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Sun, Jan 9th - 6:17PM

checking in scalelessly

okay so much for a dedicatedly daily diary, alliterative though that may be.  i just have way too much to do.  however, i can certainly keep y'all apprised of my progress, or whatever will pass for progress, in the battle of reconditioing the deconditioned and reenabling myself to the extent my disabilities allow (and maybe, since i'm stubborn and contrary, more).

i've been very good about taking alli, medium good about the healthrider (the last two days my body hurts too much, thanks to fibromyalgia AND arthritis... it's hard to use the healthrider when one hand won't close, since you do have to hold onto the handlebars).  i've been better, which is still pretty crappy, about washing or at least wiping, my glasses, great about laughing, medium miserable about singing and a TOTAL FAILURE at not yelling at richard.  i have baked nothing but bread so far this year but a batch of brownies is inevitable; richard wants them!


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