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Tue, Nov 30th - 10:32PM

November 27: Burning Down the House

The Age of Napoleon, p. 137
250.2 miles

102 recordings of 52 types.

Pagan called, wondering if his jacket was over here.  Rich looked in the car, and sure enough. When P. came by to fetch it, he asked if he could have the oranges I'd promised him (which he already had, in the trunk of his car, first thing yesterday.) I guess our scintillating company just drove it from his mind.

So, there were two things I wanted done. I wanted the dimmer switch on the dining room chandelier to work again. And I wanted the three-way switch in the back hall to work with the switch by the laundry.  I get tired of taking the laundry and then having to trek back through the dark hall to the other switch. Rich got the stuff last week and decided to do it today.

He turned off the circuit, which included the television, and worked on the dimmer switch.  Voila! It took a little under an hour, and it worked fine. One of the five bulbs was burnt out, so he replaced it... only the new one didn't work either. He retrieved the discard and went to try it in another socket, one that was working: POP! flames!! puff of smoke. He tried to blow it out, but it didn't go, so he turned off the light and blew it out.  The socket was completely burned.

Burnt Socket

So then he took the dimmer entirely off so we wouldn't accidently turn the light on.
(The next day he removed the chandelier.)  And so off to the back.  This disconnects the wi-fi.  No current TV and when the recording ran out of buffer, it, too, was gone, and I couldn't read anthing on the internet.  And, in the end, the switch didn't work. So Rich says he's -1 for 2.  On the other hand, we COULD have burned the house down. Or used the fire extinguisher which I'm certain wouldn't have been that good for my carpet.

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Sun, Nov 28th - 10:45PM

November 26: Pagan Visits

The Age of Napoleon, p. 134
250.2 miles
cold, cloudy

106 recordings of 55 types.

Actually I'm a tenth of a pound DOWN. My blood pressure way too high, though.

I forgot to mention that yesterday, before we went to Roni's, we checked on our cache "Hello, Teddy" which was there but empty except for the log which needed replacing.  Then when we got home, we discovered our cache "Surprise, Gareth!" had been archived. Grumble.

Today Pagan came by. We gave him some oranges, and later I had some books he'd expressed an interest in.  We had a buffet at the Golden Corral. I skipped all the chicken but enjoyed the pot roast enormously, and OH, the meatloaf! Then we went to a couple of thrift shops where I continued my search through the kids' books. I got one more Babybug and a book I'd forgotten I was looking for: Elmo's Guessing Game about Colors. (Gareth loved the Grover's Guessing Game about Animals.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah), The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue  The Life of Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.Scott Ott

Another Obama administration official who thinks the problem is that the people just don't get it, and we need more education. BTW, Mr. Pistole, the underpants bomber might not have been stopped with the new screening protocol, but he would have been if we had listened to his parents who warned us that he was flirting with terrorists.

Oooh, someone proposes a Feingold-Grayson ticket! Love it! (as a third party)

Michelle wants 0bama to have a second term.

I loathe the President’s policies, and have come to dislike him personally a great deal – I can’t even stand the sound of his voice sometimes. And though she’s not really involved in policy-making, I dislike his wife even more.-- Blacksheep on November 25, 2010

2012's winning campaign slogan can be: “Vote Obama out. So Michelle can go back to being ashamed of America again!”-- logis on November 25, 2010 at 7:00 AM

New York.  California is right behind...

Fallon: Steven Spielberg plans a new movie on Abraham Lincoln.  Great! Because when I hear Abraham Lincoln, my first thought is, ‘Hey, Let’s go to a theater!’

The question on every American’s mind at this hour: So, who’s getting audited?


OMG,OMG! First they thought fire couldn’t melt steel. Now an elbow can give 12 stitches? Don’t you see the conspiracy here? The message? 12 stitches. Hellllllllloooooooo! 2012
PC14 on November 26, 2010 at 11:05 PM

He will never be able to duck a shoe.
shar61 on November 26, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Secret Service probably waterboarding the culprit at this minute to determine if he/she/it is a Veteran Terrorist, Little Old Lady Terrorist, Tea Party Terrorist, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Terrorist, in disguise!

More meaning to the season! Thanksgiving for not having to listen to OBLah BLah for a week or so!
dhunter on November 26, 2010 at 5:15 PM

I hope some doctor doesn’t cut off his feet just to run up the bill.
Dr. Carlo Lombardi on November 26, 2010 at 5:51 PM

What total creeps.

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Sat, Nov 27th - 6:34PM

November 25: Thanksgiving

The Age of Napoleon, p. 134
250.2 miles

95 recordings of 50 types.

Thanksgiving at Roni's: with Roni and R.J., Lexi and Teddy, and R.J.'s mother Kathy: Monica, Mark, Genevieve and Charlotte and Mark's parents Helena and Paul (who'd never met Kathy before); Bernadette, Rob, Gareth and Joanna; us of course, and my cousin Linda and her son Jim. Jim, who is three days older than Genevieve, was a little overwhelmed with all the noise at first, but after awhile he started to play with Teddy who has been dreadfully outnumbered by the girls.

I'd brought pickles and olives and salami rolls and olive-and-cream cheese, and stuffed celery on two big relish plates.  Monica and family were staying overnight at Roni's, and so were Mark's parents at a motel. Kathy lives in Sausalito, and Linda in Benicia.  Everyone else brought food too.

Tiny Gourd     Marbles!

Roni had dug out the Brio train for Gareth to play with, but Gareth discovered the toy cars and it was all over. Unlike last year, though, we could let him just wander around. Rich and I had brought the jumpchair to trap Joanna in.  Gareth sat at the kids' table and ate all by himself (though I think all I gave him was turkey and peas.) He did a super job.

DSC01652     DSC01653

The day started with the girls playing together mostly and Ted and Gareth each playing on their own, but after food, Jim was with Teddy, and at the end of the day when everyone had jammies on (Linda and Jim had left... I'd forgotten to give her the bag-o-stuff I had for her) they all played together.

On the way home, Rich and I had moonrise, so pretty. I tried and tried, and got one sort-of good picture.

A good Thanksgiving! We have a lot to be thankful for, not the least modern medicine.
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Thu, Nov 25th - 7:15AM

November 24: Poor Plumeria!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 134
250.2 miles
COLD, clear

97 recordings of 48 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 48/51

Bristol Palin.

Conan: Jennifer Grey was excited to win DWTS Tuesday. But today she woke up next to a bloody moose head.

An interesting babysitting day.  Rich had forgotten I had a dental appointment but made it back in time anyway. I'd have managed to get out without upsetting Gareth but I took Abby back to our bedroom.  So then Gareth knew I was going bye-bye in the car without him. He cried. Rich says it wasn't too long.

Joanna was in the crib when he left and finally settled in... for a 2-1/2 hour nap.

I gave Gareth chicken alphabet soup and he loved it. Then he played with the truck magnets (and the shapes, too.)  I tried to get his hand silouette for a turkey hand. Some of it worked out and it's now on my fridge (because I can't count on B. putting it up.)
When I found a place for it, I found a dog-and-heart magnet which Gareth liked.
When Joanna woke up, she had a real poopy diaper and of course Rich was out.

He'd brought our plumeria in for the frost and Gareth liked there was a tree in the back room. I thought I had the crib far enough away but no, so Rich moved the plant, and that was REALLY no. I spied it on the ground with a pile of leaves. Took G. out and moved the crib. So we save the plumeria from the weather and it runs into Hurricane Gareth.

Joanna was mostly sleepy. Not much playtime.

Gareth looked over the gate into the back room. "Phawoh. Pooky. No No No." I don't actually think they were doing anything.

Later I glanced at him to see him playing with a stylus... oh, wait.  Sure enough, he had my camera and was looking at the pictures.  (My fault.) Fortunately, he didn't delete anything or break anything.

Rich noted that the boston fern hanger was rotted out, so we brought the fern indoors, too. Lot of trimming! It's been years since I tended this, it needs a lot.

Daniel Greenfield
When human beings play a game of cat and mouse, they think about what their opponent will do. Machines can't think. Neither can bureaucracies. They can only enact policies. And when those policies are 'dumb' in addition to inflexible, then the bureaucracy is no better than a machine. And a machine can be beaten. The people we're up against don't have to think about what we will do. They know what we will do. All they have to do is find a way around it. Then in response to their latest attempt, we look for a way to close the hangar, after the plane has already flown away.
...When the terrorists think of something else, we'll have to ban that too or find some new way to inconvenience and humiliate anyone who exercises the "privilege" of flying. As plans go, this is as dumb as buying a bulletproof vest, 6 months after you've been shot.

Geeze. I know he has to travel sometimes, but has he spent a full week in Washington?

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Wed, Nov 24th - 6:10AM

November 23: More Thrift-Shopping

The Age of Napoleon, p. 134
250.2 miles
cold, rain, clearing

92 recordings of 47 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 47/52

I spent a lot of yesterday just watching TV.  But when Rich had to go back out for the right kind of olives which weren't at the commissary, I jumped at the chance to run my errands with him. I needed to take a library book back, and while I was about it I had 2 bags of books to drop off. There are STILL so many books all of which I want to read next, but I do get rid of a few each time.

I checked the booksale there, but apart from some Curious George, there wasn't anything for us. I didn't get the CG since Gareth hasn't yet noticed him. Then we went to St. Vincent de Paul (nothing) and Goodwill, where I got 16 more kid's books and Rich found some DVDs, (VeggieTales and Thomas). One of the books I found, of the colors in the rainbow, has ribbons of the different colors. Another is a Tonka book about firetrucks with a lot of moving parts.  And there's another "singing book", this one of nursery rhyme songs. The Boy should be pleased. I have NO INTENTION of going back to any Goodwill on Friday, half price or not!

One of the few remaining Law and Orders I haven't seen had Jerry Orbach, who in retrospect looks sick. It turned out to be two years before he died. Wikipedia has:

In early December 2004, it was announced that Orbach had been receiving treatment for prostate cancer since that spring; he died at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York on December 28, 2004. Orbach was 69 years old. His agent, Robert Malcolm, announced at the time of his death that Orbach's prostate cancer had been diagnosed more than 10 years before.

Alternatively, we're learning of a lot of our friends who have had prostate cancer and are now doing fine. And treatments are improving every year.

Miriam H. Nadel heard that TSA is now offering grope discounts.

Christian Lander
I will bet that we will catch more TSA employees guilty of inappropriately forwarding full-body scans of celebrities or attractive women than we will terrorists.

[T]he lesson that the Republican Party should have learned over the past 20 years is simple: Lie down with Bushes, wake up with Democrats.

Whaddayamean "US"??

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Tue, Nov 23rd - 9:04PM

November 22: Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 126
250.2 miles
warm to cold, sunny through cloudy to rain

88 recordings of 47 types. This includes more kid's stuff from HBO. Gareth liked Harold and the Purple Crayon, but the Happily Ever After series is over his head. There's a Veggietale movie I got today, as well.

Rasmussen: -14: 46/52

Babysitting notes:

After breakfast, I had a turkey picture for Gareth to color. I gave him one marker at a time, telling him the colors.  He enjoyed that, and after he was done I told him to "show it to Mommy." He liked doing that, as well.

 After bernadette left, J. bounced awhile in the jump chair then in bed at 9:30. I think at home she must do a lot of grazing, because she generally takes 2 to 4 ounces at a time, then half an hour later again, three times or so until she finally conks out.

Gareth wanted the train puzzle. Now he's solving it counting down from 20.  When he was taking off his socks, he popped himself in the eye. 

OH, joy! He found the Shy Little Kitten.  All these books... about 50 in the living room and twice that in the playroom, and he pulls almost all of them out and looks at them, and THAT, the one I absolutely hate (stupid and plotless, not even particularly good pictures) is the one he wants me to read to him.  Twice. Then he read it to himself.  The words I picked up were "kitty -- woof-- happy happy."

At lunch he informed me "'cotti good."  (Manicotti.) Afterwards he asked for the "trucks" which would be the refrigerator magnets on a cookie sheet that he likes to play with. I had found some magnetic letters and shapes. He showed no interest in the letters, but the shapes were great fun, and he actually put some together into something that looked like a house.  Which I commented on and he was thrilled: he may not have intended that, but he liked knowing what he did.

Nap time was the usual. I got him down, she got up. I had to change him at one point. (We're still talking about "poopy" but he still seems to have no idea that he's done anything.) Joanna crawled under the jumpchair and I went to roll her out from under it so I wouldn't bump her head, but I managed to do it anyway.  They were both up at 2:05. Lap time for both: Cat in the Hat for Gareth, and an animal book for Joanna.

On the whole, a good day.



Texting for Bristol Palin.

The roots of this indecent, unhealthy rage by liberals is -- first and foremost -- a lashing out against Bristol and her mother for the political/cultural sin of standing, unwaveringly, for unborn human life. That stance also explains why liberal women in particular despise both Bristol and the mother who gave her life. The Palins' devotion to the pro-life life infuriates pro-choice women....
In truth, the "pro-choice" position is not about choice; it is about self. Those who are "pro-choice" are primarily, at their core, pro-self. Thus, they measure Sarah Palin's choice against their own choices, and it fills them with bitterness.

Doctor Right, replying to a comment that the McCains wish they'd never heard of Sarah Palin:
That's OK.
Conservative Republicans wish we'd never heard of John McCain.

Bristol Palin Getting Death Threats.

Are we sure this is still a “liberals hate the Palins” story and not a story about DWTS fans investing psychologically in this moronic show to a near-psychotic degree?

Sarah Palin was the VP on the Republican Ticket, and possibly future Presidential candidate. If her family is being stalked and threatened, it behooves the present administration to look into who is sending an 18 year old kid death threats, because they don’t like her Mom’s politics.

If something happens to one of the Palins, the sh1t will hit the fan.
Dr Evil on November 22, 2010 at 7:35 PM

Irony: Bristol most likely would not have won the competition – or even still be in the competition – were it not for the enormous publicity given to the show … by all the irrational politically based hatred.

Bush Derangement Syndrome re-elected Bush in 2004; Palin Derangement Syndrome may give Bristol Palin the DWTS title in 2010; and if the tolerance-and-love crowd doesn’t get their hatred in check soon, they may just inadvertently get Sarah Palin elected in 2012.
For what its worth – she’s really become a pretty good dancer. And she’s charming as hell. And she’s the only true non-professional, non-entertainer of the bunch. And they include the public vote SPECIFICALLY to allow popularity to be considered as a factor.

