this charlatan. Devout people in our church were willing to overlook his position on abortion for….who knows? It made no sense. Just like attending one of these “me” fests in a backyard makes no sense. Does anyone really think Obama is listening?
texabama on October 5, 2010 at 8:12 AM

BYRON YORK: Why Big Labor couldn’t match Glenn Beck’s rally.
    The nation’s biggest, richest and most powerful labor unions spent months organizing the “One Nation Working Together” rally at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday. With midterm elections approaching, they hoped to put on a show of political strength to energize struggling Democratic candidates. But even after giving it everything they had, they still weren’t able to draw as many people as Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in August. Why not?

    Because the labor movement is shrinking, aging and divided. Because the best program its leaders (and co-sponsors at the NAACP) could put together was one featuring Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Richard Trumka, Van Jones and Harry Belafonte. And because George W. Bush is no longer in the White House. Put those factors together, and Big Labor’s big march fell flat.

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Sat, Oct 9th - 8:39AM

October 4: 3 Days to Go!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.2 miles

95 recordings of 26 types.  Really only 11, the others are some shows I'm holding on to like Yo Gabba Gabba episodes and exercise shows.

Rasmussen: -13: 48/51

I had to make 3 phone calls today, to the Social Security Office, the Retreat House to RSVP, and La Rosa Blanca to check on the menu as it looks like there's two things of re-fried beans. Let's not do that. I had mixed success.  The Retreat House was easy, I just left a message. I tried twice with Social Security and finally decided to have them call back. Otis actually did, though he was really really slow. I asked for the complaint form then tried to get him to understand that I wanted to change the start date for my payments.  He told me I'd have to do that at the local office.  Then, to send the form, he must have taken 5 minutes of total silence (I preferred Mike's "hmmm hmmm hmmm") while he did what, exactly? I'd have thought, once he verified my address, it would have been a couple of keystrokes. At one point I asked if he was still there. Oh, well, I'll deal with that later. Getting through to the local office is less than optimal, but I eventually lucked out, and they told me that they don't do appointments.  Huh?  So it's take your chances, and she said 9:30 would be a good time.

I left a message at La Rosa Blanca but they never called back. (update: wrong number, and it was the one I took off the invoice.)

I continued cleaning, of course. I keep seeing things I've missed. I'm giving serious thought to hiring a cleaner to come in regularly. The only other time I had one was in England, with three small children, and Daphne was a great help. We got to be friends.

We have the television in the fireplace again. Moved the "entertainment center" to the back room to be the buffet table. I can't put stuff on it till Thursday when I put Spooky away.

Some really pretty earrings came in the mail. I suspect they're from Monica* but it could be from someone else.

*Update: yes.

I was trying to get the printer to do up the game sheets, and though I finally got it to work for two sheets, it still didn't print properly and I couldn't get it to do the "clean" function. I wasted all of Rich's Monday Night Football on this and didn't get to look at my Netflix movie. Grumble. Rich printed up the game sheets.  Frustration!

Dems Getting Spin Ready.

Blue Dogs: All Bark and No Bite.  They voted for Pelosi.

BUT DON’T WORRY, GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE WILL BE FINE: Inspector General: IRS Answered Only 136 of 352,758 Telephone Calls From Deaf Taxpayers.

More Movie than Movement

And there was very little offered about what to do about all of this, except voting in November. And we all know that voting in November to return to Congress even people who are supposedly, you know, trying to do the right thing is very probematic, because we know that—how badly they’ve done. You know, even the Democrats are saying, you know, "Even if you don’t like us, vote for us, because we’re better than the other guys." That’s not much of an appeal.

Democrat's Civil War
Once campaigning gave way to governing, it was inevitable that one faction or the other would be disappointed. But lately, Obama has managed the more difficult feat of alienating both of them at once.

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Fri, Oct 8th - 9:16PM

October 3: 66 years old!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.0 miles

93 recordings of 25 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 48/52.

In church, father asked who had birthdays so I owned up. He doesn't know my name, but he knows Rich, and I mentioned that we just had our 45th anniversary.  So at Communion he gave us a special blessing, which was nice.

In no particular order, except as I saw them, I got greetings from Bernadette, the dentist, Pagan, Alicia, Sophy, Debby J., Lil Devil, Monty Wolf, Allan, L.J., Katie, Glenna, Lora, Monika, Rhonda, Ronda, Eileen, Tina, Michelle, Carole, Janet, Julie, NightKnight, Christa, Alyssa, Tami, Kim, Doug, Amanda, Jackie, Sharon, Astrid, Joy, Ben F., Niki, Eileen B., Linda F., Karen, Roni, Janet, Renee, Linda, Miriam, Carolyn, Oona, Donna H., Lynn S., Cinde, Marilyn, Brenda, Robin, Jenn, Ina, Diane, Lizzy, Stefan, Bev O., Ralph, Jug and Roon, Sarah T., Wolf Grrl. Nifty!

