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Fri, Apr 10th - 1:12AM

Saliva Drug Test Facts
If you are running an organization or a school and of you are interested in knowing the whether your employees/students are under the influence of drug when they are at work or in school, then here is a perfect solution for you. Saliva drug testing also termed as oral drug testing is the perfect procedure that can report you the details with ease. Read this article further to understand the saliva drug test facts in detail.

When you have a lot of people to be examined, the easiest drug test that can be performed is the saliva drug test. The drug test is highly reliable and accurate to the core. Collection of the sample in this case is pretty easy. When compared to a urine test, the sample collection in this case needs no privacy and hence the probability of submitting a substituted sample is almost impossible.

One of the very interesting saliva drug test fact is that the test can be performed within minutes and the results can be obtained within a 5-8 minute timeframe. Instant/very recent drug consumption and the concentration of the drug consumed can be detected easily and comfortably with the help of a saliva drug test. This is the major reason for the increasing popularity of the saliva drug tests among corporate and school managements.
A number of drugs can be detected with the help of this oral drug testing. The most common drugs that can be detected in such tests include opiates, THC, crack, benzodiazepines and MDMA. The results of the oral drug testing often is very similar or the same as that of blood tests. The test can be performed on you soon after the consumption of the drug unlike urine testing where the drugs do not show up till they get metabolized and are expelled via the urine.

Once of the biggest disadvantage of saliva drug tests are the fact that the drug history of an individual can never be detected. When you consume the drug, the drug instantly mixes with the saliva and hence as long as the drug remains in saliva, the test proves to be very fruitful. The time frame for which the drugs are detected in saliva is approximately around 12-24 hours since their consumption. After this timeframe, the saliva drug test would not be able to detect the drug usage at all since the drugs disappear and gets into the body in this time period.

Oral drug testing thus proves to be the best onsite drug test methodology where the examinee is tested for drug usage on the fly. This can be used as a random drug test procedure in case of automotive drivers before they go ahead with a long distance travel as a precautious measure to avoid accidents. These tests can also be performed on drivers at places of accidents to determine the influence of drugs at the time of accidents.

Thus saliva drug tests have pros and cons. The test proves to be very useful as an instant drug test and especially when the examinees are more in number.
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