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Mon, Jan 3rd - 5:16PM

saddish day, not singing or laughing
6:30 am i haven't been to sleep yet! and i have not remembered to stretch, either. i just gave a big untargeted stretch of the sort people give when awakening and realized i'd forgotten. well, the healthrider is a stretchy kind of exercise but... not the same way. i'll think of something.

woke up noonish, had coffee, no alli (still sipping on coffee at almost six pm) and no exercise yet. i have not laughed or sung. i've rubbed my eyes. i've cleaned my glasses, sort of. going to exercise now.

6:10 pm i did THREE minutes! richard got off easy; he did four bottom one top, anticipating that i would do two and a half. arms KILLING me. legs okay. forgot to mention left leg cramp first time i did it; that hasn't come back, fortunately. 

unless i make some kind of dessert later, i will only take one alli today, for i have not yet eaten (am about to -- bbq beef and veg roast).

12:41 am  i didn't sing today but i got my laughs!  i played a funny cats video on youtube and woody tried to catch the cats on the screen -- actually he was more interestd in catching a fly fan!  i only exercised once today.  i'll try for twice tomorrow.  hard up upon a writing deadline so i'd better do SOMETHING to wake up my brain.


7:11 ate my dinner, drank a tiny bit of eggnog, still working on the same tumbler of coffee, cold now of course. took one alli.
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