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Wed, Aug 17th - 4:49PM

Tuesday, August 17, 2011
It has been ages since I checked in, mostly because I have made no progress, nor taken no steps toward achieving my goal. Other matters took precedence. I intend to try harder... some time....

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Fri, Feb 11th - 12:36AM

i have not posted here in some time. the medications i am taking are having temporary side effects that kind of knock me out. this means i also have not been getting the exercise i planned to get, and to cheer myself up i... um... bake. and you know if i bake, i eat. NONETHELESS, i have been really, really good about taking my meds. i don't think i have missed a single night. and i visited the doctor a couple days ago to find i had lost six pounds! this isn't six pounds since january 1st; it's six pounds since i was last weighed, which was on january 17th. this means i have probably lost more since the first of the year, when i began exercising and taking alli. i am therefore well pleased with that result, and starting to perk up a little bit as well.


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Wed, Jan 19th - 9:11PM

this blog is my 2011 resolution diary

if you don't want to read about how i am faring with my resolutions and related issues, don't read this, because that's what this is. i'm not here to entertain you. on the other hand if you have made similar resolutions to mine and would like company keeping them, or know me and care what happens to me, or are amused by such things, i am making this public so you can follow along. no one is twisting your arm, though. if you want my thoughts on politics, advertisements, television, feminism, religion or anything of import to someone other than my own struggling self, i have an actual blog for that, and it's listed in my blog roll here. i only mention this because someone said this blog makes no sense. well, it makes perfect sense to those for whom it is intended. if that's not you, you need read no further.


for the rest of you, and myself:


monday i saw my primary care physician, as i've said, and she prescribed some meds, some for daily use and some for use as needed. on tuesday i went to the eye doctor and got a prescription for new specs but also found out my choice of frames is so severely limited that it may well be a problem getting this prescription filled. i doubt i will even have a chance to try until next week, when i go out for more docs' appointments. meanwhile, i picked up the meds yesterday. i rejected one: it has a component to which i am allergic. that would've been a diuretic. usually those are prescribed for high blood pressure but i have low normal blood pressure, really good blood pressure. in my case it has been prescribed to see if it will help reduce the swelling in my ankles. however, it won't be doing that as i rejected the medicine.

the other meds are: cymbalta, which will do double duty for fibromyalgia and depression. i took it once before but did not give it enough of a chance to see if it would work. (i gave it ALMOST enough of a chance... but i had to stop taking ALL my meds, as i started becoming violently ill at the very site of a pill. that's because i was also taking 11 other pills per day, some of them for arthritis, some for fibromyalgia (and those were making me very ill), some for asthma, some for acid reflux, some for overactive bladder, and then i had more if i got a migraine or sinus headache. it was TOO MUCH. i had to stop... and if i wasn't willing to stop then my body was going to make me stop. it did.

now i am trying again, and i really want to be able to do this without my stomach's rebelling. i'm not taking the mirapex anymore; that was the fibro med that in itself could make me so sick, never mind the rest. i started at a quarter of a mg, which didn't nauseate me, and i could get up to 3/4 without being sick, too, but the goal was 4 i think. i don't remember well now. i do know that i would spend a week being nauseous and then have to up the dosage another quarter, and i got pretty far with it, but i just never had a time when i wasn't sick. once i got to my goal dosage, then it was going to take half a year for it to work, IF it worked. i just couldn't take it anymore. i think even if i hadn't begun puking all the time, i would've had to quit the mirapex. so... now it's cymbalta alone for that. singulair worked GREAT for my asthma -- i never even needed my inhaler the whole time i was on it -- and i hope it does again. prilosec worked MOST of the time for the acid reflux, and it had better do so again, as i am in agony. i have some sudafed on hand in case of sinus headaches, which i rarely get, and i think she forgot to give me ibuprofen for minor relief of major arthritis. it doesn't work well but it cuts the pain down to a humanly tolerable level. i guess i have to call her office AGAIN tomorrow; i called it today to explain why i rejected the diuretic.

and of course i have my alli, prescribed but rejected by insurance, purchased on ebay (perfectly legal; it is available over the counter), to block absorption of 30 percent of my fat intake. i take one to three a day -- usually one, since that is how many meals i have. yes, i know i should have three. tough. i'm working on it. sometimes i have two. i'm trying!

and where did i put the eye drops the eye doctor gave me? ah, in my coat pocket. there we go. that's all of them.

when the singulair kicks in i will go back to the healthrider... probably not tomorrow, unless the cymbalta doesn't make me ill. i think it's about a third of the amount i will be taking (they ease you onto it) so maybe it won't, and if it doesn't, then taking the second third won't either. that would be nice. i don't think the doctor knows yet what my dosage will be, but i think it will come to thrice the starting dose, based on past experience with cymbalta and also with my curious relationship with meds: i'm usually either allergic to them or terribly resistant. singulair is an oddity: the normal dosage works great with no side effects!  it should be easer to sing once the asthma is under control, too.  oh btw i did have my laugh today, when sammy crawled into a paper bag and richard picked the bag up by its handles and carted sam all over the house.  sam likes that!

so i have to remember to take three pills every night, plus the alli after each meal. is this beyond my capabilities or shall i rise to the occasion? we shall see!


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Mon, Jan 17th - 9:46PM

a visit to the doctor

i've had some advice from my doc, not to mention specialists' appointments all over the place. some of the advice had to do with my goal of losing 100 points this year. her first caution was that 100 pounds, as a goal, was about twice as much as i could safely lose in that period of time. i have heard otherwise (not from advertisments!)., but since i don't seem likely to succeed at that anyway i'm not worried. she suggested that 50 would be safe. i'll be thrilled if i lose that much but happier if i lose a little more. she approves of my exercise, understands that my eating habits are not the cause of my overweight, and advises that i use alli for three months, then go off it for three, and then back on for three, then off for good. i THINK she said three... two, was it? i can ask next month (or sooner, but i have another appointment next month). she wants my blood. doctors are all vampires!

at any rate i had my first meeting in a long while with a scale. it was unkind. i weigh 252 pounds and change. i am of medium height and am small-boned; i have no way of handling this amount of weight, and arthritis makes it even more urgent for me to lose it, as does my pre-diabetic blood-sugar levels. i must get back on the healthrider, with which asthma has been interfering. one of the many prescriptions i'll be picking up tomorrow is for singulair, which in the past really controlled my asthma well. i hope it hasn't changed its mind.  the exhaustion is still overwhelming but being able to breathe will make it easier to up my rider time.  i stopped at three and a half minutes:  pathetic!


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Mon, Jan 10th - 9:54AM

another article

here is a new article i wrote related to the topic of this blog: .  meanwhile i have a doctor'a appointment today and may try to wake myself up a bit on the healthrider so i don't cancel and miss it.


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