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Thu, Apr 30th - 3:44PM

Yahoo Geocities Tenants Face Eviction! Are You Preparing To Move Your Website?

Housewarming Plans Ruined!


Okay, so I am finally done settling in and redecorating my new place, and ready to receive visitors. Like any new tenant, I am excited about my place and I want to share it, so I vow this time to really do a lot of entertaining. I normally only have a few friends and acquaintances over, and nobody on the street really knows me. 


To a few people here and there, I might look vaguely familiar from the neighborhood, because I’ve stayed around here over ten years. I have lived all up and down the block, mainly because the owners have other property in the vicinity. I’ve occupied their low-income places for years. On occasion, I feel like I want something new, or different, so I move to a different unit. I just moved to yet another site, and have been decorating it for the past two or three weeks with all the latest stuff. I made a decision and a definite plan on how to entertain at home more, and how to get out more, and now that every thing is in place, I was prepared to start having visitors. 


I began making arrangements to make personal calls, as well as other means of notifying my future guests, to let them where I now live, and what I have been up to. The only problem is, the property owner casually came by out of the blue and put a note on the door saying the neighborhood (not just the building I lived in), will be permanently shutting down at the end of the year. They said more details would follow in about two months.


Of course, the whole thing was so surreal that I almost ignored it, at least when I first saw the brief notice. When I came to my senses, my mind began to race! What on earth was I going to do? I immediately wanted to start taking everything off the walls and begin packing to move right then and there. What else could I do? When I walked around for a couple of days in a fog. All I could see is the hard work that I put into my new place, making sure every room was coordinated, and complemented the next room. And all my plans I had for my new home.


I was too numb to feel the devastation that wanted to jump up and swallow me whole. I can’t afford to pay any more than I now pay for rent. If I waited for more information from them, before I considered these questions, I’d be out on my ass, me and all my belongings, with no where to go. By then it will be too late to try and get it together! I had to snap out of my coma and start making preparations to move, no matter how disappointed I felt. Either way, I was being evicted! 


This is the situation I am literally in today. What would you do if you were in a similar predicament? You may be thinking: Thank God I don’t have to worry about anything like that, but if you have a free-hosted web site at Yahoo’s Geocities (Plus members affected also), you had better start thinking about what you are going to do! That’s right, Yahoo Geocities community is shutting its’ doors! 


But What About My SEO Web Site???


I am being evicted from my free web space that has been hosted in the Yahoo Geocities community for as long as I’ve been on the internet! I found out a few days ago that I have to move my site. The work involved, and other issues associated with doing this, didn’t really hit home until I was reading a related blog post by someone who just went through a similar situation with her websites. Here is my particular situation.


I have spent the better part of a month, getting another website together. I have always used Geocities, both free and paid memberships, because I found them to be extremely user friendly. I can easily maneuver my way around the File Manager, where you create, upload, and edit your files. Any and every web venture that I have attempted, or accomplished online has been a direct result of me being able to manipulate my Geocities web pages. You can’t beat the price, of the free membership (complete with email). You can also pay for one of the various Plus memberships, which can be under ten bucks a month and comes with multiple emails, your own domain name, and a lot of other goodies. 


Due to the fact that experts tend to look down on sites that are hosted for free, I tend to have a bit of a complex about appearing professional. As a free host, Yahoo has allowed me to have a great deal of control over my free site, so I’m confident in the appearance. I also feel confident that I created a functional and searchable site. I learned a ton of information on search engine optimization (SEO), and have applied a lot of new techniques. Some things I learned after I was done constructing the site, and I didn’t go back and correct every single thing. There are things that I still, absolutely, need to do for the next free or paid site I build. For example, I must make sure my page has an SEO structure, which involves doing more than having the proper title and optimal keywords, which I already included. Then, there is the all important issue of proper headings and heading tags to consider. I guess when I move and start building again, I can better implement additional SEO techniques. Now that I have to move my Geocities site and re-construct things, I will be meticulous about how I build.


My latest cyber venture has been learning all I can about online marketing, and sharing it with others. In the process of my self training, I found that there was something I wanted to provide marketers, even more than the great resources I was able to find. I started blogging, mostly for sanity sake, and I found myself motivating marketers, and other entrepreneurs with my writing. I really enjoy encouragement and motivation myself, on a regular, if not a daily basis. This is what I need as a Newbie to the internet marketing scene, so I figured, maybe so did others. Now, I have another reason to offer encouragement, because I know there are Geocities tenants, similar to me, who may be feeling pretty crumby right about now.



So I have decided to redirect, not just my site, but my focus. I want to write and continue motivating the little nobodies like myself, who are striving to make something happen online, in spite of the odds. I want to use my writing skills and diverse talents to help myself, and others in the process. It seems that moving my geocities web sites is forcing me to really hone in on what my niche is, and I owe it all to a bunch of YAHOOS!


Facing Web Site Eviction?


Color it how you want to, the bottom line is, Geocities tenants are facing eviction! Instead of waiting around to see what unfolds, I decided to join a new community and hope for the best. Since I am familiar with the website, when I saw they are now offering free web space, I knew I had found my new web community. Interestingly enough, the Personal Space that they allow you to upload to is similar to Geocities. There are some differences as well, but I’m still learning, so I won’t go into detail. I believe ANYONE LOOKING FOR FREE WEB HOSTING should try as an alternative. 


Now I have the task of moving in. But what do I do with my Geocities site? Do I disband everything completely? Do I keep some stuff, the same titles, and what about any attached emails, add on guest books, and date codes? There is a lot to do, and a lot to figure out, so I have created this blog to sort it all out. Please return to see what happens, and continue to follow me here.


NOTE; If you have a free web page or free web site hosted in the Geocities community, please don't wait until the last minute to decide what to do.  You should understand the serious nature of the upcoming site closure. Be sure to follow the upcoming related blog posts for some viable solutions. YOURS ARE WELCOME AS WELL. We are in this together! 

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