This was our day to go to Davis Musical Theater Company.  They do go from strength to strength.  Today it was "Singin' in the Rain." The plot is stupid, but the dancing and the singing were great and the rain machine was fascinating. (How to drown an orchestra!!) I liked it a lot.

For dinner, pork chops, broccoli, cheesy potatoes. Easy and delicious.

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Thu, Oct 7th - 5:22AM

Early October Linkage


How to Tax the Millionaires and Billionaires Away.

As I've said before, a tax cut is not a handout. It simply means government steals less. What progressives want to do is take money from some--by force--and spend it on others. It sounds less noble when plainly stated. (Stossel)

Change can be slow: with cartoon.

Eleanor Clift doesn't understand why awesome 0bama isn't leading.

The comments are almost unanimously negative.

(John Ransom)
Consider the Olympic pitch. Obama flies in, wings it with an extremely self-referential speech, and doesn't even make the cut. This fellow is fairly lazy and has too much faith in his own charisma, which is apparently only evident when he is reading Axelrod's words to his adoring, but shrinking, base.
Even though Obama enjoyed huge majorities and an adoring press, he consistently showed that he doesn't have the maturity or experience to handle the job. Some examples: his constant need to criticize Fox News; his disgraceful stunt in calling out the Supreme Court at the state of the union speech; his alienation of Israel and Great Britain; and his constant need to find a straw man and/or villain to buttress his shrill arguments. 
Finally, this was all inevitable. Americans usually want to like their President, especially one as inspirational as Obama was. The problem was - people liked Obama but didn't like his policies. Liberals can't bear the fact that their policies - which are not popular - can only be sold by subterfuge, such as all of the lies and fake numbers used to sell healthcare. 

Clift's analysis is sober but, IMHO, flat out wrong. Where she goes astray is believing this myth that Obama rode into Washington wanting bipartisianship. He did not. Every conservative and Republican in the land smelled the falseness of that immediately. Remember when he invited Krauthammer and others to dine with him. Clift thinks he was wooing them. He was not. He was offending them. He said, "I won" when questioned on whether or not he would compromise with them. 
Then he went on the warpath with the most successful political non-politician on the planet, Rush Limbaugh, a man with over 20 million listeners. What was the point of that? It certainly wasn't to engendered good feeling from the right. 
Next he took on Fox News. Gibbs mocked them openly ... I recall him suggesting Shawn Hannity was a antisemite, a charge Alan Colmes, Hannity's costar and a Jew, immediately rebutted. 
Next he pursued a completely left agenda ... health care, immigration, Guantano. 
Woven through all this was his apology tour of the world, bowing before rulers of other lands, implicitly apologizing for the evils of George W. Bush. 
I could go on. What I fail to understand is why Eleanor Clift and others are blind to all this. Why do they think Obama caved to the Right, was bullied by them, tried to placate them? It simply didn't happen. Obama's treatment of the right is what is going to make a mockery of James Carville's boast of 40 years of democrat rule. Obama gave the Repubs a message: No! 
And for that, I truly thank him.

spokane bob
Why should Tea Party republicans or any republican work with the democrats. The democrats have had a super majority in congress for almost two years. The best they could do was pass a bill that none of them have ever read. So now when the republicans are poised to control at least one house of congress all of a sudden its play nice and work with us.

This is just the kind of article that makes you want to scream, "WHY AREN'T YOU LISTENING?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"
President Zero spent a year apologizing to our enemies, golfing every 45 minutes, and cramming massively unpopular legislation down our throats, when all the people wanted was jobs. He hired communists and tax cheats and then sent the smirking a-h0le Gibbs out to defend them and belittle the public. He sat back smiling while his acolytes called most of the electorate racists. He openly advocated energy policy that he admitted would send the cost of energy "skyrocketing." He could not be more hostile to our national character if he tried. The only growth we've seen in two years has been government payroll and government intrusion in our lives. 
Jeez! Is that clear enough for you?

Golden State Outsourced by Boxer.

What we saw at the One Nation Rally.  My brother went and I have enjoyed his remarks. I believe he was a little disappointed at the comparatively low number of peaceniks. I'm a little discouraged myself about the usefulness of these rallies: if They didn't even blink at the huge spontaneous get-together last October*, but instead just walked smirking through the crowd, there doesn't seem to be much of a point. *We were in Pittsburgh the week before: had we been there at the right time we'd have certainly gone to Washington for this!

