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Wed, Jan 5th - 8:13PM

short entry

3:30 up all night, awakened by one, drinking coffee and just ate two brats so i am taking an alli.

9:15 really busy all day. ate salad and chopped liver, with glass of milk, taking alli now. ack it is sort of stuck in my throat (not choking me but just sitting there). no time to exercise and quite frankly i hurt all over today anyway. i had (and made) a writing deadline; now i have to write a short story in two days, and haven't a clue what it will be about, but i still feel some of the pressure is off.

i will do better tomorrow.  i hope i sleep.


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Wed, Jan 5th - 2:05AM

another diet-related link in this post

two in the morning: ate buttered bagel with a slice of pepperjack cheese and a teeny little slice of gjetost on the side. did not take alli; maybe should have.

morning: i had two fried eggs (just used a tiny bit of cooking spray, and they burned anyway because i walked away -- but they didn't stick! -- and drank half my coffee already, so i took an alli. i should have worked out beforehand but it's okay; enough time has passed that i'll do it now.

i held penny in my arms and sang, then rubbed her tummy. why is singing now something i have to REMEMBER to do?

my helper is coming today. i need to be able to tell her what i need her to do. i think she should brush my hair first. yes, my arms hurt THAT much -- even without the healthrider (that's why i want to work them)! that's why i keep my hair short (it's getting long, though). i love my hair long but i just can't care for it. maybe i can grow it and get her to braid it for me so it won't need such care.

helper at dentist, not coming until tomorrow.

3 pm did my three minutes, decided to really use legs more than arms, and consequently had some cramping but not so much. used inhaler but having asthma issues anyway.

by the way i don't want this to be strictly a food and exercise diary and i will NOT be counting calories, or carbs, or any other food element here. when i mention food it will generally either be in connection with when i do or don't take alli, and to make you envious and hungry if i cooked something fabulous lol.

i had three brats with mustard and relish (no bread though) so i took an alli.

i forgot to give y'all this link: hope you find it helpful. i also didn't mention this one: . i am not in a position to follow it right now for a couple reasons. richard is one of them lol but our poverty is another; a poor person giving up pasta is a poor person starving to death. however, it's not a horribly expensive diet; we're just terribly poor!

i am baking a rosemary baguette. i love baking bread; the process and watching it work out (if it does) is almost as good as the first bite while the bread's still warm. it's so tactile, even though i do often use the bread machine for the first kneading. i don't use it for anything else though -- no longer bake in it. i like shaping the bread myself, and letting it rise in the closet with a damp dishtowel over it. i like peaking to see if it has doubled in size yet. i like punching it down! i would like brushing it with a beaten egg a bit better if i had a pastry brush but oh well!

midnight: richard came home at ten NOT having eaten; they had too many people at the taste test so they paid him and sent him home! so i am cooking salmon with brussels sprouts, and red and green onion, in a slender slip of bechamel, over a bed of raw spinach which will wilt when the hot stuff gets put onto it. oh yeah and the baguette! it came out really fluffy! richard commented that he was surprised that i served it without butter, but once he bit into it he knew it needed none.

four in the morning and i forgot to take the alli with dinner, so i took it now, which is probably stupid.

i didn't really laugh today but i smiled; sammy made a cave out of my comforter and hid in it, with only his eyes showing. it held its shape quite well, so that when he left it and came back later, he was easily able to slip back into his former position. he's so sweet!


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