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Fri, Jun 5th - 7:42AM

Faith Anglican Church
4230 Boundary Road, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario

Carlsbad Springs is 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa.

Faith Anglican Church was formed by members from two ACoC churches in February 2008. It has about 50 attend its Sunday morning service. Alex Lewanowicz is rector.

How we worship God's glory is the heart of Sunday's contemporary praises and traditional hymns. Prayers that connect God's heart to our daily lives. Children and youth are regular active participants

How we pray Believing that prayer is history changing daily interceding through our Prayer Chain. Individual healing prayer available every Sunday. Praying is central every time we gather.

How we handle the Bible It is the authority in all we do. Sundays are for teaching sermons. Bible Study is central to our Life Groups. Our youth will know the Bible as a usable resource to them out in the world. Our children will meet the living God through its pages.

How we treat each other We cannot be disciples by ourselves. In a world of isolation, we will model real friendships. We will mentor the next generation of leaders. We eat really well when we're together!

How we treat the world People matter to God and, therefore, to us. We provide opportunities to connect with our neighbours through: seniors fellowship, marriage course, Alpha, work bees. We connect to the world through: prayer, child sponsorship, Christmas Child and White Gifts, website ministry.

Website of Faith Anglican Church, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario

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