Michael Barone
Suffice it to say that the crowd at Beck’s event was much, much larger. Plus he didn’t have to pay people to attend.

JAY COST: Our Hyper-Partisan President.  “What’s peculiar about Obama (beyond the total lack of good cheer) is that he campaigned against the very type of partisan warfare he now engages in.”

Breitbart on the trash gap.
While this is an interesting sociological observation, it’s important for us to note the following. Unless Tea Party activists pay attention over the next 30 days, and make sure we get out the vote on November 2, our better trash track record to date won’t make much difference. As Glenn Reynolds, who blogs as Instapundit, often reminds us… “Don’t get cocky, kid!”

It’s fun to note that the left is as messy and irresponsible at a rally as they are with taxpayers’ money, but it’s up to us to clean up the mess they’ve made this country by focusing like a laser beam on getting out the vote between now and November 2.

They have spent their entire life having their mess cleaned up after them. This is demonstrating their entire mindset. Someone else provided the signs and flyers. They don't mean anything so they get thrown on the ground for some other toad to clean up.
Wait...that's it! This isn't a trash's a "stimulus" for union workers!!

A Shadow World.

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Wed, Oct 6th - 10:49PM

October 2: Parish Festival

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.0 miles
partly cloudy, heat wave broken!

101 recordings of 31 types.

Rasmussen:-17: 47/53

So I had a dream about the party. About half the guests came on Sunday night because it was more convenient for them.  You know, after the RSVP thing, I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Huell Howser went to the Masumoto Farm. This was great. I read Epitaph for a Peach a few years ago, when it was the One Book for Sacramento. (This year's One Book is about New Orleans, which seens silly.)

We went to the Parish Festival. It wasn't as much fun without Bernadette and the babies.
Here is my Flickr Set.

The beautiful Oak Tree which had been at Loretto, all cut down now.  Sniff!!

DSC00749     DSC00733

 I got my Social Security letter. It's way lower than we thought. Maybe I should have signed up for November instead, that 2 days before my birthday may cost me the rest of my life. Monday I'll have to call and complain.

Desperate Dem Buddies Up with the Boogeyman.

Video, Greta v. Gloria.

Jeez, even Anderson Cooper over on CNN was hammering Allred last night on her allegations about Whitman and her husband knowingly hiring an illegal alien, and pointing out Gloria’s longtime connections to Jerry Brown and her campaign contributions to Democrats. But if this keeps up, Allred may have to file a form listing her actions over the last three days as a in-kind contribution to Whitman’s campaign, the way this thing is backfiring.

jon1979 on October 2, 2010 at 9:56 AM

Ed Driscoll

 3. Eric

I think the Progressives/Socialists/Marxists/Democrats need to understand something; their ideology is slavery.

I don’t care if 90% of Americans vote to support massive government redistribution programs they are still making indentured servants of the 10% that oppose them. We the FREE People of the United States will NOT be forced to become our brother’s keeper by the coercive power of government. We will NOT sit quietly by as the parasitic class steals our labor via taxation to support their unproductive lives. Any system that forcibly takes the labor and money from one person to give to another is immoral and unjust. Our form of government guarantees equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome and I’ll be dam&ed if I’m going to sacrifice my family’s well-being for strangers at the point of a gun (government). I loathe Liberals with a deep passion. They are lazy, parasitic, cowardly, pathetic, ignorant, losers.

Instapundit: AND I REMEMBER BACK WHEN HE WAS NOT-MENTIONING BILL CLINTON: Al Gore fails to mention President Barack Obama during Democratic rally in Florida .


CSpan uses Tea Party Rally Shot for One Nation Rally.  Heh.

Oh, I hope so, I'd LOVE to see less (or none) of this guy.

    Donors’ response has been positive, according to people who have been consulted.

Of course it has.  After all, these are the same people who positively responded to a three-year Senator for a Presidential candidate with no executive, military, domestic, or even private-sector business experience, and look how well that worked out.

(Maybe they want to see less of him, too.)

Pejman Yousefzadeh

Let there be no doubt; preventing the Taliban from re-taking power and perhaps allowing al Qaeda to once again use Afghanistan as a base of operations is in the national security interests of the United States.

Communists, as advertised.  Barbara W. said "nonsense."  Saying it doesn't make it so.

Jammie Wearing Fool, One Nation Avoiding Washington Together.

watch the garbage the Lefty Trash leaves behind. Beck's rally left it spotless

Beck is the enemy of the working people. On a Saturday, trash collectors would be paid time-and-half to pick up the trash. The racist Tea Partiers denied the trash collectors who are mostly black or Hispanics their chances to earn a living.

Pictures of the Mess.

