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Tue, May 12th - 12:15AM

Nature As Good Medicine

Almost everyone loves the outdoors, and some even use it as their personal form of meditation.  Nothing makes us feel quite as enthralled with life as the beauty of nature.  Consider the ways that it can actually be "good medicine."


The familiar axiom, "variety is the spice of life," applies to nature in so many ways.  You don't have to travel far to feel as though you are entering a whole different world.  Think of road trips you have taken and the many different terrains you entered and left.  Variety refreshes us, boosts our mood, and offers endless opportunities for learning new things.

Sensory Appeal

Nature is full of unique sounds, sights, textures, tastes, and aromas.  Think water, berries, animals, birds, landscapes, sunsets, flowers, trees, and mountains.  How does the grass feel on your bare feet?  Have you ever tasted the rain or snow?  Smell the freshly-cut grass or hay.  Listen to the insects, birds, and the wind in the tress.  How many different things of beauty can your eyes see as you turn in a slow circle?  When all of your senses are engaged in the delights of the present moment, it allows you a vacation from stress and worry.  The heightening of all five senses at once brings a sense of joy.  It boosts your energy levels and releases the feel-good chemicals in your brain.


Fresh inspiration appeals to body, mind, and soul.  It sparks new ideas and invites solutions to problems.  Inspiration tweaks your creative side, and nothing provides quite as much of it as nature.
The next time you take a walk, go to the beach, or sit on your own veranda, empty troublesome thoughts from you mind, and let nature fill it with inspiration.

Food for the Body

Many of us are eager to go back to more natural, organic ways of eating.  Nature's bounty, when unaltered by chemicals, provides a plethora of healthy foods to nourish our body, even as it provides nourishment for the mind and the spirit.  Whether you shop from an organic farmer or grow your own garden, you're indulging in "good medicine."

Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge in the comment section.

Karen Chaffee

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Mon, May 11th - 11:48PM

Mother's Day Weekend

I have the best mom in the world, and wrote a poem for her and paid tribute to her on my website.  Not everyone is so fortunate, but to this day, she is a stellar role model and my most trusted advisor.

My two oldest daughters stopped by on different days.  Saturday, Amy bought a sweet card and a beautiful Bridal's Veil plant.  As soon as we stop getting frost and freeze warnings each night, I'll hang it on the patio, but for now, it is thriving near the kitchen window.  We had lunch out, and the best conversation!

On Sunday, Tammy dropped by to visit.  She walked in and handed me the prettiest scrapbook, with the 1st page already done by her--the kiddos one halloween.   She also brought the invitation for Ry's graduation open-house.  It's hard to believe that my two oldest grandsons are now through high school and going on to college!

It was an all-around happy weekend.

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