It wouldn’t surprise me if she wins. Thank you once again, liberal demagogues. If you folks ever took a deep breath and practiced all that love-and-tolerance stuff, you’d probably get a little farther in life.

Professor Blather on November 22, 2010 at 7:43 PM

We shall fight them online, on usenet, from blogs, on twitter, on letters to the editor, and even on Dancing With The Stars. We shall never surrender. And if American freedom lasts for 1000 years, they will say “This was their finest hour.”
Go Bristol!

NaCly dog on November 22, 2010 at 7:47 PM

ObGoe (view in IE, as it doesn't come up in Firefox)
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Matt Welch
More evidence for Radley Balko's thesis that the media is more statist than liberal (and for my contention that the unsigned newspaper editorial should go the way of the dodo bird):

Legal Insurrection
Obama is completely tone deaf on this issue:
...The TSA screening line is the new Town Hall.

cf said...
This is all so utterly mindless. When it began, to avoid profiling, everytime they double checked a middle eastern they had to double check 7 other passengers. I was one of those always selected. I soon figured out why. The screeners are lazy and I am and look like an organized lady of a certain age who will have followed the published rules and who will not have hidden iguanas in her bags--a quick 5 minute , clean job.

Leonard said...
We started down this slippery slope a long time ago when we allowed them to get away with banning smoking on flights. Start with something that a lot of people agree with and continue one little step at a time until now, and ultimately we will be looking up the sign on the gate: 'Arbeit macht frei'.

Scientist: We can fix the TSA

This administration is hunkering down and it refuses to listen to the objections from the people. You see, this administration is polluted with people who think they are your intellectual and moral superior.

Helping Warren Buffett pay Higher Taxes

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah), The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease, Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, J.K. Rowling, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Tue, Nov 23rd - 8:47PM

November 21: Defrosting the Freezer

The Age of Napoleon, p. 126
250.2 miles
sunny, warmer

81 recordings of 39 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/51

It's the feast of Christ the King.  For some reason, the parking was all messed up so Rich and I parked on the edge. Good thing... when I came out there were 4 rows, close-packed.  It would have been impossible to get out from the middle! It was a school Mass, and they did well.

I have been reading BAD MOTHER by Ayelet Waldman. There are some very funny bits and some sad ones.  The saddest story is about her abortion.  She doesn't call it a "fetus" or a "bunch of cells" and freely admits she killed her baby. (Not a "heartbreaking choice.") She was afraid the baby would be damaged, and tries to portray it as not a selfish choice. But oh, it was. She was afraid of what a damaged baby would do to her and her family. She has the grace to feel guilty. I was sad that she didn't have the courage to take the chance, to allow herself to grow, but chose the lesser way. Later in her life there was a rabbi who sermonized "set yourself the task of hope and be rewarded in ways you can't even imagine." 

We defrosted the freezer. There was quite a snowdrift outside. I guess it's been at least 4 years, so it was about time.

Freezer Ice
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Mon, Nov 22nd - 6:29AM

Weekend Linkage

Doc sues restaurant for not teaching proper way to eat artichoke.

Happy Birthday, Gettysburg Address. We were there last year, and so I can picture the location, both of the speech and the battle, a lot better than since the last time we went, in the late 60s.

What does "TSA" stand for?

TSA's greatest hits: Searching prosthetic breasts, young boys, & leaves traveler covered in urine

0bama's car not exactly green.


Rick Caird said...

    It is astonishing how many "uncounted ballots" and now "found voting machines" show up in Democratic districts during close elections. Usually, these show up after the counting shows the Democrat is losing by a small amount and, voila, there are just enough new votes to reverse to outcome. Uncanny, that.

    My suggestion is to discard the votes because the chain of custody has been lost and then throw the person responsible for the mislaid votes into jail for six months. Do that a couple of times and the whole problem goes away.

EPA Overreach

De-funding the EPA should be job one of the 12th congress. Next up: the Dept. of Education. Next, rescind the EO allowing unionization of federal employees.
Joe Mama on November 20, 2010 at 2:37 PM

If You Give a Democrat a cookie

What will be the result of their meeting I cannot with any certainty determine, ...but I hardly think much good can come of it: the people of America don’t appear to me to be ripe for any great innovations. – William Grayson, Virginia, May 29, 1787, on the ‘Federal Convention’, Miracle at Philadelphia

A Crossroads Election, Thomas Sowell

For all its sweeping and scary provisions, ObamaCare is not nearly as important as the way it was passed. If legislation can become laws passed without either the public or the Congress knowing what is in those laws, then the fundamental principle of a free, self-governing people is completely undermined.

Dad, stop the madness!

The usual hard choices.

A bumper crop of sore losers.
It's enough to make one regret that tar, feathers and riding out of town on a rail has gone out of fashion.
[I'm willing to bring it back!]

Austin Hill

since Californians collectively defied the national trend of abandoning the bankrupting Obama-styled economic policies in the recent election, and instead voted for more of the same, the 31st state in our union is now on the fast-track for economic collapse.

A BOB ETHERIDGE /PHIL HARE / BARON HILL ELEGY: Video Killed The Congressional Star. “Army Of Davids 3, People Who Forgot Who They Work For 0.”

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Sun, Nov 21st - 11:17PM

November 20: Mountain Mandarins!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 126
250.2 miles

86 recordings (this because I got rid of a lot, and watched things like Huell Howser* while sitting yesterday) of 43 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/51.

Oops, I took this morning's pills last night! That means I didn't get the statin and that I'm not taking the blood pressure one again till tomorrow.

Today we went to the Mountain Mandarin festival. It was cold and rainy, so Gareth stayed home with Daddy.  We definitely enjoyed that more than last year.  In the event, it was only a little drippy while we were there (unless one of the canopies dumped on you, that is) but it was really cold.  We tasted oranges, and agreed that this year Willow Creek had the ones we liked. (My second choice was the farm next door, so obviously that microclimate was just right this year.) This was the farm Rich and I went back to a couple of years ago, too.

So we got 50 pounds of oranges between us, then Rich took that back to the car while Bernadette and I looked at funny hats, spices, jerky, and other stuff.  We had gyros for lunch, and so many tastes of oil and vinegars and nuts and mandarin products, and more oranges.  Bernadette bought some vinegar and I bought a cream-cheese and mandarin swirl loaf of bread. Yum.  I weighed the sample mandarins we came home with, FOUR pounds!!

I love the kid's booth where they make veggie art. There was a really impressive dragon (not made by the kids) and other things I really liked.

Veggie Dragon     Lovebirds

On the way home, we stopped at the thrift shop so I could look for more alphabet books. No luck. The only ones there were B, C, and F which were the ones I had to start with. I need D,E, and M-Z. I did find a few little books I think Gareth will like.

It started to really rain hard and of course the dog wanted out. At least he did till I opened the door.  Then he really resisted, and I went to push him out, and he yipped and bit me!  I guess he was scared.  However.  That won't do. Rich came to help and Pharaoh snapped at him as well, but he went out. He didn't break the skin, but I do have a red spot.

*One Huell episode got me interested in the Ridge Route.  Anyway, it's not a bad thing to have going in the background with the kids, unlike my crime shows or the news.

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Sat, Nov 20th - 10:38PM

November 19: Long Day Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 126
248.2 miles

88 recordings of 43 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/52

1.9 pounds UP, argh, and high blood pressure.

There was one dicy moment yesterday. I was afraid Gareth would react to the noise, especially when D.J. Lance appeared, as he had when Chuckie Cheese was so loud last year. We did cover his ears a few times. Once, toward the end, I looked at him standing on the floor and he was clouding up so I gave him a hug and all was well. It really was very noisy, though not to the hurt-your-ears level.

And I didn't mention, I had Abby locked in the bedroom when the kids were first over, and had told Rich to open the doors to the bedroom and bathroom when we left. He had Joanna sleeping in his lap, though, the first two hours, so he forgot. Yes, I discovered tootsie rolls on the floor (on his side of the bed, which might have been fitting but he really didn't need it) but fortunately she didn't urinate in there. So today I put her out in the morning and when I let her in, I made sure during nap time that she had access to the box. It worked out well.  Now that the weather's changed, though, I may have to lock her in the bathroom in the mornings on babysitting days.

It was a long babysitting day today. Bernadette arrived and dropped them off about 9. Joanna was acting like she wanted a nap, but no: I gave her about 2 ounces of top off, and put her in the jump chair, then my lap. We watched the Yo Gabba Gabba episode about Robots.  Gareth also climbed in my lap and sat on Joanna's foot. Tears. At 10:20 she finally went down for a nap. No. She needed another top off, and did actually get to sleep at 10:40.

For lunch, Gareth had two bowls of alphabet soup and 6 cherry tomatoes and yogurt and milk.  He colored on his mat.  Then on his way back to the living room he fell down. I put him down for a nap about 12:30, meanwhile Joanna was screaming. Gareth was poopy and needed a change, back in at 12:45. I wanted to see Cavuto, so planned to get him up at 2, but by then he'd fallen asleep.  He ended up sleeping 2 hours, by which time I woke him up with a bowl of orange slices all ready for him.  He sat in my lap at first and later in the chair by himself, wrapped up in a blanket, with his snack, and slowly rejoined the human race.

While they both slept, I had the laptop.  This lasted about 5 minutes. Joanna was fussing, then would settle in again. I put the computer away and of course she was fast asleep.  I woke her at 4:10 and gave her a really big bottle. Then she went into the jumpchair for 45 minutes, then on the floor for another half hour and into the play pen where she did play. She's THIS close to pushing herself up to a sitting position.  And to  really crawling instead of the elbow-pull army crawl she's doing now. And to getting vertical. It's all going to happen at once.

Dinner for Gareth was a cheeseburger patty and some really old instant mashed potatoes and some mixed veggies. He was doing fine eating but he was also playing with a car which I took from him. Then I was trying to tell him after dinner... he'd have a bite and ask for the car. And cry. Rich took the car into the living room. Gareth was so eager to get to it I felt it'd be cruel to insist on the veggies, so I let him down.  And put the veggies into a bowl for a snack, since I know he loves them.

I was planning to get his jammies on at 6:30, as I'd misunderstood when Bernadette would be here, so she came in while I was reading "Where the Wild Things Are" to Gareth and while Joanna was quietly playing in the play pen.  They were both happy to see Mom.

Spooky decided he wanted to play and meowed loudly.  I went into the bedroom to see what was the matter, and Gareth followed me.  He started chasing the cat, who would lead him to somewhere and wait till the boy had nearly caught him, then run off. He was definitely playing with Gareth!

And so they left. We'll see Bernadette tomorrow but probably not Gareth and certainly not Joanna. 

The things we SHOULD do instead of groping old ladies.

0bama says the Democrats turned "Yes we can" into "Yes we did." Ooooookay!

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Sat, Nov 20th - 6:28AM


May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it! ---Bristol Palin

NASA Needs a New Commander

Instapundit : VOTING WITH YOUR TIRES: A reader who asks anonymity weighs in on the TSA scandal:

    I recently did a 2900 mile round trip for business. I took two days vacation in conjunction and drove rather than fly. At this point I see no reason to fly anywhere I might be likely to go. You can thank TSA for that. You can also thank the airlines and airports that drop-kicked this particular ball to the feds. While touted as enhancing ’securitah’ what really drove the train was cost reduction, I suspicion. If nothing changes then I’ll remain a former flyer until I win the lottery, acquire a Cessna and do my own pilotage.

MARK TAPSCOTT: No Union For Transportation Security Workers. “Despite years of imposing increasingly invasive new security procedures, the TSA has yet to catch one terrorist. By contrast, the Washington Post reported in May that 'at least 23' TSA agents have been fired since 2007 for stealing from passengers.”

No Union for the TSA! (With this President, that's the first thing he'll do.)

The TSA Does Not Perform Psychological Evaluations on Officers.

It's a tiny step.

Really, Holder Must Go!

Dictator, much?

agencies without funding can’t do much to push anything forward.  The House controls the budgets of these agencies.  If push comes to shove, the only operations the EPA and the other agencies that receive those orders will fulfill are turning out the lights as the last person leaves the building.

"Thank you, Mr. President."

A Badge of Dishonor

It's really hilarious watching the Bristol Palin "scandal."

    Though the network doesn’t require users to authenticate e-mail addresses, there are safeguards in place to prevent such fraud. (The Times agreed not to divulge the nature of that system for security reasons.)

Is this some kind of insane joke? These bastards at the LA Times would not think twice about disclosing top secret military information. Thus endangering our country and troops. And yet they won’t divulge the secrets of the voting system for a reality show. It truly boggles the mind.
NotCoach on November 17, 2010 at 10:53 PM

Civilian Trial Doesn't Work all that Well.

Hugh said it best, while our Federal Government is banning drinks, trying to figure out ways to scramble cell phones in cars, is taking over health care, etc. they are letting Terrorists go.

So now we know what the H. in Barack H. Obama really stands for.

profitsbeard on November 18, 2010 at 1:54 AM

Whine, whine, whine.

Scott Ott: Not a bad article, but it completely ignores the possibility of alternative strategies...such as looking for bad guys, rather than gels and liquids. Mr. Pistole at the TSA is a bit disingenuous when he says they have turned up all sorts of prohibited items with these scanners. We're trying to find terrorists, not toothpaste and pen knives.

Full Body Scanning explained.

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Fri, Nov 19th - 10:34PM

November 18: There's a Party in My City

(I've been looking forward to this day for months!)

The Age of Napoleon, p. 126
248.2 miles
partly cloudy, cooler

103 recordings of 43 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 45/54

Why would anyone ever dine at Hell's Kitchen?  Maybe for the entertainment value, certainly not for the food.  Better have a PB&J sandwich before you go.

I went to the Retreat House this morning. When it was time to announce the prayers, one man talked about his brand new granddaughter, born this morning, his first grandchild.  After Mass we asked a little more, turns out the son and family are in Wyoming. I'd have loved to stay and chat, but had to dash back here so Rich could take the car and get his office chair.  Another couple had brought doughnuts for their 40th anniversary. (Newbies!)

Rich was able to get his chair this time and was back shortly after 11.  I checked tickets and money for the 15th time or so, had lunch, then just waited for Bernadette. She had gone to the mother's meeting but Rob was home so she could leave Gareth, because two big events in a day would likely have been too much for him.  Rob has now gone to Cupertino for the night.  (He'll be back late tomorrow so she's working late and consequently, so am I.)

