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Sun, Jun 21st - 9:15AM

Obese Families in Crisis
obesefamiliesOn Friday's Oprah Show 16 obese teenagers face their problem, their pain and their parents. Obese Families In Crisis - The Intervention, that's how the night's topic is called. Oprah says, facing the problem is the first step to solving it. But there's a long road ahead to fight obesity. This is where the Weight Loss Twins step up. Brothers Bill and Jim Germanakos are the winners of the Biggest Loser Season 4. They have lost 350 pounds to win and they know better than anyone how it's done. Bill and Jim want to intervene and personally train anyone who faces the problem of obesity. They start by giving their diet plan for free. The roads begins here. If you face this problem or know anyone who does, please don't hesitate and apply for Bill and Jim's program for free. Start right away by downloading Jim's diet plan for free!
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Sat, Jun 20th - 3:13PM

Does My Butt Look Big?
Does My Butt Look Big?Monday Oprah Show raises a question, Does My Butt Look Big? That's the big question all ladies face no matter what they wear or what their physique is. Oprah has some clothing suggestion to answer "no" to the questions.

But what if the clothes are not enough? What if no matter what you were yoru butts does look big nonetheless? That's the question the winners of The Biggest Loser, the Weight Loss Twins brothers Bill and Jim Germanakos want to answer and answer for good.

The Weight Loss Twins are here to offer you private training to make that butt not look big. And you can start by downloading Jim's diet for free. If you don't want to only rely on clothes to make your butt not look big, Bill and Jim is here for you.

Start right away by downloading Jim's diet plan for free!

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