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Wed, Dec 18th - 8:55PM

New Journal
Too much trouble with this: for the first time in a week I could log in, but still no wysiwyg editing... so go to . The reason for the "ca" is that someone already had "fossilfreak." Why, it's me! I had started the last time Webring messed up. But shortly after that, Rich got sick and I completely forgot. That has a few archives, and I will possibly continue with that.
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Wed, Dec 11th - 4:33PM

December 9: Happy Mail

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 197
163.0 miles

93 recordings of 60 types. 31% clear.

I decided I'd better get the back part of the house up to 58 degrees and hold it there (this makes the front up to 70 something, at least while it's building up there). Yes, there's a tinge of dead rat back there, but I can't possibly get to it, so I'm glad it's cold. By the time it warms up, there won't be anything left to stink.

#1 Very clever of the GOP to trot Zeke Emanuel out all over the media. It has to be the GOP because surely a worse spokesman for ObamaCare can't be found. Arrogant and abrasive, speaking only rehearsed talking points, he makes my teeth hurt.
#13 No event has any significance until Obama becomes the center of attention. Bus ride on Rosa Parks anniversary? Check. Pic of Obama gazing at pic of JFK on assassination anniversary? Check. Superimposed image of Obama on Vietnam Wall on Memorial Day? Check. If you think the Mandela "I" count is bad, get a load of the Pearl Harbor anniversary Facebook post from Obama standing outside the Arizona memorial. Obama honors pearl harbor dead

I was ready for the cleaners early, which was fortunate, today they were also early. I gave them their tips and some oranges, and they had a cute candy bar wrapped up in a snowman wrap.

Just before I went to Adoration, I got a call from the Retreat House, and we're beginning to get ready to push our February retreat. Adoration itself just flew by today.

In the mail, I got a Trip Advisor magnet, and I really have to do some of the reviews from this summer. Also, a letter from a San Jose food pantry. How in heck did they get my name? OH! Monica donated to them in honor of Rich. I assume that's my Christmas present, and it makes my heart happy.
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Tue, Dec 10th - 9:58PM

December 8: Nuts and Berries

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 197
163.0 miles

94 recordings of 61 types. 32% clear.

Time for US to play the Mandela card

Networks whitewash Mandela's Communism

At the Daily Beast, Michael Moynihan attempted to overcome the tendency of journalists and celebrities to make Nelson Mandela a secular saint. Moynihan recalled that when Margaret Thatcher died, these same people denounced her for here "indulgence" of right-wing dictators like Agosto Pinochet in Chile, who allowed his country to become a democracy.

ABC called her reign an “elective dictatorship.” NBC reported several times that “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead” became a popular iTune after she passed away, and CBS predicted the funeral would be a "tense and controversial affair." It's safe to guess these networks wouldn't dream of recalling Mandela’s associations with despots like Fidel Castro and Muammar Qaddafi, as Moynihan insisted they should:

But at least South Africa didn't turn into Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

If you like your pin, you can keep your pin. (Mark Steyn)

I started the day with waffles. Then to Mass. Then to Trader Joe's where I got eggnog and a salted caramel chai latte mix. (Yum.) Off to the bank to pick up enough 20s to give out tips to the cleaners and the gardeners.

Then it was my day to go to the nursing home and help with Communion. I really enjoy this. The ladies are so nice. It's hard for me to understand why I was so reluctant.

Then I decided to skip Sunday Support, since I couldn't go to dinner afterwards. I loaded up a geocache replacement and drove the dog over to replace it.

This evening Bernadette and I went to the base to the Nuts and Berries event. She's fun to go with, she just starts talking and people enjoy her. I bid on a wine basket: you can use it to pour with, too. We both got nice t-shirts. Then no one had bid on a travel pack so I decided to buy it for the minimum bid. After all, what I really need is another jigsaw puzzle! Anyway, it was a fun evening.

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Mon, Dec 9th - 10:53AM

December 7: New Doorknob

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 197
162.9 miles

92 recordings of 60 types. 32% clear.

Oh, it's so cold!  I went over to where Bernadette was shivering at a little craft faire, and spent $5 on the raffle (where I got a pack of chocolate-dipped pretzels) and $10 at Bernadette's for some little ornaments to give the people at the Tuesday breakfasts. Then back home to watch television and putter around here.

The gardeners managed to fill my bin again with leaves, from the front yard. In fact, they took some with them. I didn't police the yard, too cold and with the leaves all over I couldn't have found the messes anyway.  Now my leaf bin is piled high, so I have no idea what will happen next week.

They were just leaving as Gary drove up.  He was able to install the new doorknob in about 15 minutes, and then stood talking to me about his wife for another half hour, so I was right.  He ended up thanking me for letting him help me.

Then I went out again looking for keys.  I'd hoped to get dinosaurs but had to settle for an Air Force pattern.  Oh, well. At least the people I give them to will know it's mine.

Then I went back to the craft fair to give Bernadette back her ornament box but they were finishing their early pack up.  She only sold $50 worth, which about recouped her expenses for the turtle fudge but not all. She'll try again next week.

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Sun, Dec 8th - 7:01AM

December 6: Last Day of Renaissance

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 197
162.9 miles
cold and colder, cold cold rain

88 recordings of 61 types. 32% clear.

Don Surber

13. From Matthew Yglesias on his first visit to Wal-Mart: "Most damningly, the store is well-staffed with friendly and helpful people who make the Safeway experience seem like shopping in a Russian customs line. The (I assume) lower pay lets Walmart hire more people. And however meager the wages may be, they were high enough that 23,000 people applied for 600 positions at the stores, meaning the people who got picked are probably pretty good at their jobs."

Nothing like experience to help you form an opinion.

jjs5:11 PM, December 06, 2013: 3,300 new rules but we have a president who doesn't have to follow any.

We'll Never Take Your Guns Away.  Period.

Today was the last Renaissance meeting of the semester.  Yes, I miss going over with Ron. However, I drove over myself and went to the documentary session.  Today it was about revolution. I hadn't realized how polite the Boston Tea Party was.  They destroyed nothing but the tea.  And the second half was about Indian Independence.  I must see the movie "Gandhi" again.  There was a Sikh in the class today and he had been in his teens in Punjab in '47 so he had a lot to add.  Eventually, he got to the real thing that was bothering him, an offensive Gap ad.

I ate lunch indoors this time. Toooooooo cold out there. Then I sat in the library till time for the Chaucer class. We did the Cleric's tale, then talked about the class. I've certainly enjoyed it, and will be finishing the Canterbury tales and the other books I've been reading. It turns out Dave likes cacti, so I'm getting in touch with him in the spring. Assuming any of these guys survive this freeze.

I picked up a doorknob on the way home.  As I was leaving the parking lot, a car with an elf in the back seat passed and the elf smiled and waved at me. So far this has been a great Christmas season, with everyone I've dealt with smiling and friendly.

There was a message on my answering machine from the WPAC secretary. I was worried maybe my check had bounced or something. No: Gary, the newly-widowed guy who was at the movie last night, wants to fix my doorknob!! My neighbor Frank had already offered, but I suspect this would be good therapy for Gary. I called him back and he'll come by tomorrow.

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