Bernadette had forgotten to bring a bottle which caused some instant panic. I went next door, waking the night-working husband, and borrowed one.  This is the kind with the little sacks, and an entirely different nipple, so in the event Rich only got about 2 ounces into Joanna, but at least he was able to give her a little.

Gareth played a little bit. At least this time he ventured into the rearranged playroom. Then it was time (at last!) to leave.  "Gareth, let's go bye-bye in the car." "OK!"  Then when he saw Mommy was coming too he thought he was going home, and started to cry till he went into the car.

At the train station, the train was just heading the other way, so we knew we had time to buy tickets without panicking. We told Gareth he was going to ride on a train, and he looked a little puzzled.  There are puzzle pieces as tiles scattered around the platform so that and the parking pass machine kept him entertained till the train came.

He seemed stunned on the ride.  I'm not sure he had a clue what was going on.  Bernadette told him how many stops were left and did simple math: 5 stops, take away this stop, there are 4 stops left. A man who watched us get on was highly amused.

Then we started walking the 4 blocks to the Memorial Auditorium.  Gareth kept trying to go in all the doors. He was beginning to tire, so Bernadette picked him up. We began to see other small children with families, then when we saw the Auditorium, we saw the line was halfway around the side. (In fact, there was an equal line on the other side.) Bernadette let me hold the place in line (right behind the kid with the Brobee backpack) while she let Gareth run on the grass.

DSC01548     DSC01553

In truth, the line went pretty fast, and soon enough we were in the lobby, where we picked up some snacks before we went in. (Jammy Sammys). There were no comments about cell phones or photographs or food.

Our seats were the first ones behind the VIP section.  These are the people who got to go to a party backstage with the characters. I had mildly considered it, but decided that Gareth was way too young and won't remember this anyway.  (Besides, we got to meet them when we were in San Francisco!) I suspect the VIP section got a little smaller, since I'm fairly sure the people in front of us didn't have special passes, but we had good seats.

While we waited, Gareth was bored, Bernadette guessed he thought he was in church.

Then it started.  He just seemed to be taking it in, sort of slack jawed, but he didn't look away except to look at how the lights were reflecting on the walls.  I did catch a smile a couple of times.  And Bernadette was really enjoying it! 


I loved the start, like the TV show only then DJ Lance came out on the stage. They had a lot of energy.  There were times we stood up and danced, and there was confetti, and eventually there were balloons. I got 6 seconds of the balloon drop on video, then forgot I had the camera going while I tried to be sure Gareth got a balloon (no problem, no problem at all, there were plenty of balloons. I took two back, a green and an orange) so then there are 40 seconds of swinging around. Oh, well. Flashing lights.  Gareth didn't miss a thing.

Keller Williams was the Super Music Friend.

I was surprised there was intermission. During it, text messages scrolled on the screen.

Then Muno and Foofah came down our aisle, and the second half started.  Biz Markie was there and talked to most of the littles in the front row. There were some more dances and songs, and then it was time to go.

Gareth started to cry when D.J. Lance Rock sang "goodbye, goodbye.." I think he had fun.

We got some pictures outside then went back to the light rail, and so home.

I'm so glad I did this!

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Thu, Nov 18th - 5:33AM

November 17: Catch-Up Day, Derailed

The Age of Napoleon, p. 125
247.3 miles

104 recordings of 46 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 44/55.

Copied word for word from my paper diary:
Ghastly frustrating day --- tomorrow's shot, Friday I babysit, Mtn. Meadow on Saturday, Rich will watch football on Sunday, babysitting M & T -- when will I get to watch these TV shows? It should have been today but the sewer backed up again -- Rich yelled at me --
we went - late - for a two+ hour shopping trip (and then didn't get his office chair 'cause IKEA was out) so dinner (pumpkin soup which was good w/ good croutons) was late -

I got a little mending done and some of the laundry didn't get the bathroom clean in fact it's in worse shape --


[I should add that I forgot my pills in the morning which might have something to do with my headache (as well as the stress) and that I was irritable and yelling at Rich. Again, ARGH!

Hatchlings gave me a free 24 hours of premium membership, so I got about 350 and 12 new ones, and gave away a lot, too. What a day! At least that went well. Besides the lack of office chair, we got the Christmas goodies for the families. I'm not saying where from.]

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Wed, Nov 17th - 10:25PM

November 16: Poor Sick Little Boy

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
247.2 miles

98 recordings of 45 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 45/54.

Bernadette warned me that Gareth was sick... I could see the dripping nose and hear the cough. Joanna feels a lot better, though she was sleepier than usual. Gareth was doing OK, playing quietly in the living room (here I finished the Big Project yesterday in the playroom) and reading the books all morning.  We did have one incident when I was trying to get him to bring me Joanna's blanket. I finally turned off the TV (sick kids need the electronic babysitter) and said it loudly, and made him cry. And he still didn't know what I meant, too confusing.

Then he sat in my lap for awhile. I got up to make lunch. Lunch was the low spot of the day. I'm thinking he has a sore throat... he liked the tomatoes and wanted more, and I said to eat some circles, and he cried... and then even tomatoes didn't console him, he's looking at me with his sad eyes dripping tears and seeming to ask why I didn't make it better. He didn't even want the yogurt.  Poor baby.  So then I mostly sat with him. Rich gave him a couple of oranges which he liked. A little attention to Joanna but fortunately Rich came in so I had a sleeping Gareth and he had a sleeping Joanna. We watched Wall-E, which we've never had time for before.

G. was running a fever. At least he wasn't as drippy.  Poor little boy, and I sure hope he feels better Thursday!!!

But what about compliments?

0bama Caves on KSM Trial

Includes a cartoon.

The Wages of Spin
The Obama camp ran their campaign in such a way that they won the election by dooming the presidency. Of course there is nothing new in politicians promising more than they can deliver. But Obama committed this political sin on such a gargantuan scale that it ought to be named after him. Let Christian politicians take note: never promise so much that your failed promises will cripple your administration.

Comply with Me.

The Left's heads are exploding because of Bristol Palin... which is kinda fun all by itself.
Nice comments.

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Wed, Nov 17th - 9:40PM

November 15: A Little Shopping

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
247.2 miles
warm (high 70s) sunny

102 recordings of 45 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 46/53.

William Least Heat Moon, about the Natchez Trace: "The new Trace, like a river, followed natural contours and gave focus to the land: it so brought out the beauty that every road commissioner in the nation should drive the Trace to see that highway does not have to outrage landscape."

The only semi-exciting thing we did today was to go over to William Glen which is closing and has a big sale. I got a couple of vinyl-backed tablecloths and a plush throw because there's no blanket for Gareth here. Also, I'm going to try some silicone pans. Looks interesting.

I had been going to make a pumpkin soup in the pumpkin, but trying to break into the pumpkin just was impossible, so I postponed it... I'll make the soup in the crockpot, on Wednesday.

I did finish in the playroom.  Perhaps it should be on the schedule like changing the smoke alarms when you change the clocks... rearrange the playroom when the SPCA booksale is.  I went into one of the cupboards and pulled out a lot of Vince's stuff, especially and alarmingly the box of model paints. I also rediscovered the Fisher-Price farm, but will postpone bringing that out till January, since he'll have the nativity set next month.


Leno: President Obama's foreign policies have been such a disaster that people in Kenya are now claiming he has an American birth certificate.

Leno: Long trip for Pres. Obama. This week he was in India to visit our jobs and next he goes to China to visit our money.

QE2 explained.

I begin to think maybe the TSA has pushed the public to a tipping point. We got used to the metal detectors and putting laptops in bins and going shoeless and without a drink of water, but enough is enough. I can remember when flying was fun.

TSA Ejects Man
Tyner points out that every terrorist act on an airplane has been halted by passengers. "It's time to stop treating passengers like criminals and start treating them as assets," he said.

“It is acceptable and encouraged that a TSA government official can do something to an American citizen that US military personnel cannot do to a member of the Taliban.”

Mugging a 3-Year-Old
(video blocked)
We have to ask ourselves: do we really feel like we’re going to be any safer with these idiots patting down children? We have a security system in place that refuses to profile the people most likely to be terrorists — they could be called racists, heaven forbid. Most of us are reasonable people, and are willing to accept some inconveniences in the name of airline safety. But these aren’t mere inconveniences anymore, and as we saw last Christmas, they aren’t keeping us any safer.

The TSA is chock full of morons. And if they trained them like the Israelis train their screeners, at least they’d do some good. Instead the TSA is like a less educated, infinitely less effective, and much more annoying Postal Service.
mjk on November 14, 2010 at 4:16 PM

Groping Children is Preferable to Profiling

The TSA Overlords Strike Back


MY PREDICTION ABOUT AMERICA SUDDENLY BECOMING “UNGOVERNABLE” IF OBAMA FAILED has certainly been borne out. Now Newsweek asks: Is the Presidency too big for one man? Nope. Just for the inexperienced guy with no management experience that we elected. As Jay Cost wrote a while back “America is not ungovernable. Her President has simply not been up to the job.” And see these thoughts from Arnold Kling, too.

Plus, as Ed Morrissey noted last fall: “Who could have warned us that a man who served seven years in the state legislature and three years in the Senate would not have been prepared for the toughest executive position in the Free World? We did. Repeatedly. So did John McCain, and for that matter, so did Hillary Clinton.”

Big desk. Little man.

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Mon, Nov 15th - 7:30PM

November 14: Pete and Claire Jump the Broom

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
247.2 miles
sunny, warm enough

97 recordings of 43 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/52.

It's gonna be an interesting week. Today it's a "broom-jumping."  Our widower neighbor has found a friend with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life, but without the formal marriage as they'd both lose their pensions. I wonder what his wife would think. I believe on the one hand, she'd want him happy, but I suspect she'd also be screaming jealous. 

Tuesday I babysit, and we also need to pick up a geocache. Then there's only one more on December 4 and we can claim the Days of the Year Challenge cache. Thursday I've been looking forward to for months, it's the day of the Yo Gabba Gabba concert.  We plan to take Gareth down on light rail, so even if he doesn't like the concert, he should enjoy the train rides. And Saturday, it's the Mountain Mandarin festival.

CBS? "Embarrassing Disappointment?

Again, it's hard to pick the 0bamateurism of the week.

In church, there was a little girl, about a year old, with sparkly Mary Janes.  SO cute.

The event was at 1 in the Campus Commons clubhouse.  We headed down to the area and followed the balloons as we were told to do. 

A Mixed Marriage
Obviously this is a mixed marriage.

There were all the features of a regular marriage: the groom waiting with his dad and sister, the bride escorted in by her brother(?), an exchange of vows and of rings, then a little speech by the groom and stomping on the glass (after the Jewish blessing, which was nice) and then they jumped over the broom.

Pete's sister kept bursting into tears as she led the ceremony.

Good food by the same caterer who had done the memorial service for Pete's wife.  I saw her and hoped she'd have her signature dish, the crab-stuffed peppers she made for the memorial.  She did, and a pepper-crusted chicken roll, a chicken fetucchini, strawberries picked this morning, a mini spinach roll... this time I got her card (she was going to be my backup for the shower if La Rosa Blanca hadn't worked out) and she made me a take-home plate of 6 peppers.  Yum.

Favors were a cone of Jordan Almonds with a bubble tube tied on. Lots of pictures and talking, the cake cutting, a sparkling cider toast.  It was a nice near-wedding. It was also nice to see the boys again.  When we first came, Rick was 12, and the first time I saw him he was mowing the neighbor's lawn.  Doug was 6 and a spoiled brat.  Both have turned out very well: Rick is a PhD currently a visiting lecturer at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Doug is coaching and teaching at Del Campo. The lone grandson, Kevin, who Vicki doted on to the point where her license plate read "KEVSGMA", has grown into quite a nice young man.

DSC01512     American Gothic?

We were done after a couple of hours.  Nice ceremony, nice people.

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Mon, Nov 15th - 7:08AM

Weekend Linkage

Ed Morrissey
He arrived at the G-20, fresh from his rebuff from Seoul over a trade agreement that George Bush had wrapped in a tidy bow three years ago and Democrats rejected, insisting that the industrialized nations refrain from currency manipulations — while defending the second round of quantitative easing that the Fed introduced to do just that.  Obama learned the hard way that few people will follow a “Do as I say, not as I do” model of leadership, and may end up touching off a currency war as a result.

In 2008, we warned about the dangers of putting a man in the White House with no executive, military, diplomatic, or private-sector experience.  It should shock no one to find that American leadership has utterly vanished on the international stage when we elect someone incapable of providing that leadership.  The lesson from both the Right and Left coasts’ media is that Barack Obama is in way over his head and doesn’t have a clue how to get back to the surface.

FROM A READER: “They told me if I voted for John McCain detainees would be held indefinitely at Guantanamo without trial, and they were right!” “Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, will probably remain in military detention without trial for the foreseeable future, according to Obama administration officials. The administration has concluded that it cannot put Mohammed on trial in federal court because of the opposition of lawmakers in Congress and in New York. There is also little internal support for resurrecting a military prosecution at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The latter option would alienate liberal supporters.”

Ah, remember the fierce moral urgency of change? And the obvious illegality and ineptitude of the Bush Administration’s approach? Why, all we needed was to put some really smart people in charge and all the problems would magically disappear! Apparently, the people we elected aren’t that smart. . . .

(You know, I'm really fed up with this guy, and I don't mean Instapundit.)

Robotic and anesthetized.

Richard Fernandez at Belmont Club. I can't find the actual link.

Obama is diminished because America is diminished. One thing he has destroyed, perhaps for a very long period of time, is its real prestige. Prestige is based on a kind of fear or awe and not on supposed “affection” which counts for nothing in the hard calculus of the world.

That awe was compounded not just of America’s strength, but to something Ralph Peters once called “The Old Magic”; the idea that somehow America had a kind of greatness, a sort of mojo that raised it above the low places of the world. Obama is proof, or seeming proof, that it does not.

“How could we have elected this man” translates to “how could the US have elected this man?” when viewed from the outside. Americans are palpably foolish after all, must the conclusion. This is in a smaller measure, what Malayans discovered about the British Empire when their armies were being marched from Singapore to build railroads for the Japanese for a handful of rice and knock on the head. Britain was supposed to produce Wellingtons and Nelsons. What Singapore showed was Perceval’s greatness was only the sham greatness of the Raffles Hotel social set. How hollow it was.

When people discover the Old Magic is gone; that the Presidents and the Secretaries of State are human after all they begin to think, “they’ve lost the mandate of heaven”. Gee, these guys are foolish.