And these wonderful people really trashed the Mall. Though smaller in size than the Beck crowd, they sure left a heck of a lot more trash all over the place…looks like none of it hit any trash cans.

coldwarrior on October 2, 2010 at 11:07 PM

AP says One Nation was Less Dense than Beck's Rally.

Auntie Susie I would correct that...there may have been fewer people, but I'm sure all of them were "denser" than the Beck crowd!

More Pictures.

    I was scratching my head at the lack of coverage of this today online.

    I mean, apparently Fox had updates, generic ones, on TV. But the MFM didn’t really cover this a lot, because it’s frankly pretty embarrassing, and since most blogs riff off of what the MFM does a high percentage of the time, AND it’s a weekend, there just isn’t a lot of action.

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Tue, Oct 5th - 9:33PM

October 1: Work at Home

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.0 miles
partly cloudy in morning, still 90s

106 recordings (but two of them are the same show which was apparently interrupted partway through.) of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 45/54.

I'm 1.7 pounds up for the month, +1 for the week, with high borderline blood pressure. Not a good day.

Don't know much about religion, either.

While we haven’t seen his transcripts I do believe that he has a Ph.D. in MSU (Making S#it Up)
darwin-t on October 1, 2010 at 8:13 AM

Obama: Embattled, Embittered, and Lashing Out: Peter Wehner - 09.30.2010 - 11:51 AM

President Obama is a man of unusual vanity and self-regard. He considers himself to be a world-historical figure who deserves treatment bordering on reverence.
...When a powerful man like this is successful, it can make him impossible to live with. When a powerful man like this is failing, he can become dangerous.

Such a person can easily become embittered and embattled. Used to adoration, he cannot process rejection.
....But the warning signs are there. The president is showing mental and political habits that are disquieting. People who have standing in his life need to intercede with him — soon, now, before the president’s worst tendencies end up getting him, and us, into a genuine crisis.


What a great governor! (video).

I learned yesterday that bc Super Bowl takes place on Reagan's 100th bday, coin used will have his face!

Thanks a lot, Nancy.


Hey, Democrats? You’re defending turf in Massachusetts and California. I just want to rub that in.
amerpundit on October 1, 2010 at 11:42 AM

Hispanic Voters Drifting Back to the GOP.

Hahaha.  The Truther who thinks Cuba's health care is nirvana has some ideas.

I find it interesting that Rob's cousin is having trouble finding work at Petsmart because of tattoos or piercings.  When jobs get scarce, employers get more picky.  Something to remember when you want that tattoo or nose/lip piercing.

Iowahawk: Environmental PSAs have certainly evolved since the day of Woodsy Owl and Iron Eyes Cody, if this educational film from the UK is any indication.

Death Ray Hotel.

(FaceBook) Jan Yarnot  thinks it's a good thing to regard 21 guests as 24, what with the "oh, I forgot to RSVPs".
I was pretty annoyed, but she called on Monday, all apologetic, and she's an older woman... I think it took guts to call that late and apologize.  You know how when you've been wrong it's really hard to call, but every day you don't it just gets worse.

Jan Yarnot  So, 45 years ago on our honeymoon, we started the day in Oakland, then went over to San Francisco and did all the touristy things: Chinatown, Coit Tower, Lombard Street and Fisherman's Wharf. I don't remember having any trouble parking! (45 years ago, remember?) I left my camera at lunch, but we were able to retrieve it. (more)
             Dinner was at Alioto's #8 and I had my first glass of wine (illegally, I was 2 days short of 21). There was no Pier 39 yet. After dinner we headed down the coast and stopped in Santa Cruz.

I got into a discussion with Roni about where we were 45 years ago, and it led to me checking out the motel where we stayed at Disneyland.  The early pictures of the Lamplighter show one story, fairly small. We stayed about halfway down on the left, about where that car is.  Then in 1986 when the whole family came, we were on the left, second story, in back. Now, of course, it's all gone, and Paradise Pier is there.

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Tue, Oct 5th - 6:34AM

September 30: The Ship

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
236.0 miles
102 degrees

103 recordings of 33 types.

Tanis Evans: I am starting to have fantasies of Jack Bauer hauling Obama out of the WH in cuffs.

Rasmussen: -17: 45/55

I've been trying to teach Pharaoh to "shake" when he comes in, so I can tell if he's been walking in the mud and clean his paws before he gets it all over the carpet. This is one trick he's been really slow to learn. Finally I started using treats.  It's amazing how much smarter the dog suddenly is. Now his paw comes right out. He's not going to get bribed forever, though!

More on the recess appointments.

If Bush had done it.

I went out to Mass and heard about St. Jerome.  Father said the story of the ass was another story  (he was using the lion as an allegory.) I'd never heard any of this, so looked it up. Quite a tale.

