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Mon, Mar 4th - 7:53AM

avast! Pro Antivirus for Mac

Software avast! Pro Antivirus for Mac offers comprehensive protection for your Mac against spyware and viruses, and also includes a full virtualization technology. avast! Pro Antivirus for Mac allows you to run any application in a virtual environment "sandbox" to prevent the penetration of harmful components in the computer. Moreover, for the most sensitive operations mechanism avast! SafeZone provides an isolated area on the desktop.

Comprehensive Scan boot time cleans your PC before starting Windows, a new and unknown threats completely blocked the approaches to the system. Antivirus avast! Pro Antivirus is designed primarily for users who want to customize the security of your Mac, through the combined use of several products.

Functions of avast! Pro Antivirus for Mac:

- Automatic protection against viruses and spyware.
- Scanning for viruses all messages sent and received.
- Protection against the threats posed by chat.
- Preventing attacks from web-sites with the intercepted control.
- Creating a reputation rating of web-sites based on community feedback users.
- Safely displaying suspicious web-sites and the launch of unknown applications.
- Activation of a new (empty) desktop window to save the complete online privacy.

Technologies avast! Pro Antivirus for Mac:

- Antivirus and antispyware kernel;
- Protection against rootkits in real time;
- Screen protection of the file system / e-mail;
- Firewall - protection against network viruses by blocking the URL-addresses and malicious URL;
- Web-screen - Scans all viewed web-pages, downloaded files and Java-Script;
- Screen protection instant soobscheniyami/R2R;
- The screen behavior and scenarios - detection of malicious scripts hidden in web-pages, blocking threats to "zero day" and unknown malware;
- avast! Sandbox - an extra layer of protection for your PC and its applications in a virtual environment;
- avast! AutoSandbox - automatically run suspicious applications in a virtual environment sandbox;
- avast! FileRep - reputation score files;
- avast! Remote Assistance - remote help other users avast! in management and computer security issues;
- avast! Account - consolidating information about installed on home PCs antivirus avast!, Able to update databases, catch a virus, etc.;
- avast! CommunityIQ - a global network of sensors to transmit in AVAST anonymous data about the real experiences of work in the Internet user group;
- avast! SafeZone - the opening of a new (empty) desktop so that other applications are not "see" what is happening.

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