Ironically every time conservatives throw a brickbat at the President that sticks it diminishes the prestige further. The truth is, Americans would prefer an President who was great; who bestrode the world stage. Who embodied the Old Magic. Not Hope and Change from a box of crackerjacks. On the day that the world regards him as a clown is the day America itself shares in his shame. After all, like or not, he was elected to the Oval office.

Paradoxically even Obama’s enemies have an interest in not seeing him make a fool of himself. But it is unclear whether anything can be changed now, if he’s determined to play the jester to the end. It just has to play out, to run to its sad, whimpering end, like a Greek tragedy, in the desperate hope there’ll be enough pieces left to pick up when the party’s over.


President Obama might have sensed his fall from grace during the Asia trip. That experience may convince him that the choice not now between Hope&Change and a “return to the failed policies of the Bush administration” but between survival and crash of monumental and perhaps catastrophic proportions. Things really are that bad. But if the past is any indication the President will care less that the field is lost than he will about owning up to error. However dire the prospect it will be Hope and Change, full speed ahead.

Oh, too bad.: Westboro Baptist Protesters Get Tires Slashed Following Protest Saturday.

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Mon, Nov 15th - 6:49AM

Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco (Not Safe for Work)

READER J.T. SMITH EMAILS: “I’m sitting here in my living room watching Palin’s Alaska on TLC and I have one prediction for 2011…Record tourism for Alaska.”

(Yeah, I was thinking that, too.)

To counteract Sarah Palin's Alaska, how about Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco?  THIS IS NSFW!!! (Not Safe for Work or with children in the room!)

I wonder if we will hear in a future presidential speech how “America is no longer just a Christian nation, but a nation of moral deviants, weirdos, and, well, people who just plain hate this country”?

Forget Mexico, we need a high wall around San Francisco and a lot of rain.

18. proreason

In some ways, Pelosi’s rise to power is even more shocking than Obama’s.

It’s easy enough to see the guiding hand behind Obama, but Pelosi seems to have done it on her own…..and with an IQ that has to be the lowest of any major politician in centuries.
(Rich was saying just that on the way to the party.)

19. Jeff

Next time a major quake hits San Francisco, I have a feeling my reaction will be “Meh. Let ‘em rot.”     

John      My reaction will be sadness that it wasn’t an earthquake of greater magnitude, even if it’s a 10. Then I’ll be rooting for the aftershocks.

23. Wil
Surely Soros had something to do with the fact that the two most extreme radical liberals in all of Washington DC, and in the entire long history of our nation, became President and Speaker of the House at the same time. Any candidate of any party for President or Speaker, any serious candidate what-so-ever, would have been more conservative than either of these two hyper-arrogant, self-righteous, hate filled, pathologically lying Socialists.

Weird “outlier” things like this do not just happen out of the blue.

(The comments have some creationist ravings, out of left field in my opinion.)

39. WSL To remember an old adage: If God doesn’t do something about SF, he owes Sodom & Gomorrah an apology.

45. Eric R. I was in San Francisco once when they had the Bay-to-Breakers run. I swear I saw some of those people running in that in drag.

(I'm sure he did. At least they were dressed.)

In a land where they only sell Bush Butt Plugs, and Pope Butt plugs, and Jesus Butt plugs, why, I think there ought to be room for Mohammad Butt Plugs. I’d like to see CAIR fight that one.

As you point out, the only good thing about this hedonistic behavior is that at least they aren’t likely to reproduce. Meanwhile they’re making those who might want to take the GLBT community more seriously that much more difficult. In other words, they play right in to the hands of their worst opponents.

68. tommy mc donnell
these are the people who love the muslims. these are the people the muslims hate. go figure.

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Sun, Nov 14th - 11:53AM

November 13: A Big Project

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
247.2 miles
clear, cool

108 recordings of 56 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 46/53

I forgot, yesterday's weigh-in, I'm down .2 pound with borderline blood pressure.

I had commented on Facebook the other day that I was sorta keeping up with the day-to-day housework but not doing any of the big projects.  Babysitting accounts for both things. The house is almost as good as it was for the party, though stuff does creep on. But the back area looks like a Hoarders program.  There are paper boxes that must be gone through.  And I need to do more in Bernadette's room and the playroom.

Well, today I decided to start a Big Project, which is to get the playroom up-to-date for Gareth.  I have too many kid's books there that are for older children and I can never find the right books for him.  Yesterday I was looking for "Take me to the Zoo" which I know I have, no luck.  (Maybe it was in a pack for a CASA kid and never went back.) So, if I take the older books out and put them in the bookcase in the back hall (not packing them up because I'll never get them back in time) which in turn means moving the science fiction and other books that are there. I'm keeping my Terry Pratchett shelf, so it's other books that need moving. 

Once I get the too-old (and that means books for 4/5 year olds, too) out, I'll be able to move the boxes of toys to the shelf and clear off the kiddie desk for Gareth. I think he'll like that. I also plan to sort through these toys before a St. Vincent de Paul run on Monday. (The fake flowers from the party are going to St. V.deP., and I have a couple of other bags, but I'm not averse to taking more.)

And all the toys he's brought into the living room need to go back so he can start again.
This all qualifies as a Big Project!  I got a good start today, but will need to move many more books before I'm happy with it.

I even put an archive entry up at LiveJournal for Genevieve's birthday!

OMG.  The man's narcissism knows no bounds.

Want some lemonade?

Precarious Albion

Britain is by no means out of options. But she’s just about out of margin.  One reason for that, of course, is the all-but-explicit repudiation by Barack Obama of the “special relationship” between the US and UK.  Britain is no longer a true global empire or the sheriff of the seas, but she’s still an island kingdom a few short miles across the Channel from Europe.  To maintain political independence, she must either cultivate her own power or obtain the backing of a country that does.  The close connection with America has been Britain’s high card for the last half century.

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Sat, Nov 13th - 10:00PM

November 12: Sleeping Baby

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
247.2 miles
clear, cool

110 recordings of 46 types.

Rasmussen: -20: 44/54.

Babysitting went well today.  Poor Joanna has a cold so wakes up every time she coughs, so she was mostly just tired.  No long playtimes today, but a nice nap in her Djadja's lap.  He'd sit her up when she coughed, and that kept her from waking up.

I took Gareth to the museum, where he played with the diner and mostly the car.  Rich "found" a carseat for him in the shed last week. We didn't remember, but I vaguely think it was from Roni, hey Mom, take this, and me grudgingly doing so.  So he's able to go out with us without juggling his seat or the cars.  Because of this, I believe, he was OK with going to Mommy's car when the day was up. He's been crying about it. When we got back, Joanna was really asleep in Rich's lap.


Gareth got to see two garbage trucks at once, since they were right behind each other.  He had "circles" for lunch from our very last zucchini, and cherry tomato wedges, which he wanted seconds on. It totalled 5 cherry tomatoes.  And a tub of yogurt.  Because Rob left early for Cupertino, Bernadette could come a little later. Therefore, Gareth had breakfast at home, so I only made him one meal.

After they left for home, Rich and I went back to the SPCA booksale, only to the kids' section. It was incredibly easier to actually LOOK at things. I got myself the last two Traveling Pants books, but everything else was for grandkids. Yesterday I'd picked up a lot of American Girl books, more Kirsten (Genevieve) than Felicity (Charlotte.)  Today I found a Kirsten craft book. I got a kid's chess book for Eric.  And more Clifford books and popup books for Gareth.  Rich found another Thomas singing book, and when we got home I realized it has 15 songs and the various noises. Rich replaced the battery and it works beautifully.


Mid-Term Message To Dems Returned "Mailer-Daemon"
Democratic Party leaders didn't get the message of Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

There is no sign they received the message of November 2, either.

ABC Reports Bad News about 0bama?

Like that'll ever happen.

Popcorn! More popcorn!

Another Global Warming Argument Debunked.
When water became more scarce, the plants started becoming more efficient at its use.  The changes in temperature not only didn’t kill off the trees, it led to an explosion of diversity, which once again poses the question of whether anyone actually understands these systems enough to reach a conclusion on what exactly the optimal temperature is for the planet.

But it's a CRISIS!!!

The Obama administration and its allies in the Nancy Pelosi Congress revamped one-sixth of the American economy, created new federal mandates, and created chaos in system that worked for the vast majority of Americans, just to deal with eight thousand people?  Perhaps they should have tested the issue by creating the program separately first and determining whether the demand required a complete overhaul of a health-care system that mainly worked for the rest of us, instead of arrogating to themselves the task of dictating the shape of a market they clearly don’t understand.

I Told You So.

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Sat, Nov 13th - 2:39PM

November 11: Girls' Day Out

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
247.1 miles
clear, cool

102 recordings of 44 types.

Rasmussen: -20: (I thought getting out of the country would be good for him) 44/54.


Remember: These are the people who voted for Democrats who have bankrupted the state.
Attila (Pillage Idiot) on November 11, 2010 at 9:14 AM

It’s lots of fun to make fun of conspiracy freaks but…

It’s the reaction of the Feds that have made people uneasy – Here’s the time line:

1. We don’t know what it is, but it’s not a threat.
2. Maybe it’s a “private enthusiast”
3. Hey, we’re going to go ahead and restrict air traffic the next day – even though nothing is going on.
4. Okay – we don’t know what it is, so maybe it is a threat.
5. We’re going to go ahead and take inventory of all of our missiles.
6. What? A blogger said that it’s a plane? He has pictures?
7. It’s a plane.

Gosh, I can’t imagine why no one believes them.

Dorvillian on November 11, 2010 at 9:15 AM

Bernadette and I had Girl's Day Out, thanks to Rich. I can't remember when the last time that we two were out alone, though it might have been when she was in college. It was great fun!

We started at the SPCA booksale, which is a zoo on opening day.  We both headed for the kids' books first.  She left there before I did and managed to find the tiny amount of science fiction. I had picked up "Ender's Game" in the kids' books and was trying to get it into the right place.

Bernadette scored a nice two-volume edition of Winnie the Pooh, and the Daring Book for Girls, most of the Lemony Snicket books (I don't know which ones she's missing now) and Cotillion by Georgette Heyer, one of the few she hasn't read. Also a Marion Babson, which is always a nice quick fun read.

I got a nice Beatrix Potter omnibus of four of the books. A number of popup books. Unfortunately, no more of the Sesame Street Alphabet Board Books. For myself I picked up David McCullough's Truman ... when will I find time to read that? It takes me forever to go through a little book these days. I also got Eat, Pray, Love and a Nevada Barr I haven't read.  So many books, so little time.

We browsed through the Boutique, and Once Upon a Child, (where the booster chairs were more than I wanted to pay. They also had a Bob the Builder set, including a helmet, which was tempting, but no.  And the cutest Christmas dresses! And a Cinderella dress!) and finished up at Eddie Bauer outlet. I was tempted by some things there, but I really do not need more clothes!

And so to lunch at Fuddruckers.  Bernadette had an elk burger. I maybe should have done that, too, but I wanted to try the regular burger. Good!

Rich coped admirably. He had diaper emergencies just before we got home (GOOD timing!)  and didn't remember where the changing stuff was, but he did well.

Sitting     DSC01450

Gareth likes books. It was a good day!

0bamateurism of the day.

Maybe if Obama and his party had consulted with insurers rather than spending almost a year demonizing them — Nancy Pelosi called them “villains” — he would have gone in quite a different direction and paid much less of a political price as a result.  Now he wants to get them on board after signing legislation that will spell their destruction, and apparently still can’t quite grasp why they would be somewhat hostile to his crowning achievement.

God I long for, and pray for the day, when no one in this world has to hear what this clown thinks, or has to say!
lukespapa on November 11, 2010 at 8:15 AM

You have to work really hard to be this stupid. No wonder he vacations so much. Stupidity is exhausting.
milwife88 on November 11, 2010 at 8:17 AM

The New York Times calls its customers stupid. Maybe one of the things I agree with.

Krauthammer referring to the reason for 0bama's failure in South Korea: a combination of incompetence and arrogance.

Elizabeth Scalia: "Really, it's not difficult to understand. The Democrats did not lose because the mean world did not understand the superior morality of their healthcare ideas. They lost because when the nation said "don't," they said "shut up, you're stupid and immoral." That's why the Dems lost. And that's all."

Jason Coleman

It’s a shame that this is what our elections have come to, but let’s face it. Since the FL 2000 clusterfark where Gore and his “team” challenged and challenged again what were shown to be totally legitimate ballots, and even after all was said and done even the New York Times was forced to admit the truth that Bush did get more votes in Florida; the rabid left STILL claims that the FL 2000 election was “stolen”.

Fred! is impressed. (with the Debt Commission.)

Obama surrendering on Tax Rates?

I’m surprised he actually has time to think about the tax hikes what with all Veteran’s Day ceremonies he’s attending and all the speeches praising of our veterans he’s been busy with. Oh, wait…

IrishEi on November 11, 2010 at 11:45 AM

(Well, to be fair, I did nothing  to mark the day except fly the flag.)

Surber's Scorecard

18. From American Thinker: “Accompanying her husband on a diplomatic visit to Asia, Michelle Obama dropped in on Mumbai University. While Barack Obama was busy lauding the greatness of India’s history, progress and economy, over at Mumbai U Michelle amused kids who otherwise would be rag picking or sleeping in sewers.”

From Lucianne: “A charming account in which Madame tells children who eat garbage and sleep in the street that she knows about poverty.“

Yes, attending Princeton is so like being a Slumdog.


gobsmacker says:
November 11, 2010 at 6:42 PM

#18. And here is what our college-educated FLOTUS had to say to those youngsters: “We’re very proud, you know? When me [sic] and the president get a little tired because our work gets hard….” Me and the president! ME and the president! No Lefty Obamacon has the right to poke fun at George W Bush’s mangled English when we have a FLOTUS who says, “me (!) and the president.”

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Fri, Nov 12th - 7:15AM

November 10: Puttering

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
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clear, cool

103 recordings of 43 types.

Rasmussen:-17: 45/54.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Gareth is talking in sentences.  "Awful is good."  He really likes the waffles!

Rich had a brilliant idea about tomorrow, when we're going to the SPCA booksale.  He suggested that he would babysit HERE. That meant that I didn't absolutely have to take my bags of books in today, because Bernadette and I would have room all of a sudden.  However, it would be nice to do it. I had many old Boy's Lifes, which I thought they could sell (and if not, they can recycle them instead of me doing it) and also some old Analogs. And books. I wish I could read these faster.  Anyway.

