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Sat, Jan 10th - 11:08AM

New manager of a ring! :)

I won the auction for the "Sons of Homer" ring. It is for sites about Greek mythology (imagine that!) If you'd like to add your site, please go through the usual motions to do so.

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Sat, Jan 10th - 11:06AM

Update on Recon meeting 1/10/09

Just an update on the Recon meeting 1/10/09

For the second half of our meeting we will be having a presentation on the Greek Goddess Hera.

Santa Fe, NM If you'd like to join us, please see instructions on website:

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Sun, Jan 4th - 8:24AM

Hellenion’s Monthly Libation schedule

Hellenion’s Monthly Libation schedule

On the second weekend of each month, members of Hellenion offer libations (liquid offerings) to certain deities. We invite you to join us in honoring the gods according to the schedule below.

January— Hera

February— Aphrodite

March— Hephaistos

April— Artemis

May— Apollon

June— Zeus

July— Athena

August— Hermes

September— Demeter & Persephone

October— Poseidon

November— Ares

December— Dionysos

For more information about Hellenion, please see the main website:

For information about the gods and sample rituals, please see Hellenion’s new companion website “Temenos”:

These events happen all across the country. See the main Hellenion website for rituals happening where you live.  If you live in the Santa Fe, NM area, you can join my group for local events. Please see local happenings posted on our website:  New folks always welcome! :)

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Fri, Dec 26th - 9:10AM

Bidding on a ring

I have been bidding on a ring I really want.  Even though I'm the high bidder, and no other bids, I still have not won the ring. Guess I didn't meet the reserve price. Strange that there is a reserve price on rings that currently have NO manager at all! You'd think WebRing would be happy to have someone in charge of them. Oh, well. Mini-rant over. I'll just keep bidding until I get it.

Anyone else want to share their bidding experience?

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Tue, Dec 23rd - 4:54PM

Santa Fe Reconstructionists will meet Jan 10th 2009

The Santa Fe Reconstructionists will meet Jan 10th 2009

We will have a casual meetup this month to kick off the new year. Get a chance to know each other (for those who haven't met yet), talk about what the group is about, make plans for what we want to do next, etc. If we cover all that quickly I will share some info about a specific deity.

Want to attend? Join the group at this link:

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