George Will: Without a defendable record, Democrats try pounding the table

What could go wrong?

Today we continued to clean the back room. I tackled dusting the ship. Some of the glue on the wood is beginning to go, and a few of the strands of rigging came loose. I really have to find a professional to fix this.  When my grandfather was a young Naval Officer he was put in charge of the Naval Academy museum which was a bit of a jumble.  He ordered an inventory and, in storage, they found the original blueprints for the USS Constitution. One of the sailors under him was a hobbyist and made two models, one for the museum and one for my grandfather. This ship was always in his house and I used to play with the little cannon, etc. My Mom brought it with her when she came to live with us, and I've kept it.

Somehow, though, it never gathered as much dust as this time. Somewhere there's a miniature crew of swabbies (one inch to 8 feet, 1::96) who should be flogged for not taking better care. I went after it with a small paintbrush. Actually, an artist's brush would have been even better. At first I tried to have the vacuum at the side to pick up dust, but I got too close and it swallowed a plank for the hold. I had to go outside and get that out of the vacuum. THAT's no good.

Roni went to Boston some years back and brought me back a hunk of wood from the original ship, too.

I'm not going to let this get this bad again! It sure looks better!


So, relying on a forged SS card supplied by Diaz, Whitman supplies W2s that contain a false SS no. to the IRS for the better part of a decade, IRS supplies Diaz’s earnings information to SSA for benefit crediting purposes, SSA is aware that such a number/name combination supplied to it by IRS doesn’t match its records (and notifies Whitman of that fact in but one out of all the years of Diaz’s employment), such SSA notification expressly states that it is NOT to be taken as an inference of immigration status, ICE (and its predecessor) is MIA throughout, and somehow this Gorelick-like system should alert Whitman that Diaz might be illegal?

Barnestormer on September 30, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Aw, poor guy!

seethelunatic  [Moderator]   29 minutes ago
Want a break? Resign already

Comment (0)

Mon, Oct 4th - 5:12PM

September 29: Catering

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
235.7 miles
102 degrees

103 recordings of 33 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 46/52. I suspected yesterday was an outlier.

Oh, joy.  Jerry Brown's repulsive fingerprints are all over this.

California Legislature: Outlaw Cow Videos from New Zealand! Again, no budget, but they do this sort of thing. Time for a part-time legislature.  I've been saying that for at least 20 years, but I'm beginning to hear it from other people, as well. If they only had one chore to do, maybe they'd focus on it instead of all these stupid other laws just to prove they're doing something.

We went in to talk to Patty at La Rosa Blanca.  This went well, better than I feared.  She's giving us a lot more food than I expected... chips and salsa, for instance. There's rice and beans (two things of beans? I may change that if I can), chicken chimichangas, chile rellenos, cheese enchiladas, and flan for dessert. (I figure we'll be caked out). $15 a person planning for 24 people. With delivery and tax, it was $415.20. 

Then we went to Michael's and got some more flowers. I put the garlands together but when it came time to hang them, I was standing on a chair with Rich ready to put the tape up, and there was a knock on the door.  For some weird reason, the roofers wanted to come back and put up some things they hadn't put up before. (The weird reason is they are being inspected.) ARGH on the timing, but I eventually got the stuff up myself, and it looks pretty good.

DSC00712     DSC00715

A Tribute to Legislative Collapse

Like I keep saying, this fall is less an election than it is an IQ test for the American people.
beatcanvas on September 29, 2010 at 10:17 AM.

I really despise this guy!

He then attacked the GOP for his failed big government policies.

About the push to turn us into a city:
John A. Nelson  My street is full of NO signs, for that matter the whole area has lots of NO signs. I live in a neighborhood where they took money for the parks and spent it on making jobs for themselves in a new unfordable city.  ("unaffordable", I imagine. I would think the taxpayers of Citrus Heights and Elk Grove would be really ticked off, too.)

I was watching Bill Maher on O'Reilly, but I won't be making that mistake again. He managed to push three of my buttons in less than a minute: "teabagger," "racism," and, of course, "Bush's fault."

A guy wants my picture for the cover of a book!  With money! I'll believe it when I see it, but still.

Dick Morris, Obliterating a Generation. He's talking about Democrats, not my grandkids.  Treacher... but it's still five weeks till the election. Maybe they will by then.

Finally bipartisanship. The Senate will block recess appointments.

Instapundit "CHANGE: Nancy Pelosi Is As Unpopular As BP. Well, she’s done a lot more damage to America, so I think she’s getting off light here . . . ."

You have to ask?
The NEA and AFT hate the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program because it has a proven track record of success. The Department of Education released a study  last year showing that students participating in the Opportunity Scholarship program had statistically significant better reading scores than students who applied to the program but were not offered a scholarship. The students that were in the program the longest showed notable improvement reading at levels approximately 1.5 to two full school years ahead of the sample group.