Rich had a couple of errands in mind, so I went with. I like puttering.  Our first stop was to one of our geocaches that hasn't been found in months. A bush cache, sometimes we have trouble locating it ourselves.  Today, though, we each spotted it instantly. And, coincidently, someone found it today, too.

Then back to the thrift shop that Pagan took us to last time he was here. I was looking for the Sesame Street alphabet books since we have B,C, and F. I was able to find A and G through L!  I also found a gorgeous book about the Christmas baby. The other thing I'm looking for is some kiddie plates for Bernadette to use. I have a divided Builder Bob, a Thomas plate and bowl, and a Sesame Street plate (from when my own kids were young.)  There wasn't anything wonderful there today. As I checked out, I spied a Thomas and snapped it up. It toots and plays music. It turns out it goes with an Aquadoodle, but it'll be fine (maybe even better) without.

Next, to the booksale location. What excellent timing --- they were setting up. I dropped off the stuff and off we went to Capitol nursery.  We were too late for the bigger bok choy, but they have a small one, "toy choi" which I suspect Our Gareth will like. I also talked Rich into getting some broccoli rabe seeds, because I have so many recipes that want it and I've only seen it at the store twice. Raley's had it when they opened their new store, and never again.

We stopped at Home Depot for a couple of switches, since our dimmer switch no longer works and on another circuit you can only turn the light on at one end of the hall, which is annoying when you're at the other end.

So then we went to Arby's for lunch. We haven't been there for quite some time. Yummy.

Tonight I fixed an "Impossible cheeseburger pie."  It's been a long time since I made one of these, and it was good. The Bisquick I'd had was bad the other day, so we got a new box, and that reminded me about the impossible pies. I have about 5 or so recipes now, so will be playing with this concept for awhile again.

I'm trying to get the freezer empty enough to do a quick defrost next week.  Most of what's left is the dried fruit now, so it should be possible.  

Dems to Pelosi: What's the Rush?

Note the key phrase “where we erred” and “past mistakes.”  That is a direct challenge to the entire current leadership, which now wants to rush through a decision on how to get five people into four chairs.  Until now, the Democratic Party line has been that voters were too stupid to appreciate all of the wonderful things Democrats did for them during the past four years, with no acknowledgment whatsoever that they made any errors or mistakes at all except perhaps in failing to talk more about all of the wonderful things Democrats did for those really stupid voters. can see a kind of poetic justice in watching Nancy Pelosi steamroll her own caucus in the same manner she steamrolled ObamaCare over the voters who demanded a stop to it, shoving 3,000-page bills through with just a couple of days for notice and advising us that Pelosi had to pass the bill before we could find out what’s in it.  If the Democrats who are just waking up to how that feels really do wonder how they could have lost more seats in the House than any party since 1938, they should understand that this is how the Democrats made the voters feel over the last two years.

Take THAT, Wicked Witch of the West! (back to your broom, lady!)

gusNo Gravatar
November 10th, 2010 | 12:27 pm | #1
Boehner has pledged not to use Botox nor carry a gavel in front of those who do not want HEALTH CARE LEGISLATION rammed down our throats too.
In other words. Boehner is normal and not a Princess.

News10 Sacramento
QUESTION: California's nonpartisan legislative analyst dropped a billion dollar bombshell today, saying the state budget crisis is much worse than previously thought. How would you solve a shortfall that now sits at $25.4 billion?

(I would have elected someone other than Moonbeam)

Jose Galvan: Cater to the unions! Maybe give them more pension perks, overtime, and raises. If things get tough, and people start to cry out against the union bosses, make sure to spend MILLIONS on commercials featuring a firefighter with a smoky face, or a policeman handing a teddy bear to a little girl. Under NO circumstances should we try and cut taxes, that will only benefit rich people and they don't matter since they don't create jobs or anything.

@Sr_Lisa the left will buy your child an abortion and help keep it secret from you, but no happy meal toys allowed.

25 top analogies. Funny!

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah), Bad Mother, Ayelet Waldman, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Thu, Nov 11th - 9:39PM

November 9: Babysitting again

The Age of Napoleon, p. 124
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bit of rain, c-c-cold

95 recordings of 41 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 45/54: Eighty-two percent (82%) oppose the idea of banning toys from Happy Meals unless nutritional standards of the meals are improved.

At 3:30 this morning, I heard a little whimper.  And another. And another. At first I thought Pharaoh was having a bad dream, but then I realized these whines were coming from outside. I'd gone to bed early, telling Rich that the dog was his responsibility, so he put him out... and forgot to let him back in. I staggered out and let him in, and managed to get a little sleep later.

When Rich got up this morning, I asked if I'd woken him at 3:30, he said "yes" and I said "good."

Bernadette was here about 7:30, and babysitting commenced about 9.  Before she left, she changed Joanna's diaper and discovered some cardboard. There was a Trix snack pack here yesterday she was getting at, and I guess she's ready for solid food!  In fact, these
days she reminds me of the Tin Toy baby.

Gareth doesn't look like he'll be potty trained any time soon. He seems to have no idea what's happening there.

Joanna has a hard time getting to sleep. I usually top her off and this time it was with 5 ounces.  I'd started warming it at 10 and she fell asleep, sort of, but still wiggly/whimpery, so I made sure she drank the bottle. She conked out for real at 10:30.

G's lunch was 2/3 zucchini, a tub of yogurt, and milk. She woke at 12 and I fed her about an inch of banana thinned with milk.  She was not interested in bottle. It was probably sheer coincidence, but in the jumpchair she was tapping her hand in time with the music.  Then she was crawling around.  The dog was in the den.  She crawled over to the gate and looked at him. He was OK when he was lying down, but then he got up and moved away and she suddenly noticed he was that scary Big Bad Wolf. I'd been prepared to rescue her for a long time, so was there to save her immediately. At 2: 05 I gave her 4 ounces of milk and she went back to sleep.

Then I did my Bad Nana thing and let Gareth watch a Yo Gabba Gabba program.  I have my moments.

5 myths about Bush

Sarah Palin asks if Newspaper Reporters Read their own Newspapers.

Forgetting Ft. Hood
Love the comments.

Fingers crossed.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah),  Emily's Runaway Imagination, Beverly Cleary, Bad Mother, Ayelet Waldman, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Wed, Nov 10th - 11:49PM

November 8: Library Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 114
247.0 miles

92 recordings of 41 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/54

It was Library day! Gareth was really happy. And guess who was the only child running around while Miss Barbera was reading a story. He actually played with other children, colored a page, and later sat with Miss Barbera while she read to him.  She needed one of us to take him, though, too heavy!

I found Bad Mother while I was waiting. Like I needed another book to read. However, I read the first part, where she ever-so-snottily tells some poor woman that "we're watching you" and I had to get it.

Other books I'm reading? The last of the Durant series. I've been at this more than 10 years. The plan is 5 pages a day. (I had a rec.arts.books friend who did 25 pages every day and he really covered ground, but I know my limits.) I was chugging along fairly well till the 4th or 5th volume, and then bogged down again really badly with Voltaire. When I finish this, I'm tackling the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

I started Atlas Shrugged. It's fairly interesting, but too much like real life in the people's quest for mediocrity, so I needed to take a break.  That would be Blue Highways.  I really loved his early description of Louisville. We were there on last year's road trip, and I recognized the road he was describing. I also liked the little Tennessee town with Senator Algore's picture in the window. Boy that was some time ago, for sure.

Then Saturday, at our neighbor's garage sale, I saw Emily's Runaway Imagination by Beverley Cleary and thought Lexi would like it. Of course, I had to check it out first.

And that's just what I'm reading fairly consistently right at the moment.

After the library, Bernadette took her car to be looked at. Gareth watched the end of Cars (bad Nana, me!) and she got back just as Joanna was deciding to wake up and complain.

Why Reagan Dems Still Matter.

California: The Lindsay Lohan of States
Sacramento is headed for trouble again, and it shouldn't expect a bailout. (Allysia Finley)

I have heard that the best solution would be no bailout, go bankrupt and decertify the unions. (which is how we got into this mess in the first place, thank you very much Gov. Moonbeam.)


He’s like Moses coming down off Mt. Sinai with the two tablets. Except, instead of the Ten Commandments, on each one it says, “If you like your plan, you can keep you plan.”

It’s not Nanzi’s fault.
Clearly, the blame lies squarely with…
…wait for it…
JohnGalt23 on November 8, 2010 at 4:27 PM

0bama didn't know this would be so unpopular?

Maybe he’s just the Reuters of political prognosticators, or perhaps just a bit disingenuous.  In an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Barack Obama tells viewers that he found himself surprised by the political cost of passing ObamaCare, despite the months of angry town halls, massive political rallies, and polling that showed the bill to be deeply unpopular all during the debate.  Even losing Ted Kennedy’s old seat in Massachusetts didn’t give him a clue?

It's all about me.

Barack Obama
Has but one star in his sky,
And it is himself.
Haiku Guy on November 8, 2010 at 8:26 AM

Dirty Tricks
Hey Illinois! Blago wanted to sell the seat. Then was arrested so he couldn’t. Your state legislature wanted to block him from appointing anyone into the seat and then failed to do it. Your stupid ass legislature could’ve held a special election to fill the seat with a Democrat and then they didn’t because they’re incompetent. Then, your dumbass governor filled the seat anyway with Roland Tombstone Burris–five feet nothing of smiles and shakedowns. Now, you go and have an actual bona fide election, and you still can’t fill the seat. Your legislature, your electoral system, your politics and laws are a farce. You people need to clean that fricking state up and I know that it is a state of 90% wonderful people and buncha heavy ass crooks.
For pete’s sake, seat the damn Senator for once.
ted c on November 8, 2010 at 7:43

(Maybe we could be like Ayelet Waldman and point out "hey, guys, everyone's watching you.")

Wicked Witch of the West (Pelosi celebrates her great accomplishments.)

Michelle Malkin

Elizabeth Scalia, who's sorry now?

Only a few days after successfully mounting an impressive rally in celebration of their “sanity,” their superior intellects, their enduring collegiate cool, and their boundless capacity for irony, the party of liberals and progressives suffered their biggest political loss in nearly sixty years to the very people they referred to in 2004 as “ineducable” and in 2010 as “racists,” “sexists,” “homophobes,” “xenophobes,” and “really stupid people.”

(I have a Facebook friend who wonders now what happened to "compromise" and "bipartisanship." Well, "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, really stupid people" have been known to resent being called that.)

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Tue, Nov 9th - 9:32PM

November 7: Pacific Standard Time

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
247.0 miles

Jan Yarnot They take an hour away from us in the spring and do who-knows-what with it, probably tax it, all summer and you notice they keep it longer and longer before they reluctantly give it back, slightly soiled and worn. That's MY hour, gummint, you have no right to take it away and keep it so long.

92 recordings of 43 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/54.

Just as well we didn't plan to go to Yuba City for the Sikh Parade, as the rain was belting down most of the day. So, after church (and the pancake breakfast) we stopped at WalMart to get me some slippers (and I picked up some Yo Gabba Gabba big boy pants which I hope Gareth will be ready for soon.) Then it was home to veg out. During the evening football game, I finished the Netflix disc I had. 

OK, I think it's time he stayed home.

Muslims in India Outraged Over Obama’s Security Dog Named “Khan”.
Yawn.  Same old same old, they're always outraged over something.

Susan Estrich calls Nancy Pelosi a superhero.

usamomof3 [Moderator] 6 hours ago
Ah, the spin ... spin spin spin. Either she is the most powerful woman in the world, or she is the president's puppet. Either she strong-armed her way to passing several extremely unpopular bills, or she was just doing what she was told. Poor Nancy, the poor misunderstood most powerful woman in the world. But she can't have it both ways ... hovering between powerful and obedient servant, whenever each argument helps her.

Actually, I think the problem is that she was Obama's puppet, and he let all of those House dems swing in the wind for the 2010 election. She may have been powerful enough to force her own party's reps to pass those ridiculous bills, but she wasn't powerful enough to fool the American people about them.

The problem is not that Nancy is underappreciated or misunderstood. The problem is that the American people completely understood what she was doing and don't appreciate her brand of liberalism being shoved down their throats.

Now, we can only hope that the Dems re-elect her as minority leader so we can watch her deer in the headlights reactions to the unraveling of her immense power. And we'll be able to see her close up while she is the poster child for the end of the democratic party in two years' time.

"The problem is not that Nancy is underappreciated or misunderstood. The problem is that the American people completely understood what she was doing and don't appreciate her brand of liberalism being shoved down their throats."


Her arrogant behavior and dismissive attitude in the face of widespread public anger speak far more to her perceived image than her actions, which really only mirrored those of obama and other liberal Dems.

She comes across as Nancy Antoinette and that kind of arrogance simply won't be tolerated in America.

Speaking of arrogance....did you catch Bohnner's redux of Cybil?

He went from, "As your future Speaker" to a tearful "I'm a Tea Party Patriot" on election night, and the very next day he was right back to "Pork and earmarks aren't all bad" rino central.

I'm not convinced republicans learned anything this time around, except how to effectively play to voters in flyover country! They may need another training session in 2012.

Indeed [Moderator] 5 hours ago in reply to usamomof3
"Ah, the spin ... spin spin spin. Either she is the most powerful woman in the world, or she is the president's puppet."

That's it!

She's the "World's Most Powerful Puppet."

Strings of steel, and all that.


Mort Zuckerman, quoted by Ed Morrissey

He came across as a young man in a grown-up’s game—impressive but not presidential. A politician but not a leader, managing American policy at home and American power abroad with disturbing amateurishness. Indeed, there was a growing perception of the inability to run the machinery of government and to find the right people to manage it. A man who was once seen as a talented and even charismatic rhetorician is now seen as lacking real experience or even the ability to stop America’s decline. “Yes we can,” he once said, but now America asks, “Can he?”

[Again, Duh]

There isn’t a single critical problem on which the president has a positive rating. It didn’t help when he kept on and on asserting that he had inherited a terrible situation from the Bush administration. Yes, enough, and sir, the country elected you to solve problems, not to complain about them. …

Clarity, not Compromise.

Democrats probably lost this midterm cycle in August 2009, not November 2010, when they began hiding from angry constituents.  They stopped listening and denied voters the accountability they deserved.  Three months later, Democrats lost two governorships they should have held in New Jersey, a blue state, and Virginia, which had been trending blue for the previous three years or more.  Two months after that, a Republican won a Senate seat in Massachusetts for the first time since 1972.  The electorate could barely wait to make Democrats pay for their arrogance as well as their radical agenda.

