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Mon, Jan 17th - 9:46PM

a visit to the doctor

i've had some advice from my doc, not to mention specialists' appointments all over the place. some of the advice had to do with my goal of losing 100 points this year. her first caution was that 100 pounds, as a goal, was about twice as much as i could safely lose in that period of time. i have heard otherwise (not from advertisments!)., but since i don't seem likely to succeed at that anyway i'm not worried. she suggested that 50 would be safe. i'll be thrilled if i lose that much but happier if i lose a little more. she approves of my exercise, understands that my eating habits are not the cause of my overweight, and advises that i use alli for three months, then go off it for three, and then back on for three, then off for good. i THINK she said three... two, was it? i can ask next month (or sooner, but i have another appointment next month). she wants my blood. doctors are all vampires!

at any rate i had my first meeting in a long while with a scale. it was unkind. i weigh 252 pounds and change. i am of medium height and am small-boned; i have no way of handling this amount of weight, and arthritis makes it even more urgent for me to lose it, as does my pre-diabetic blood-sugar levels. i must get back on the healthrider, with which asthma has been interfering. one of the many prescriptions i'll be picking up tomorrow is for singulair, which in the past really controlled my asthma well. i hope it hasn't changed its mind.  the exhaustion is still overwhelming but being able to breathe will make it easier to up my rider time.  i stopped at three and a half minutes:  pathetic!


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