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Fri, May 1st - 11:04AM

The Geocities Exodus
Preparing to Break Camp

Greetings & Salutations:

Well, today is  May 1st, my birthday and the day I prepare to start preparing for my move from Geocities.  I won't actually be moving anything today, just outlining what things need to be done, then clearing my schedule to be able to do them.  I will be moving files gradually, since we are supposed to have a little time before we are put out, but who knows?  That may change without notice. 

I've decided it is best to start right away, rather than wait on the mass Exodus and be herded away with the rest of the unfortunate tenants. Boy, did we ever get the shaft!  I was just thinking yesterday about Yahoo, and how they came up with their name.  If I recall correctly, yahoo used to be used to refer to a nitwit or numskull, or something of that nature.  Ironically, it seems that in the end, we, the current tenants are the yahoos for having been with Yahoo to begin with!  Maybe that's too harsh, because I have to admit, I enjoyed their service, for the most part.   But right now, I'm bitter.  I just feel so dumped on!  Worst than any jilted lover!  I think I may need counseling:)

Anyway folks, the first thing that I personally have to do to prepare, is to notify anyone who may have been following my existing blogs.  I need to let them know that I will be suspending my writing for a while.  In fact, any and everything that I was attempting to do prior to "the Notice" of eviction, I will be putting on hold until I can get a better grasp of things.  It can be so frustrating trying to accomplish too many tasks at one time, and before you know it, you're stressed, and nothing is done!  So, other than continuing to submit my how-to-articles to "e-How" and my other "for pay writing", I will be focusing all my remaining attention on XGEO.

If you haven't already done so, please visit the new XGEO Tenants webpage here at and take a peek at the issues related to the Geocities move, that will be considered in the upcoming months.  I plan to work really hard making this site user-friendly, and an effective resource for Geocities tenants who have to move their webpages or website.  Also, in order to help everyone have a smoother transition, it is imperative that we share our knowledge, so make sure to read and respond!

Well, I'm off to write my final Blogger blogs for awhile.  Since I've been doing online and affiliate marketing lately, I also need to make sure I link everything that might generate potential income to my new Webring webpage.  Even though things are in such disarray, I have to provide some way for people to get to the resources I've already promoted. 

My plan for all my Geocities webpages, is to "cherry pick" any and everything I want to salvage, and not try to move every single thing.  Just like any other move, you have to go through things as you pack, so you can leave all the unnecessary junk.  So as you can see, I have a busy day ahead.  Oh well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

ttfn - ta ta for now

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