(what's good for 0bama's girls isn't good for DC public school children.)

It'll take time to FREE the new slaves he's made, too.

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Sat, Oct 2nd - 11:57PM

September 28: Groceries

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
235.7 miles
record 101

100 recordings of 33 types.

Rasmussen: -12: Oooooh, popular!
"New polling shows that the president is playing a big role in the West Virginia Senate race. Democratic Governor Joe Manchin enjoys sky high Job Approval ratings but the race has moved to the Toss-Up category in the  Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Balance of Power summary. Manchin’s positives are matched by negative perceptions of the president in that state. The Connecticut Senate race is also getting closer." 50/49 first time he's been positive since April.

Senate Democrats telling Donors the House is Lost Already.
In a shortage economy, rationing forces some hard choices.  Democrats running for Congress in both chambers have discovered this as donors have begun closing their pocketbooks or tapping out, and the desperation for dollars has them competing not against Republicans but each other.

...Now Democrats have to get used to a shortage economy in the political markets.  That’s what happens when politicians spend their time creating shortage economies for the rest of us.

“The war is lost.” -Harry Reid.
thebrokenrattle on September 28, 2010 at 10:57 AM

0bamateurism of the day

As Rich says, if you're incompetent, you choose incompetent aides.

Some Mysteries Which May Never Be Solved

Rube Goldberg. These guys are great!

Dina Fraioli : Bubbie, they always are. RT @MattCover: y'know what would b ironic? if Jimmy Carter's doctor was Jewish. #justsayin #tcot #p2 12 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter Retweeted by stephenkruiser and 1 other

Emmanuel can't move back home.
Poor Sasha & Malia. Obama again says they'd spend all day watching TV or online or on the phone if not for parental guidance to do homework.

Because it CANNOT be said enough & I have yet to say it today: racism.

President 40/60, Victor Davis Hanson

 2. David Thomson

I have long argued that Barack Obama’s poll numbers will not fall below forty percent. We can only hope Victor Davis Hanson is right—and that I am overly pessimistic. Obama benefits greatly from race guilt. Countless Americans are still infatuated with the “historical significance of his election.” He merely needs to stay out of the limelight for a few days and his numbers increase by a few percentage points. This man is president only because of the color of his skin. So many well meaning people were desperate to prove they are not racists. Obama is one of the nastiest men ever to reside in the White House. Still, how often do hear somebody exclaiming that while they disagree with Obama—they like him personally?

I unfriended Mark Williams. After his big idiotic meltdown when he had to resign from the Tea Party Express, he's been after the T.P. Patriots.  Hugely stupid, jealous, and in the end, boring.

Rich got most of the groceries I'll need for the party. (snacks and drinks.) I have an appointment with the caterer tomorrow. Why am I scared??

Comment (1)

Sat, Oct 2nd - 10:52AM

September 27: 45 Years!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
235.7 miles

98 recordings of 32 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 48/51.

38% favor re-electing 0bama.


This is our real anniversary. 45 years!  Time flies!

We went down to Elk Grove to care for the cats, no problem.  Then we went to Party City where we got most of the stuff we would need for the party. I also noted huge bottles of bubble stuff, so that will be taken care of, in the future.  Across the street to Michael's where I got silk flowers in red and white to decorate with. And we checked out Target, but didn't find anything we needed. 

Dinner was at Appleby's (The crepe place isn't open on Mondays!) I had a steak, but the Weight Watcher's one.  Really good.

My aunt and uncle gave us the rehearsal dinner.


Dave, Uncle Steve, Aunt Rose,  Paul, Phil, Chris, Sid Gibson at the head table, me, Rich, Cathleen, Uncle Jim,  Ted, Pat Y., Rich's Dad, Rich's Mom, Allan, My Mom, some guy probably Uncle Julian.

Doctor Zero

Barney Frank’s role in causing the subprime mortgage crisis, for example, is perfectly clear.  He lied extravagantly  to protect Fannie Mae from oversight, both for ideological reasons, and for the financial benefit of his boyfriend Herb Moses, a Fannie Mae executive.  The financial system of the entire planet nearly collapsed as a result.  Barney Frank should have been removed from office before the first bank bailout, and not allowed anywhere near a government office, ever again.  He should have spent the last two years answering subpoenas and facing charges, not slobbering over all the new money he wants his Party to seize from honest Americans.  The same goes for anyone in either party who knowingly participated in the Fannie Mae scam.
...We don’t blame ourselves for the nation’s problems, Senator Kerry.  We blame you.

Global cooling and the new world order.