Well then we give them a message like Greece. Dismantle the Government crap out there, fix the Public Union pensions, or just go away and go broke and fail. That is one battle the GOP better stay strong on, they had better not even consider bailing out CA.
bluemarlin on November 7, 2010 at 2:24 PM

I’m with you on this, but please pray for the conservatives out here who will have to ride the third rail while the liberal portion of the electorate figure things out. As I pointed out in a previous comment, we just elected a Democratic Governor, we have a Democratic Legislature, and we just passed Proposition 25 which lowers the vote ratio needed to pass a budget from 67% down to 50%+1; this means that we have the exact set of events ready for our own perfect storm to match the one which occurred on the national level.
unclesmrgol on November 7, 2010 at 2:30 PM

I do pray for you out there. I understand the predicament you face and I see no way for you to make it out of it unless complete and utter failure strikes CA government and economy. Well, as you have mentioned, you now have the perfect storm and already owe 130 billion. My point is that we as a Nation need to say NO, we will not bail you out unless you dismantle these crazy schemes you have out here. That is my point about GOP standing strong on no bailout for CA. As you mentioned , they voted Moonbeam back in, do you actually expect sanity/common sense to hit the electorate out there? Heck your state treasurer even stood up and said they were not capable as Democrats to fix it and no one cared.

bluemarlin on November 7, 2010 at 2:39 PM

no, it's not because of poor messaging.  (They sound like the national Democrats!)

kevinsac wrote on 11/06/2010 11:31:54 AM:

Luckily, I live outside the proposed boundaries of the AA city. Yet had I lived within the boundaries, I would have strongly advocated against Measure D and would have voted against it. I would not have wanted to be pulled into the fantasy world that the proponents envisioned.

But living outside the proposed city limits, I think the election results still were a loss for me. If the propoents can be believed, I'm sure that my property values would have soared as this mystical Emerald City would have risen from the ashes of blight just a few hundred feet from where I live. In that case, the residents of the new city could have voted for a new city name .... anyone for Phoenix?

teachesinEG wrote on 11/05/2010 06:21:23 AM:  Or maybe it is simply an idea NOT supported by the community.

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Tue, Nov 9th - 8:21PM

November 6: Squeeze with Cheese

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
246.9 miles

96 recordings of 43 types.

Rasmussen: -15: this should go up with him out of the country. 46/53.

I wanted to drop off a coat Rich found some months ago for News10's Coats for Kids, and I knew the Roseville Squeeze Inn was taking them. Ah, an excuse to have another Squeeze with Cheese! And if we go up there, we should do some geocaching. I ran a pocket query of 12 caches. In my head, we were eating first, caching later, but Rich had a better idea to go with the weather, to cache first and eat later.

Of course, I forgot the coat. I also didn't know for sure what the Squeeze's address was.  So, after we found 11 of the 12 caches (one earth cache at a grinding rock which was placed (the cache, not the rock), two weeks after we were here in January!) we stopped at Fry's to ask directions. (We actually thought we were there to log in on the internet, but their wi-fi sucks). I got a camera case which is now attached to my fannypack.  I always think about that "Nomadic Design" exhibit at the Tech some years ago.  And it turned out the restaurant was about a block further on.

It's bigger than the original Squeeze Inn (it would have to be) but still has a lot of the same feel, and there are still only a limited number of counter seats.  You still have to wait in line to order.  The food is still good.  The fries are still huge (we ordered one small for the two of us, and still took some home.) Gambling on cardiac arrest, but oh so delicious.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah),  Emily's Runaway Imagination, Beverly Cleary, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

GOP Establishment More of a Liability than the Tea Party ever was.

The message coming from Tea Party activists wasn’t “All or nothing,” the message was, “Quit it!” (Kicking out a much-disliked liberal moderate like incumbent Mike Castle didn’t hurt, either.) Senate Republicans don’t like knowing that they don’t get a pass just for being a Republican. Unlike the 1994 revolution, there is now an organized grassroots base with an eye peeled. Antagonizing the base (which is different than simply abandoning it) will have more impact than ever before.

Yeah, but we could have done better than 64 House seats, 6 Senate seats seats, 19? Governorships and 680 State legislature pickups./s
Catmman on November 6, 2010 at 10:37 AM

Squeezing Soap from 0bamacare's Sponge.

A link on Facebook to an Alan Grayson article with this comment:
"How knuckle-under Dems ensured--and, dare I say it? deserved--their own humbling."

You say "knuckle-under", I say "knuckle-dragging", especially creeps like Grayson. And when did the Democrats ever knuckle under anyway?  Not on health care. Not on stimulus. Not on anything.

Mr. Cellophane


Pelosi running for Minority Leader:

Rest assured, grassroots lefties will defend this as a perfectly sensible idea, not because it is a sensible idea but because (a) one way to salve the grievous wound inflicted a few days ago is to deny those darned wingnuts their most prized scalp and (b) they feel they owe Pelosi for making their eternal dream of ruinous universal health care come true.
...Honestly, in a year dominated by fiscal conservatism, anti-incumbent sentiment, and hostility to all things Beltway, I can’t think of a more perfectly tone-deaf gesture than this. The next time some sneering liberal has the balls to tell you that the GOP is “out of touch” and doesn’t listen to voters, you need only whisper the magic word to shut them up tight: “Pelosi.”

Please please do NOT bail us out!

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Mon, Nov 8th - 3:49PM

November 5: Is it Friday the 13th Already?

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
244.6 miles
sunny, warm, then some clouds

91 recordings of 38 types

Rasmussen: -16: 45/54

I'm 1.6 pounds down with borderline blood pressure.

Babysitting didn't go all that well today. It seemed like everything happened at the same time.  Gareth acted a bit like he needed the potty at lunch so I quick took him into the bathroom, noting on the way by that Joanna was getting to the small toys and Rich, who was supposedly watching her, was asleep. No, he didn't use the potty.

Later, she was in the jumpchair and Gareth was down for his "nap."  (Yeah, right.)  We had the gates down.  She was singing with the jumpchair music. I let the dog in, figured he could come in the living room, and so once I checked his paws I turned to get my computer, then I heard Joanna's song change.  "Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhh, AAAAAAHHHHHH!" I came in to see what was wrong and she had gone to shrieks.  She's afraid of the dog, I'd forgotten, and he bumbled in and sniffed her hand. I don't think she'll adjust to him any time soon.  It seems to me he was quieter around Gareth. We have to keep him away from her, though.

Later, I had both children in my lap, reading a story, and realized she had a diaper emergency. (Did she ever. I had to change my clothes, too.) I got up in a hurry and apparently unbalanced Gareth enough that he bumped his head on the end table. He's crying, she's a disaster, and of course Rich was elsewhere. I gave him a quick hug and get-better kiss, changed her from the skin out, then decided that I needed to get this mess all the way out. I gave Gareth more attention, then popped her into the crib in the back room so that Gareth wouldn't be able to throw something on her while I was out at the garbage can. She cried, of course.  I got the mess out then let her back in with the people.

Still later, Rich had Gareth in back and wanted me to take a picture of him pulling the wagon.  My battery was dead, so I had to change it.  I needed both hands for that so put J. down just praying Rich wouldn't open the door and let Pharaoh in. Then I picked her up and took pictures.  He didn't pull the wagon again, but there were some cute moments. He picked an orange and had it, so now we'll have to hover over him like hawks!

Harvesting an Orange

We didn't get our Yo Gabba Gabba tickets, but we did get a FasTrak violation. They do have a place on the form to dispute it, so since we were a carpool in a carpool booth, we plan to do that. Even if we lose, it's only $25, not the $271 I feared.

We went to St. Philomene's school's Harvest spaghetti dinner.  It is their big fundraiser, apparently.  The baskets each class put together are really interesting. We bid on a couple but were outbid.  We also didn't win the 50-50 raffle, but we got noticed by all the right people.

To completely cap the day, Food Network is gone from U-verse. Grumble.

Debby Durbin- Delp
Training at Husky stadium was delayed nearly two hours this morning, after a
player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the
ground. After a complete analysis, Seattle Police forensic experts
determined that the white substance, unfamiliar to most of the players,
......was the goal line. Practice was resumed after police ...determined the
team was unlikely to encounter the substance again.

(And the Ducks CREAMED the Huskies, too!)

Allahpundit on Pelosi remaining as Democrat leader.

The good news: The GOP just became a prohibitive favorite to hold the House in 2012. The bad news: …I actually can’t think of any.

and on Bob Kerry's suggestion we should hire someone to run the government for 0bama. (I was under the impression we hired 0bama to run the government.)

Why not? Zeus would clearly rather be out doing the stuff he’s good at, like campaigning or playing golf or cooking up increasingly complex metaphors involving cars and Slurpees to explain the American political landscape.
...Exit question: Here’s a radical idea for making the president’s job as a manager easier. Why not shrink the federal government?

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Mon, Nov 8th - 3:41PM

November 4: Somber Play

(I thought I'd finished this and posted it yesterday. Oops.)

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
244.6 miles
80s, great sunrise and sunset

90 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 45/54. Eighty-three percent (83%) of Likely Voters say it’s at least somewhat likely that Republicans in Congress will vote to repeal the health care law passed earlier this year. Fifty-two percent (52%) say it’s very likely. Rasmussen Reports telephone exit polling found that 59% of those who voted on Election Day favor repeal of that law, including 48% who Strongly Favor it.

Jesuit's play was a typical Trafton production, "Tales of the Towers, a 9/11 Remembrance."  We met Bernadette there, at the Patrons' reception, and gobbled down a LOT of food, 10 different things. If they don't have a culinary arts class for these boys, why not?  Anyway, they're also celebrating 10 years (already!) of the Black Box theater.
Our thank-you present was a rose, since they're sponsoring a rose and a plaque in the World Peace garden downtown.

The play, actually a series of monologues, actual stories survivors and victims' family members told, was very well done, but intense of course.

The press conference was actually news.

The Media built him up, now the Media will tear him down…..or is this just kabuki? You know they all have to pretend like they are real journalist again or something, because the American People REJECTED the Main Stream Media’s VISION for this country.
Not NO but He11 NO.
Dr Evil on November 4, 2010 at 8:14 AM

The Post Election House Scorecard

It’s possible to drive from coast to coast without passing through a congressional district represented by a Democrat. In fact, if you start in Southern California and drive to northern Florida, it’s a pretty direct route.
Steven Den Beste on November 4, 2010 at 1:06 AM

Barney Frank, ungracious winner.

Gayle Miller said...
    Goofy deaf person in the room! We hear what you say, we understand what you say. We just don't freaking AGREE with what you say!

William Jacobsen:  Best comment by a Live Event participant: "Today is the day the seas began to rise again."

Ed Morrissey
Junod comes close to one of the reasons why Obama is in over his head, which is his misreading of the mandate from the 2008 election, but whiffs completely on the underlying problem.  Obama got elected by saying that change was more important than competence, and he has proven himself massively wrong.  Obama is in over his head, and it shows.  It showed on the campaign trail for those who bothered to look for it rather than cheerlead Obama’s narrative.   Why should anyone be surprised when a man with no executive, economic, military, or diplomatic experience who had only three years in the Senate starts flailing when elected President?

Isn’t it interesting that the people who are accused of being “racist” are the very ones who were able to look PAST the color of this man’s skin to figure out who and what he was/is?

It seems to me that the racist ones are the ones who ONLY saw his skin color and considered themselves enlightened to vote for him SOLELY based on that consideration.

Silly me – I actually thought that was what Martin Luther King was alluding to in his “I Have a Dream” speech; that one day people would look PAST the color of his childrens’ skin to the person within before passing judgment on them.
TeresainFortWorth on November 4, 2010 at 2:40 PM

The only saving grace for the Obama India Excursion would be if Michelle O. dressed up as Ganesha and did an interpretive dance.
profitsbeard on November 4, 2010 at 3:25 PM

[Oh, that's just nasty.]

Sulk, Dino Rossi lost to Senator Al-Qaeda Day Care... One of the commenters says Boeing will move to South Carolina

I hate that picture, mostly because it makes me want to cut her throat.

It's only a rumor, but it'll be one of the rumors that last and last.
"Near as I can tell, the mega-bombshell about Obama introducing a teleprompter to India’s parliament remains tragically, pathetically true. Exit question: What about this new blockbuster from the Telegraph about the mass coconut culling happening around the city’s Gandhi museum to protect the presidential noggin? Dude, I think it’s real."

[Having seen what a coconut can do, I think it's wise. He grew up in Hawaii, he knows.]

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Sun, Nov 7th - 7:47AM

November 3: Bad News

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
244.6 miles
sunny, warm

94 recordings of 43 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 48/52.

Joyous! I slept in clear till 8, after I took the dog out and let him back in, and threw Abby into the bathroom so she'd stop bugging me.

I stayed home.  We got some Very Bad News, and that's all I'm saying about that at the moment. This, on the other hand, was good news!

Stay Sacramento
November 3, 2010 at 12:52 am
82 of 82 precincts counted
No. . . . . . . . . . . 15,313 -- 76.05%
Yes. . . . . . . . . . . 4,823 -- 23.95%

Russ Douthat:
Was it all worthwhile? Was the 111th Congress’s flurry of legislative activity worth the backlash it helped create? Were the health care bill and the stimulus worth handing John Boehner the gavel in the House of the Representatives? Did it make sense to push and push and then keep on pushing, even after the polls and town halls and special-election outcomes made it clear the voters were going to push back?


Don’t be too happy about California. I live here and can’t leave because my house won’t sell in the current market, and maybe never. I did my part and voted down the line Republican yesterday, got my son and daughter to the polls as well. Husband already voted by mail.

We are going to have to live with all the crud that Brown and Boxer shovel on this state. I was here before when Brown was governor, so I know what to expect. (sigh)

hachiban on November 3, 2010 at 11:40 AM

Now that the Republicans have control of the House, they should immediately look into voter fraud…with hearings.
Now..before the even go into office…:lol

dec5 on November 3, 2010 at 10:13 AM

We can roll it back. The 2012 election starts today. We cannot be satisfied with the massive gains we made. We must keep the spirit of the Tea Party movement alive.

Take some solace in this….the message was made loud and clear and even though that despicable Marxist traitor Obama and his minions will never give up, there are MANY elected officials that will be way less inclined to follow his agenda. What we cannot do is follow the advice of the RINO pukes around here who insist we compromise with the progressives. There are certain issues we can compromise on. What we cannot compromise on is the limits on the federal government by the constitution. Gun control must be gone. Obamacare must be gone. The Dept of Education must be gone.

