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Fri, Jan 25th - 9:49AM

Saints' Paintings by Peter Paul Rubens

Saint Thomas

This is one of a series of twelve panels painted by Peter Paul Rubens in 1611 that make up an apostolate that originally included a Savior of the World. All are now displayed in the Prado Museum, Madrid.

All the paintings show an attribute to identify the apostle. In the St. Thomas panel he is shown with a spear. The tradition among Christians in India is that Thomas was speared to death near Madras.

Saint Thomas

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Sat, Jan 19th - 9:59AM

St James the Minor
by Peter Paul Rubens

This 1612 painting by Rubens is now in Museo del Prado, Madrid. James the Minor is identified by his attribute: a fuller's hammer. Legend has it that James was killed with his own tool.

James, the son of Alphaeus, is rarely mentioned in the New Testament and is labelled "the minor", "the little", "the lesser", or "the younger" to distinguish him from James, son of Zebedee (James the Greater).


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Sun, Jan 13th - 5:47AM

Saint Matthias by Peter Paul Rubens

This panel belongs to a series of portraits Rubens made of the apostles about 1611. The axe in his hand refers to his death. According to an unconfirmed story Matthias was first stoned and then beheaded, in Jerusalem.

After Judas' departure the apostles felt they should be twelve again. There were two candidates: a Joseph and a certain Matthias who was chosen after lots were cast. The account is told in Acts 1.

Saint Matthias

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Mon, Jan 7th - 4:49AM

Saint Philip
by Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens (15771640) painted Saint Philip around 1612 as part of a series of portraits of the apostles, in commission of the Duke of Lerma. It is now at the Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Fifth among the apostles, Philip was from the city of Bethsaida. Philip was tested by Jesus about how to feed 5,000 people (John 6:4-7), and he was approached by Greeks who wanted to see Jesus (John 12:20-21).

Saint Philip

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Tue, Jan 1st - 4:51AM

Saint Bartholomew by Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens (15771640) painting of Saint Bartholomew is now in the Museo del Prado, Madrid. It was painted around 1612.

One of the apostles, Batholomew, was introduced to Christ by Philip. Little is written in the Bible about him. The painting shows Bartholomew holding a knife which is a reference to his death when he was flayed alive.

Saint Bartholomew

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