Segway Company Owner Segues To Death Upright On Segway. Deeply ironic.

"victory"? I more and more despise this guy.

San Francisco, of course.
Even Gavin Newsom thinks it’s a stupid idea, which puts this way out past the 99th percentile of dumb adventures in liberal governance.


Hey, remember this?

    Obama to House Dem: “The big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me”

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Fri, Oct 1st - 9:40PM

September 26: Surprise!!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
235.2 miles
97 degrees

98 recordings of 32 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/52.

The 0bamateurism of the Week, another really hard one.
Long before Obama became President, the Creator failed to endow him with executive talent, and he hasn’t absorbed much  in his first two years on the job, either.  As a result, more and more people have begun to realize that empty suits are a dime a dozen in Chicago … or at least four for a dollar.

Church dragged on a little longer than usual, and after it Rich was hurrying me along.  Why?  So I asked, and was told that he'd set up an anniversary party, and the older girls were coming with their families, and the other kids would be calling in. I've always kind of wanted a surprise party, this was really it!  Since I've been cleaning and organizing for the shower, I had no problems with what the house looked like, though the kiddie toys are kind of buried.  All I had to do when we got home (after stopping for the cake and the KFC which Rich had pre-ordered) was to move my computer and put the food in the oven to keep warm. We also set up the canopy in back. 

R.J. didn't come... he really doesn't like the heat (or the dog, for that matter.  Teddy has picked up a little of his fear, but warmed to Pharaoh enough.) The kids discovered the tree and were up it... Rich had to help Teddy get down the first time, and I helped Charlotte learn how to get up, (Rich tried to get her down the first time, endangering them both, and Monica succeeded in teaching her how) and then they were set.

DSC00690     Dirty Face Girls     The Boys Call In

I'd forgotten to give Monica the saucers with her china, but today I found 5 of them. Food and chitchat and more food and more talk, and then they had to leave, but what a great surprise!!  Now I know why Rich was doing so much cleaning!

Comment (0)

Fri, Oct 1st - 5:49PM

September 25: Cleanup

The Age of Napoleon, p. 90
235.0 miles

Cleaning up: I keep working at it, and Rich has been doing the bar and even cleaned his own bathroom. Since it's scary GETTING to that bathroom, I have no intention of letting the ladies go there, but still.  He's quite surprising.

FB discussion: Jan Yarnot:"Why would I have my sister's address?" Uh... she's your sister? MY copy is on the old dying takes-forever-to-boot-up 'puter. Time to copy over the address book. Has to be done manually as the old one is a DOS program that hardly worked on the LAST computer.

          o Sophy Brown LOL
          o Doug Franklin Many programs can read the older file formats, you just have to get it off the old machine... if it's outlook, it's possible. If it's palm, it can output comma-delineated files. Good luck! I remember doing this a number of years ago....
          o Jan Yarnot Thanks, Doug. I did already try, but I think it's 8-bit, not even 16-bit. It worked just fine 15 years ago.... Heh.
          o Anthony Guzzi Just keep it in your cell phone
          o Joan Durbin Cell phones can fall in toilets and lose their contact list. I'm working on a unique back up system called an ADDRESS BOOK.
            They are made of paper and you can write in them with a pen or a pencil.
          o Anthony Guzzi Pencils and paper are obsolete. I've never had a phone fall in a toilet, but whatever works for ya. :-)
          o Doug Franklin Once you get it electronic, save it to as many disks/USB drives, whatever you have, in as many formats as possible. Then keep them all up-to date, heh.
          o Allan Edmands I'll send you her address offline.
          o J.J. Barrett P.S. Her address is new within the last year +, but appears this is an issue that goes back a bit further? (Assuming I am thinking of the correct sister... ;) )
          o  Jan Yarnot Obviously the quotation marks didn't make it clear: Rich is the one who doesn't know why he should have his family's addresses.
          o J.J. Barrett Got it, I figured you must be on top of it. ;)
          o Anthony Guzzi If I had a sister, I'd probably have her address. Her phone number too.
          o Jan Yarnot @Joan, you'll have to demonstrate this amazing technology.

106 recordings of 39 types.

Legal Insurrection blast from the past, from Spector's defection:  "Don't Worry, the Dems will Screw it Up."

Rasmussen: -15: 45/54

Doc Zero.

Ed Driscoll

Yes, when John “I’ve never met a Republican president I didn’t want to impeach” Conyers is the voice of reason, you know you’ve gone deep, deep, deep into the Twilight Zone of politics and the media gone off the rails.
...Colbert’s appearance today while a racially-charged issue was concurrently taking place serves as the perfect bookend to an earlier, even more shameful day during the corrupt and fascistic tenure of the 111th Congress, whose last day can’t come soon enough....