We can compromise on the powers SPECIFICALLY enumerated to the federal government. We can compromise on the size of our military because that is a specific power given to the feds. I for one think we should have a very well funded powerful military, but because I am interested in compromise, I can have a discussion about it.

csdeven on November 3, 2010 at 10:33 AM

LegInsurrection: Best Obama press conf eva 4 press - one day phenom or change we can believe in?

It's clear that Pres. Obama doesn't have a clue about the American people and the things that need to be done.

I watched the victory parade in San Francisco. Kelly Brothers' first Giants game, Willy McCovey hit a homer against Pittsburgh.  We had some of these players at Raley field this year.

Julie Fiske Wetteland [Brown] shouldn't be there again to begin with, so WHY worry about a portrait. Screwed us once, now he's gonna do it again. Hang on to what's left of your bank account. He's out to drain us all dry.

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Sat, Nov 6th - 7:22AM

More Sanity/Fear Linkage

Heh. Hypocrite, much?

We’re consumed with other matters today, but spare a moment for a man who spent his weekend watching someone who called for him to be murdered for blasphemy playing to an adoring crowd of thousands of liberals. In front of the U.S. Capitol. At a rally dedicated to sanity. Televised on a comedy channel.

Keep Smug Alive.

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Sat, Nov 6th - 7:01AM

November 2: TEAphoon

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
244.6 miles
sunny, warm

89 recordings of 40 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 48/51.

A warning:
Either act like adults charged with the responsible management of this country, instead of drunken teenagers with mom’s credit card, or we will un-elect you at the first opportunity.

I can't believe I forgot to mention the Giants win! The World Series!! We even turned the TV off Monday Night Football to watch. Vince missed it, out being a good Dad with Eric's Tiger Cubs. Rich called him but Vince called back later. He also called Roni and R.J. and apparently inadvertently insulted R.J.

Today, while I was wandering around getting ready to babysit (Gareth is bigger so babyproofing isn't such an issue, but there are still changes to make), I tripped over one of the Hallowe'en bins, falling into it and shattering it. I mostly bruised, though I did get a few cuts.  I was still shaky hours later.

Babysitting went well.  Joanna had a half bottle soon after Bernadette left and then took a nap.  I discovered the CD player wasn't working.  (Rich had put the wires back wrong when we moved it.)  This was a disappointment as I wanted to see CARS with Gareth.

When I gave Gareth his lunch, Joanna woke up. She played with him.  After Rich fixed the CD player, we put Cars on and I walked my absentee ballot over to the polling place. I noted the SEIU poll watchers, but no truncheons or intimidating behavior.  Afterwards, I went over to get a Slurpee, as a political statement. This is my first, and likely my last, too sweet.

Gareth was drooping when I got back, and I put him down for a nap.  He fell asleep right before the hour was over, so I left him be... and he was still asleep when Bernadette came to get him.  Joanna woke at 3:30 and quietly played by herself.  G. cried about leaving: between that and his joy at coming, apparently the weekend went well in his mind.

I'm overall happy with the election, except for California, of course.  What a bunch of idiots!  They didn't want the chance to keep the State Parks open.  They bought the lies on Prop. 25, so now they can pass anydamthing they want for the budget, and, of course, they returned Boxer and Moonbeam.  We're so screwed.  At least the citizen's commission will redistrict.

But I'm thrilled about Measure D, the area incorporation measure, which went down 3 to 1.
This was the thing, right after health care, I cared most about.
At least this went well.  78% NO.  I don't think they'll try again soon.

NO!  Patty Murray beat Dino Rossi?  Found all the dead people again, did they? King County is as corrupt as Chicago.

gatewaypundit: Outrage!… O’Donnell Wins Independents But Not Enough Republicans to Win Delaware

Doc_0: We should all chip in and buy New York a Republican Party for Christmas. 4 minutes ago via Chromed Bird

TheAnchoress: yes @seanbielat was a strong candidate who could not sway ppl from ousting Frank after 16 years. We need term limits. 6 minutes ago via web

LisaDeP: Yeah, I know the votes aren't the same, but I'm saying it anyway: Alvin Greene got larger % of votes in NC than Charlie Crist in FL

Raging_Red: My husband is going to have his wish - a new wallpaper of San Fran Nan handing the gavel BACK to Boehner. =)

DanCleary: Can't wait to see @AlanGrayson's floor speeches during the lame duck session. I'm assuming they will involve pyrotechnics.

Guy Benson: Carly Fiorina ran an outstanding race. She is a class act, and it's to California's shame that Barbara Boxer hung on. Thank you, Carly.

SissyWillis: THEY MAKE MA LOOK GOOD. RT @Cubachi: California is doomed.

CindyCoops: Enjoy Gov. Moonbeam, Californians. #ugh #silliness

JonahNRO: Worst news of night: California Dems get to keep ruining their ruined state. Sorry sane Californians.

mdrache: California affirms its wish for bankruptcy. You get what you deserve.

KimPriestap: I can't wait to see Allen West's speeches from the floor of the House. He's going give the Democrats and the American people an education.

baseballcrank: Last POTUS to lose the House but not the Senate midway through his first term: Herbert Hoover.

Karl Rove points out everywhere that 0bama went, he's lost.

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Fri, Nov 5th - 6:23AM

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
243.8 miles

89 recordings of 39 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 50/49 (first time in awhile he's been positive.)

Rude dinner guest. I think next time I'd get take-out from Mickey D's.

I was amused by my Hatchlings score: 2,819   Global Rank: 9,940   Shells: 9,940   Donor Shells: 100. Note the Global Rank and Shells are the same number.

Rich's stats last month :



























Plus: 4 baseballs, whiffle softball, 2 whiffle baseballs, practice golf ball, tennis ball, stuffed teddy bear, Christmas bear headband, princess heart headband, red headband, 5 pens, 2 mechanical pencils, restroom token, McDonald's beanie Pooh, hair tie, plastic bracelet, plastic toy hot dog, maid toy figure, 2 lego blocks, 2 Bud Light beers, metal nail file, plastic letter 'S', speakerphone, plastic flower barrette, large magnet, PDA stylus, Mexican Peso, key belt chain, plastic fish barrette, bluetooth USB power cord, cloth zipper bag, small electric motor, plastic flower barrette, Nerf dart, adjustable wrench, 4 sockets.

For me, 7.8 miles. (REALLY BAD!!)  2 pounds up, high borderline BP, argh argh arg18 pages, 3 books, 0 movies, 1 play, 4 Masses.</p>

We found 8(!) caches last month, 7371 total.  We're 199th in the  world, and 11th locally (how can we find so few and go up? SOMEONE's not posting!)

In proofing I'm in 967th (out of 32320 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 872 pages proofed (0 done in July), 14th (out of 3761) in P2 with 23508 pages (0), 513th (of 844) in P3 with 469 pages, and formatting 555th place (2974) with 1020 pages.  I really have to get back to this.</p><p>In Flickr I have 37591 pictures, with 83002 views, and 167 sets to work on. (added 6). I watched the third disc of "Conviction" the TV series on Netflix, and the beginning of The Six Wives of Henry VIII on instant watch. I've got to watch more to make my monthly bill worth it.

I popped out in the afternoon and went back to Borders, where I got a couple of Cars playsets for grandsons and really looked around. Then I stopped at the Hallowe'en store
and got myself a witch's hat and for Gareth, when he's ready to play pretend, a neat fireman's helmet and a cowboy hat. I'll also keep the pirate costume here for when he's ready, which may be about three months.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah),  Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Thu, Nov 4th - 6:16AM

Pre-Election Linkage

A rally signifying nothing.

 I was thinking that somewhere in a poor mountain village in a former Eastern bloc Soviet country, there were two aged actors unemployed since the fall of Communism who were putting on a play for peasant children of pre-school age, because that was the only audience they could find and hold. And I thought they were probably using puppets, too -- but they had to be far more engaging and entertaining than this duo on the National Mall.

That is all I am going to say about the wit and so-called keen social commentary of the comedic moments brought to us Saturday at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear by these two cable TV comedians who have been endlessly compared to every satirist from Swift to Twain this week by some of my adoring and critically-challenged colleagues.

[not a fan, I'm guessing.]

...Say what you will about Glenn Beck and his rally in August: He and Fox News, his employer, didn't sell the folks who supported him on the mall to advertisers that way. There were no peanut butter cups being advertised on my screen as I watched. There was no commercialization of any kind that I discerned on my TV screen. Not only didn't Fox News televise the rally, the channel barely covered it. But not so Stewart, Colbert and their employers.
...After a week of endless stories and hype, what did it amount to?

Stewart tried to address that in a speech after the paper-mache moment. But it was mainly him trying to paper over the pointlessness of the event with a falsely high-sounding message.

[Bev was moved to tears, on the other hand.]

...POSTSCRIPT: You want some media criticism? Try this: Think how much better informed we would be as a nation about the monumental election in two days if members of the press had spent half the time reporting and writing about the issues and candidates instead Stewart, Colbert and their exercise in ego on the mall -- their effort to prove they can draw as big an audience as Beck.

Kathleen Parker is just NOW figuring this out?

diana11777 wrote:
The sense of humor is missing along with the sense of judgment, the sense of personal humility and the sense of decency and it only took Kathleen Parker two and a half years to notice their absence.Must be why they pay her the big bucks here at WaPo

eoniii wrote:
Have you ever met a narcissist who could laugh at himself? Me neither.

I thought "pun intended" was hilarious since it wasn't a pun and wasn't intended. Two lies in a two word sentence. That's funny.

It must be tough for Obama to go from messiah, which fits his self-image, to butt of jokes, which fits his capabilities.

What was the 0bamateurism of the Week?

The Inexplicables, Victor Davis Hanson.

4. Many have written to me along the following lines, “How can a bankrupt state like California vote for two figures like Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer so closely associated, fairly or not, with the ideology of massive government, higher taxes, unionized public employees, and hostility to private enterprise?”

Well, they have not won yet, and we never quite know what fickle Californians will do in the privacy of the voting booth. Yet why not? Lots of people like the present redistributive state, and want even more from government, not less. They are not worried that roughly 3,000 plus are leaving California each week, most of them higher income earners, or that we are creating third-generation families dependent on the dole, or that the highest paid teachers in the United States either cannot prevent, or are in some cases connected to, the fact that Californian youth earn among the lowest reading and math scores on standardized tests in the nation, or that almost half of the nation’s 11-14 million illegal aliens are (wisely) in California.

California may still have 1 billion recoverable, but untapped, barrels of oil, over a half-million acres of productive farmland taken out of production to help the three-inch delta smelt, and a great deal of natural mineral wealth and timber, but we deem ourselves wealthy enough not to need any of that, so smart are our professors, politicians, journalists, and community organizers in figuring out ways to redistribute the ill-gotten gains of agriculture, Silicon Valley, the Napa wine industry, and what manufacturing is left in California. The state has assumed that 101, 99, and I-5 will never be modern three-lane freeways in their entireties, and that our schools cannot turn out literate students, and that our government bureaus, from the DMV to emergency rooms, are Dantesque. It reminds of Greece. When I visited and lived there over the last 30 years, everyone shrugged that in theory the system could not go on, but the new EU would save it, and so enjoy it while it lasted. Californians suspect you cannot shut down industry and drive out wealth, but our EU salvation is the U.S. government.

....So it is no wonder that we are quickly tiring of Obama’s European experiment, and no wonder Europeans are shocked that we are. They should be hurt; Tuesday’s election should be a loud, “please do not turn us into those folks” message. Expect after the election even more European outrage stories about Tea Party “zealots,” “racists,” and “fanatics” who questioned our first and only chance to embrace the European socialist/technocratic model.

Holder Must Go!

Annals of Honor
JOHN adds: God, I miss the man. I disagreed with him on a number of issues--Medicare drugs, spending in general, immigration--but no one ever doubted where his loyalties lay or what country he thought he was President of. I will never forget the evening in October 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks, when President Bush walked onto the field at Yankee Stadium to throw out the first pitch in the World Series, wearing a bulletproof vest because no one knew what to expect, and threw a perfect strike. We have had many highlights since we got involved in politics, but, likewise, I will never forget the Republican convention in 2004 when President Bush's appearance was preceded by a video that ended with a catcher's eye view of that pitch coming down the heart of the plate. Bush entered Madison Square Garden, moments after, to thunderous applause. It's good to see that he still throws a baseball like a man, which is how he governed.

Interesting comments.

Heh. Is 0bama a Keynesian? Or was he born in America? (Video)

Hot Air: If Glenn Beck had had a homicidal religious zealot at his rally, the left and their partisan partners in the media would have come unhinged. It would have had wall-to-wall coverage for a month. We’re just making fun of the absurdity of inviting this guy to the “Rally to Restore Sanity” — and then he sings “Peace Train”! It is beyond absurd. How do you suppose Salman Rushdie and his family feel about Jon Stewart’s and the left’s idolization of a man who wants Rushdie murdered for writing a book, a man who said he would personally deliver Rushdie to Iran for his execution? Something tells me the left wouldn’t have been discussing the irony in inviting a person with such views to Beck’s stage — they would be out for blood and demanding Beck’s removal from the airwaves. Sheesh indeed.

Rational Thought on November 1, 2010 at 8:47 PM

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Wed, Nov 3rd - 8:19PM

October 31: Trick or Treat!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
243.8 miles

89 recordings of 38 types

Rasmussen: -13: 47/52.

We had fun with Gareth today.  He woke up about half an hour after I did. I was going to make pancakes, but found moths in the mix, so much for that.  So I scrambled him an egg.

I had snack stuff and a couple of church-y pop-up books for him in church, and took the monkey leash, fastening it to the hat-clip.  He was really good, and I was even able to pay attention to the Mass.

After Mass we stopped at Borders where I got Dr. Seuss' ABC.  We must have read the one we had to pieces.  Then we stopped in PetSmart for some cat food bowls, and Gareth skipped the cats and fish but enjoyed looking at the birds. And so home where he ate most of a Compleat Meal swedish meatballs, and a tub of yogurt, and milk, and then, willingly, went down for a nap.

My Facebook status: Jan Yarnot is not sure Gareth is two. He was really good in Church (it's a lot easier for me than Bernadette because I'm not also juggling a baby) and just now voluntarily went to take his nap. And he's asleep.

