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Sun, Jan 2nd - 10:17PM

9ish am made myself huge tumbler of coffee with milk and flavored creamer, as usual. still sipping on it by noon and beyond so did not take an alli pill

11 am two and a half minutes on healthrider, lower pedals. have decided not to do upper pedals at all until my arms stop aching from such a short time on the lowers -- of course they still hurt from yesterday's half-minute stint on the uppers! fibromyalgia really has done a number on my upper arms, and though i therefore really need to work on then, that doesn't mean i should destroy them. the lower pedals, meant to focus on the legs, give my arms a workout almost beyond what they can bear. when that stops being true i will again consider the upper pedals. meanwhile i am trying for three times a day, and two and a half minutes is a half-minute improvement over yesterday but we'll see if i can do it again. my arms HURT! (i will make richard do five minutes for this one, and double whatever i do next, too.)

i find that if i am mostly asleep and my mind is empty, i can still more or less sing "good night irene." the cats seem to like it okay, too! i once saw townes van zandt and john stewart in concert in london, along with two british musicians of similar ilk, very fine ones but because i was not familiar with them and because i have lost brain cells since then, i forget who they were. the way the concert worked was that one american and one brit came and and performed together for a bit, and then they went backstage and the other pair came out, and they went back and forth like that. what the audience probably didn't know (although most of us came to realize it) was that whoever went backstage had a bit to drink while awaiting their turn, and the drinks were beginning to take their toll. the performances were not affected... until the encore. all four came out and they actually had not rehearsed anything as a quartet. to make matters even more interesting, loudain wainwright iii was in the audience (along with a nasty heckler whom we finally had ejected) and the quartet invited loudain up to join them in the encore. well, what could they perform? the only song all five of them knew was "good night irene"! but four of them were too drunk to remember all the lyrics. we in the audience had to prompt them! it was good fun. well, i guess my sleepy brain is like their drunken brains: all i could think of to warble to the felines was "good night irene" and it was okay with them.

now you know what? it's almost two in the afternoon and i STILL have not washed my glasses, and i think they really need it now.

okay, all washed! now that leaves laughing, taking alli and not yelling at richard. well too bad for not yelling because he didn't put the lasagna leftovers away last night (i cook, he serves, we both wash up, and he puts away leftovers.) as for laughing, i do not necessarily depend on the tv for my laughs, but let's face it, i AM mostly a shut-in, my eyes don't let me read as much as i'd like, and the cats are usually smile-funny, not laugh-funny (there are, of course, frequent exceptions). so tv is a good resource. because of my tinnitis, i keep it on almost all the time anyway; i'm listening to a substandard episode of law and order svu now. i do love the show but a barrel of laughs it's not. i will have to find something funny later. trouble is, i'm really picky. and i have NOT resolved to be less picky!

2 pm, i made us fried egg sandwiches -- just seasoned egg on no-trans-fat spreaded toasted english muffins with a slice of pepperjack cheese. from now on in these posts i will refer to the spread as butter because it's easier, but i always use this spread, and it's not bad. before i let richard eat his he had to do his five minutes. i think he did five and a half; the timer only goes to four! i took an alli when i was done with the sandwich. i'm still nursing the coffee.

6:19 pm how did my glasses get so dirty so fast? and hmm, actually i think i've been pretty good about not rubbing my eyes, without even trying not to (i've been distracted) so it's not that.

6:34 pm two and a half minutes on the healthrider, a bit out of breath, arms KILLING me. this is going to be a problem. if it weren't for my arms i wouldn't hesitate to plan a third go tonight, but i don't want to injure my muscles! this isn't no pain no gain pain. this is ow don't DO that pain. and richard has refused to do his part or any more riding today because he cleaned the bathroom and he doesn't care that that's anaerobic, too bad, he won't hop onto the healthrider again. poo. if i can do it, he can do it, and i cleaned as much of the bathroom floor as i could before asking him to take over, too!


9:13 finished lasagna and salad, and last sip of coffee, and am now taking an alli.


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