 1. Metzger
Time for some Breitbart-esque shenanigans. Need people to go into Ms. Pelosi’s office armed with flip cams and ask to be scheduled to appear at whatever hearing is handy, since they are American’s with points of view. You tube video after You tube video of citizens being escorted out of and then barred from her office would be quite a show.

Pat Sajak

I’m not sure how they plan to balance their oft-heralded concerns for the middle class with their attempts to paint so many of its members as ignorant racists, but it’ll be fun to see them try. Then, in a breathtaking display of obtuseness, they can express their post-election puzzlement over why these same voters have deserted them.

The Left seems to be doing its best to turn the upcoming wave into a tsunami.

Pat Sajak:

The Left seems to be doing its best to turn the upcoming wave into a tsunami. ·

In the mean time, the Establishment Republicans are doing their level best to turn the tsnnami into a ripple.

But this time around I don't think they are going to deflate the voters, rather they are going to enrage them. And there will be an even bigger tsunami of a NEW party to actually represent them, not rule them.


Do you have your own 757 to ferry you and your family at no cost from coast to coast?

Have you accumulated millions in real estate without ever holding a real job?

Have you been elected, time and time again, without any real competition, to a position of power and privilege?

No? I thought not.

They're smarter than you, Pat.

Now shut up and pay your taxes.
Edited on Sep 24 at 10:41 pm

Barbara Boxer's Bad Week Part 55

So is the One Nation Working Together rally connected to Jon Stewart's and/or Stephen Colbert's?  (Oh, no, I see it's 4 weeks sooner.) I assume these are all people more left than the Congress and Administration, the Kossers. It's possible THEY might get listened to, unlike us. 

Eleanor Clift
Tea Party types are not the only ones boiling mad. President Obama’s supporters are angry at a White House they think has grown insular, and at a president who’s lost his touch.

Video Paul Ryan and Democrat discussion

Wasserman-Schultz is, of course, misrepresenting his position on Social Security. He doesn’t want to completely privatize it, he wants to give people under age 55 the option of investing part of their money in private accounts. Why, in this context, we might even call him … “pro-choice.”
...The only solution, my friends? Have Chris Christie  go door to door across America, grabbing people by the lapels and jabbing a finger in their faces while informing that they’re going to help him get rid of these deficits and they’re going to do it now. [emphasis mine.]

This is just so offensive in so many ways....

When we elected President Obama two years ago, it was such an historic victory that perhaps our optimism got the better of us. We now had the President we wanted with strong Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress. The new President was anxious to work with the Republican opposition to try to repair the damage of the Bush years and move the country forward.
But he—and we—underestimated the opposition: a unified, hostile Republican party in Congress that refused the president’s outstretched hand, and instead spat in his face; an aggressive, rightwing and—let’s be clear—racist Fox News and other media outlets marching us back to the 19th century. And then there are the many Democrats motivated by loyalty to the corporations, fear of the Rush Limbaughs and the Glenn Becks, and the tea-baggers’ street presence.

["I won" is hardly an outstretched hand.  And I stopped reading at "tea-baggers."]

Comment (0)

Fri, Oct 1st - 7:04AM

September Stats

Rich's stats last month:



























Plus: 9 baseballs, 5 whiffle baseballs,super ball, tennis ball, tennis ball thrower, 4 pens, pencil, 2 mechanical pencils, 2 hoop earrings, 6 foot chain, New Orleans saints car flag, small silver chain, 2 schrunchies, hair curler, pink toddler jacket, lock and key, watering can pendant, 2 keys, split ring, 2 lighters, glass drop, 2 tokens, key chain, tiny toy car, seahorse sand toy, spinning top, 5 star charms, metal clip, bead and shell bracelet, metal hair clip, crucifix, safety pin, car to useb power converter, small flashlight, drill bit, cap nut, 2 sockets, allen wrench, stud nut.

For me, 13.8 miles. (BAD!) 1.7 pounds up, darn it. That's probably related. 51 pages, 1 book, (what a great one, though, OUTLANDER), 1 movie, 1 play, 8 Masses.

We found 105 caches last month, 7363 total. We're 187th in the world, and 13th locally. (how can we find so many and slip?? Looks like Lil Devil started posting again.)

In proofing I'm in 957th (out of 31811 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 872 pages proofed (0 done in July), 14th (out of 3724) in P2 with 23508 pages (0), 512th (of 837) in P3 with 469 pages, and formatting 551st place (2974) with 1020 pages. I really have to get back to this.

In Flickr I have 37000 pictures, with 82318 views, and 162 sets to work on. I actually did do ONE in September (but added 5). I watched the first two discs of "Conviction" the TV series on Netflix.

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