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Sun, Jun 7th - 2:17PM

Life After Death?

Is there life after death? This is a question that people have been trying to answer for years, and this question will continue to be asked for years and years to come. Do our loved ones come to visit us; of course we would like to think so. What makes the hair on our neck stand on end when we are alone in the dark? Is it fantasies of an over active imagination? Or is something inside us trying to tell us that this can be a possibility? That ghosts do exist and they are trying to communicate with us? What about Heaven and Hell? All those years of sitting on a stiff wooden bench listening to, if we are good we go to Heaven and if we are bad then we go to hell, and there is no other place that we go. (Unless you are Catholic then you have some answering to do in Purgatory) So what about the "Other side"?

I have not grown up with paranormal things happening to me. But I have been raised by someone who has had paranormal things happen to him all his life. My Dad, he would tell me things that I thought no one else could possibly know. Now of course I have come to realize that some of the dumb teenager stuff was easily recognized and readable, and was therefore the result of many groundings and "Go to your rooms". But other things he just seemed to know.......or was he being told, something was telling him when I was doing something besides the dumb teenage norm, something was telling him when I was doing something dangerous, something was telling him when I was heading down an evil path, and this something continues to tell him today. Is my Dad psychic? I don’t think so......He doesn’t really predict the future. Is my Dad a Medium? I don’t know, something is telling him things that nobody could possibly know, he calls it intuition. I go into an investigation with no belief or disbelief in the Paranormal. They better work hard to prove that they are there.......but if they are, what does that mean? Why are they trying to communicate with us? What are they trying to tell us? These are the questions that OMPI are trying to answer, and with each investigation we hope to get one step closer to the truth.



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