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Sat, Jun 6th - 7:39PM

Go toward the light?

I've read  lots of ghost hunters, psychics, mediums, and sensitives, websites and  most of them speak of sending the spirits to the light, or informing the spirits to go to the light

What light? Is there a light hidden somewhere in our homes or do we just really sound like idiots to the ghosts? If there's no light then it seems to me that we're just creating more confusion for the poor soul who is probably confused enough.

I dont know if this thought came from Hollywood or old wives tales, but what ever the case lets not assume there is this big bright light that we cant see, or have ever seen, but we just know its there and the ghost should go through it but just doesnt know it.

It makes more sense to me that the ghost, or spirit, or entity, or what ever you want to label it simply wants to stay put for reasons known only to itself.

This would mean we have to find out why its here, and thats where good reputable paranormal investigators come in.  Paranormal investigators, the good ones, are not going to come into your home or business and look around and say, yep its haunted good luck with that.  The good investigators will determine if it is a haunting for starters, more times than not there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the events that are taking place, about 80 to 90 percent believe it or not.  Once it has been determined you have a legitimate haunting, now we must figure out what type of haunting it is, most of the time it's a residual type and this type isnt really a haunting, it's a release of energy that happens when the atmospheric conditions are just right, problem is nobody knows what those conditions are.  This is the reason you need to find good credible investigators, because they are not simply looking for ghosts, they are looking for answers.

We will never know what the conditions are that trigger a residual occurrence if we dont recognize and study them. The best way to describe a residual type of occurrence is, its like watching a video or listening to a recording.  The residual occurrence is a scene played over and over again regardless if you're there to see it or not, there is no interaction with you because there is no intelligent being? Im talking about the occurrence not you.

Now if it is a legitimate haunting then we must try to figure out who, or what it is in order to find a solution to the problem, and to be perfectly honest there isnt always a solution because we just dont know enough yet.  But, and I cant stress this enough, please, please, please, dont go onto some of these websites and follow the extremely moronic suggestions I have read.  For instance, and I am serious about this I actually read a suggestion that you should place the shoes you are going to wear the next day at the foot of your bed pointing in opposite directions and this will confuse the ghost and it will leave. (I pause here to laugh)

I also read you should hang garlic in all the doorways and keep a piece in your pocket for added protection, I thought this was for vampires or werewolves or something.

And my favorite, paint your doors red because ghosts dont like red. How did someone determine ghosts dont like the color red?

 There are some methods we can try to cleanse the location but there are no guarantees, and be advised, there are scammers out there who will offer you guarantees and want to charge you money to remove ghosts.   Keep in mind there is absolutely NO proven, or sure way to eliminate ghosts so please dont pay anyone for this, regardless of their experience or background.

 The fact of the matter is folks, we need more information, we need to investigate and study these phenomena in order to one day find the answers.

 So if you have a suspected haunting in your life, find a good team of investigators who are looking for answers so we can obtain the knowledge we need to help people.  If you have never experienced a haunting it can be a very frightening thing, especially if you have small children in the house who are looking to you for protection.

Remember this, The enemy here is not the ghosts, its the fear we have as living human beings of the unknown.

I guess what Im trying to say here is lets not assume anything, lets search for the answers.

 What are your thoughts?




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