Then playing till I fed him (beanie weenies) at 5:30, then changed him into his costume. He was quivering with excitement! I've never seen that before. He hated waiting till it got a little closer to dark, and finally, out we went.  The picture is blurry because it was in a big hurry.


We tried next door but no one was home, then across the street to the party place (which Gareth recognized.)  No one was there, either, and he was clouding up. Fortunately, the next place he got an answer.  He was ready to walk right in but I kept him from doing that. (At the first place we tried he was ready to turn the knob and go right in, and I said he didn't want to be like Goldilocks.) Then we had a couple more on that side of the street. I overheard one lady tell the kids ahead of us that she had her light out and usually that meant don't come here, so we didn't go there. Then we crossed the street and had 5 houses in a row.  Gareth never said "trick or treat" or "thank you" but he got pretty good at knocking and holding out his bucket. He was glad to get back here. I had opened the first pack, of M&Ms, and he had a couple of minicookies from our stash. I took the other stuff out of his bucket so he could have those. He played, and snacked, and checked out the kids who came to the door.

I didn't much like our selection.  But we didn't get enough kids to complain. By 7 o'clock, the main rush was over.

I got Gareth into his jammies, and took him outside in back to look at the stars. Then we did the bedtime routine. As I finished tucking him up, he pointed to the door and said "home."  Breaks my heart. It's the first time he showed he missed his own place. He stayed awake, singing to himself, till about half-an-hour before Bernadette arrived for him.  He'll enjoy having a day at home tomorrow, I just hope he doesn't decide he hates it here. I do think he had a fun time, and I think he liked Trick-or-Treating. I sure liked this weekend. What a good little boy he is.

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Wed, Nov 3rd - 2:26PM

October 30: Hallowe'en Party

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
243.7 miles

99 recordings of 43 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 45/53.

Our neighbor always has a great Hallowe'en party, and I thought it would be nice to take Gareth.  This way he can learn a little more about Hallowe'en before I take him Trick-or-Treating. (Bernadette has work so can't take him herself.  Next year.) So we went down to Elk Grove about 4 to pick him up.

Gareth complained a bit about getting into his costume. I wonder if he thinks it's pajamas, which would explain the complaint.  Rich showed him a fiberoptics wand which cheered him up. Then we took him across the street. He was fussy (no nap) till I opened a bag of chips and gave him one.  Then he was off!  He ran back and forth in the yard with the other kids (who managed to avoid knocking him flat, to my big surprise), only coming back for the next chip.

He didn't eat much in the line of real food.  Eventually he discovered the boys' playroom, and really pitched a fit when we took him out of it.  All I needed to say was "no nap. Two." and everyone understood, but it was time we took him home. He did have a couple of mandarins, anyway. I think he had a good time, in his own two-year-old way. Meanwhile, I had a nice conversation with Indiana Jones, age about 10. Cute!

Back here Gareth got him ready for bed.  He fussed for a second, but when I put him down he was soon asleep.  This time he was in our room, so I actually slept a lot better.  He slept very well.

My Facebook Status: Gazillions of kids running around the backyard, Gareth walking right through the football game and the other games--- I expected he'd be knocked flat but they missed him like he had a particle shield.

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Wed, Nov 3rd - 2:14PM

Linkage from Last Week

The Stewart show.
The New York Daily News caught the moment in the appearance it called “dumb” and “diminishing” to Obama’s presidency.  I’m wondering just how much more it can possibly diminish past the Pee Wee League.

Obama doesn’t need anyone to help make him look stupid. He manages that very well on his own. I really don’t think that he understands that the audience wasn’t laughing with him, they were laughing at him.
milwife88 on October 29, 2010 at 8:12 AM

This man does not wear President well.
He should have been Community Organization Czar.
sherry on October 29, 2010 at 8:12 AM

This is an Obamateurism logjam.
He went on the Daily Show while serving as president
Said Obamacare was Trojan Horse
Revealed that his position on the filibuster depends entirely on which party has a majority in the Senate.
Showed he doesn’t really understand what “pun” means.
Insulted Larry Summers in an effort the un-embarrass himself.
Got called “dude” in national TV by a comedian for his efforts.
Heckuva job, Barry!
forest on October 29, 2010 at 8:33 AM

Electorate: We will refudiate you & your policies on Nov. 2!
Obummer: I know you are, but what am I?
KS Rex on October 29, 2010 at 8:34 AM


Democrat’s used to whine about 5% employment when Bush was President.
Now they are telling us that we have to learn to live with double-digit unemployment.
I’d rather live without Democrats in office.
NoDonkey on October 28, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    Hold on… didn’t the country have some kind of financial crisis that caused the high unemployment? Or was it caused by some Obama policy? Is it because he didn’t lower taxes again.  bayam on October 28, 2010 at 2:35 PM

Didn’t the financial crisis happen due to a housing bubble which was caused by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd forcing Fannie and Freddie to accept risky loans from banks who were themselves forced to lend to low income people and minorities who the banks knew very well would never pay the money back?

And wasn’t Obama a Senator for 4 years while all this was going on and did nothing to stop it? And wasn’t Harold Rainse, the CEO of Fannie Mae a ket ally and contributor to Obama’s campaign?

But none of those facts matter when all you have to say is BOOOOOOOOOOSH.

You are a very pathetic troll.

angryed on October 28, 2010 at 2:51 PM

Best rumor I've heard for years!

Holder must go.

Reid claims he doesn't carry water for the President.

Holder must go!

Hey, 0bama was right.

Scott Ott Halloween only results in "profits" because beggars solicit households with no children. If all households had children, treats would be merely redistributed. Concept relies on willing participation of non-beneficiaries. If children had guns, Halloween would be called "government."

Well, if that was the October Surprise, it was even more ham-handed than normal.

More on the Stewart/Colbert rally: In Irony we Trust
“Ultimately, it will be those kids at home who learn the history of whether 2010 was just an autumn of harmless entertainment or the throes of a nation amusing itself to death.”

i agree 100 percent that all this would be funny if the fate of the republic wasn’t at stake.

Crazy judge. "What comes next, a new born getting sued for puking on someone’s designer clothing?"

Bernadette's top words
1: gareth - used 94 times
2: little - used 67 times
3: good - used 31 times
4: night - used 30 times
5: two - used 28 times
6: today - used 27 times
7: sleep - used 25 times
8: last - used 22 times
9: hours - used 20 times
10: work - used 20 times

1): Today - used 131 times
2): Good - used 67 times
3): Off - used 65 times
4): Last - used 63 times
5): Happy - used 56 times
6): Rich - used 53 times
7): Our - used 52 times
8): Went - used 51 times
9): Gareth - used 50 times
10): Great - used 48 times

JON STEWART’S WAR AGAINST PHOTOGRAPHY? “Rally to Resore Sanity” pledges to “strictly prohibit filming” at National Mall. “The claim that Comedy Central can prohibit filming on federal property during an event open to the public is completely wrong.”

But it’s revealing that they’d try. It’s really the Rally To Reassert The Failed Narrative. Plus, from the comments: “We smell their fear.”

Anyone who uses "tea bagger" in a sentence outs themselves as a bigoted, profane loudmouth.

Oh please. A small crowd of snarky children whose AVOWED purpose is to make fun of Beck's earlier rally "scares us out of our wits?" There's no one in this country (except maybe you delusional lefties) who sees this as anything more than a joke. And the joke's not on us...

First Zoe Lofgren invites Colbert to testify, then 0bama appears on the Daily Show, and now this.  Laughing all the way to the morgue.

however, "we should be thanking Stewart and Colbert for keeping so many Lefty activists from working on GOTV efforts the weekend before a pivotal election. While a Hollywood ethos is important in the culture battle that influences our politics, when it comes to crunch time, it often hurts, more than it helps."

HotAir on the Rally:
"Basically, this is a celebration of political laziness masquerading as ironic detachment, which is something generations have enjoyed in their early adulthood without making it an industry. Instead of having making actual, serious, and developed political arguments, it’s much easier to make fun of those who do on both sides of the political divide and pretend that one is above it all. Should be lots of fun, vapid entertainment, and entirely meaningless, sort of like a Michael Bay movie."
Jim Treacher’s calling it the Rally to Reassure Ourselves That We’re Not the Ones Who F***ed Everything Up.

Being Conservative Give us a "Like" if you planning on voting against team Obama/Pelosi on Tuesday!
You and 14,997 others like this.

Dr. Zero:

Of course, this is the Congress that shoved ObamaCare down our throats.  Drafted in secret, hidden behind fraudulent cost estimates, and understood by none of the people who voted on it, ObamaCare is the most shocking dereliction of Congressional duty in recent history.  Its architects flirted openly with violating the Constitution to inflict it upon us through reconciliation, before they managed to buy enough votes with our money.  It has already destroyed thousands of jobs, and inflicted painful new costs on hapless workers who thought their health insurance was supposed to get cheaper.
Remember the arrogance.  Remember the cowardice.  Remember the ugly hatred of middle-class America.  Remember the sheer blind stupidity of those who demand the power to write our destiny, when they’re not yelping in surprise at the latest piece of “unexpected” economic news.

Remember the 111th Congress this Tuesday, and render your verdict in the voting booth.

0bama heckled at Connecticut Rally.

Comment (0)

Tue, Nov 2nd - 6:02AM

October 29: Babysitting Friday

The Age of Napoleon, p. 108
243.5 miles

98 recordings of 42 types.

Rasmussen: -19: 44/55.

My weight is exactly the same as last week, which is maddening since I was down all week. Sulk.  Blood pressure is low borderline.

Krauthammer: I hope he's wrong in the last sentence.
(Update 11/1: Yep, he was wrong!)

And one more day of babysitting.  Joanna really likes Brobee.  I thought maybe when we turned him on she'd be afraid.  Not so much.

The two spent a lot of time playing together. Or rather, playing close to each other. I looked over at one point and Gareth was sitting on Joanna, who didn't seem at all bothered.

Joanna took a 1-1/2 hour nap. It was wonderful. In the afternoon I gave her some banana: I don't actually need another high chair if I use the tray on the booster seat. (and, of course, keep an eye on her.)  She liked it and kept opening her mouth for more, little bird, little bird.

Gareth is now completing the train puzzle by himself. He still needs help starting it in a direction it'll fit. 

Comment (1)

Mon, Nov 1st - 7:06PM

October 28: Grunting with Joanna

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
243.5 miles
cloudy, cool

95 recordings of 42 types.

Rasmussen: -20: 44/55.  Keep on talking!


But we won't secure the border.

Babysitting again today.  Notes: Joanna cries too much. She wanted out of the crib to ruin Gareth's time.)  She had 4 ounces, and I began to wonder... are we sure she's a little girl?  She sounds like a bear.  I grunted back at her which delighted her.

I made a big mistake and brought out a Fisher-Price counting book which is Gareth's new favorite. I read it over and over and over and over...

We played the Goodnight Moon game. My current effort is to teach him the concept of "taking turns." 

I also had him playing "trick or treat" with Brobee, using the big box.  We knock on the flap and then Brobee answers and Gareth is supposed to say "trick or treat" and Brobee gives him imaginary candy.  I'm hoping he'll have the idea by Sunday night. 

Joanna woke up. I put her in the jump chair for 10 minutes. Crying. So I put her to sit up, really crying.  Me, exasperated.  Back into the crib. That may be what she wanted.  After another bottle and a diaper change she could sit and play. 

Gareth was reading the page numbers on the SPCA magazine. I fed him circles (stir-fried zucchini rounds) and a tub of yogurt.

He touched the button on the DVR and I yelled and slapped my own hand... tears!

Comment (0)

Mon, Nov 1st - 3:02PM

October 27: PIXAR Exhibit

The Age of Napoleon, p. 101
243.5 miles
cloudy, cool

91 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/54.  Mr. President, stuff it.  Yes, I'm your enemy.

Today we went to Oakland to the Museum, to see the Pixar exhibit. I realized the other day that the museum is only a block away from a BART station, and taking the train would solve a lot of traffic and parking problems. AND we still have money on our BART tickets that we got two years ago for the Asian Art Museum.

What did we do before the Internet?  When I took the Girl Scout troop to San Francisco in what, 1979?, we went to San Francisco to get the BART information at the Union Square station. Now it is a simple matter to check routes and schedules, and times and prices for the Museum. 

We started off at 8:20 and by the time we got gas, it was 8:35.  At the El Cerrito station we had to get to the top floor of the parking garage before we found a slot.  Parking is $1 for 24 hours.  Then at the station we were waiting for the bathroom and a train came in.  Turns out it was the other one, and we didn't miss ours. (Not that it would matter, they come every 15 minutes.) We got on our train at 10:25 and off at 10:50 or so.


On a Wednesday, well into the exhibit, there was no trouble getting in.  Of course, I couldn't take pictures, but how I enjoyed this!  They start with a demonstration of the animation program and how the characters are drawn, and then deal with plot, character, world... I especially enjoyed the fish wall from Finding Nemo. One kind of fish is named Bernadette: then the different colorings are various subspecies.  I don't know what Bernadette is from, but other fish are Luke Duke, Daisy Duke, and Uncle Jesse; and Gilliganskids, the Professor, MaryAnn, Ginger, Mr. Howell, the Skipper; Starsky, and Hutch.

I remember the zoetrope from California Adventure! There are all the Toy Story Characters, it spins faster and faster (backwards), then the strobe goes on!  Very Very fascinating.

The whole exhibit took us about an hour.  By which time I was very hungry.  We found our way to the cafe and I ordered a portobello panini (which was really delicious when it finally came).  Rich discovered there was wi-fi so I got onto Facebook for a short while.

After lunch we went through the rest of the museum. I wish our local "museum of California" was this good. It used to be before Maria Schriver got to it and made it all PC and about women, etc. It was a struggle, but I didn't steal any stereoscope slides.

In the art part, there's a painting of four riders on three horses... heh.  And an exhibit based on curating an exhibit.  We got to be part of that.

DSC01268     DSC01269

Back onto BART and to El Cerrito where we did some caching.  Rich mentioned he's still passing some blood, so I said "enough" and we went back on the freeway to Martinez where we got a few other, terrain 1, caches.  Total was 7 today. We were just outside of John Muir's house. It's been a LONG time since we were here. The last time we met a rec.arts.books friend of mine.

Leaving El Cerrito we passed the Sketchers footware outlet, and I took a mental note.

Going over the bridge we went through the carpool booth... it wasn't manned, so I hope either they let us through or mail us a $2.50 bill, not a $271 one.

Sign, near Vacaville:

Remember to put out the trash---vote Nov. 2.

Comment (0)

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