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Thu, Nov 20th - 1:46PM

OEM Computer Software - Download

OEM Computer Software

How can you sell this software as OEM? It seems too good to be true - is there a catch?

Lowest Soft search:
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    There is no catch - the software versions that we sell are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means you will receive the installation downloadable CD images only (they do not come in their original retail packing and do not include the manual). We do guarantee that all programs are the 100% full working retail versions - no demos or academic versions! When you order, you will receive all materials required for a complete installation - or your money back! Why pay hundreds of dollars more when you can get exactly the same but downloadable? You don't have to pay that much for the fancy box and manuals.

    Do you ship CDs by mail??

    Unfortunately, we are unable to send you CDs. We do not ship CDs anymore due to the fact that the majority of our clients asked to create a download areas system in order to get the programs immediately after the order being placed. This distinction was also made because our company tries to do its utmost in order to lower the prices for the software and the downloadable software is the right decision that has been made - again, it was due to our clients' requests only. Downloadable software versions cost less. This is because costs related to packaging, distribution, storage, shipping & handling are avoided. You get the full, downloadable version of your software. When you will download it , your software will be automatically registered to you and you will receive activation key, serial number or CD key necessary to activate your software. Even though you are not able to register the product online you will be able to receive automatic updates of the most programs. When updates are ready to install you will see a popup window or an icon at the right bottom corner of your screen. Then you have to click on the icon and follow the instructions. The order limit is come from restrictions of credit card processor.

    All prices listed are in US dollars.

    What language will the software be in?

    All the products mentioned at the site are sold only in ENGLISH language. I would like to buy specific software from you, but I can't find it in your list. Is it possible to perform a personal delivery and what will the price be? Yes, our Sales Managers are always ready to help you to find just what you are looking for. But we can perform personal orders at a special price only to our current customers i.e. to those who have already bought something from us.

    Why your software is so inexpensive compared to the other retailers?

    We minimize our overhead by stocking mostly top selling software only and try to get the best deals for them. We also sell what are called OEM versions, the same software as the box version without the box and the manual. By foregoing the fancy box and typically slim manuals you end up saving a considerable amount.

    Do you provide technical support?

    We provide support in cases the question are about software instalation and burning CD images. We apologize up front, but we are unable to provide technical support. With the combination of low prices and the highly competitive nature of the software business we are not able to provide technical support for a product.

    Where do I get technical support?

    You can find the necessary information on the installation in the program files (usually called "Read me", FAQ or "Help")

    Will the product I want to order be compatible w/ my operating system?

    If your operating system isn't listed in the "system requirements" area of the product description, then that program most likely will not support your operating system. You can also check the manufacturer's website to find out additional information. Manufacturer's will have the most updated requirements for a product.

    Why do I need to provide my valid email address?

    he email address is a means to provide a fast, free, & efficient service in updating our customers about their order. Such updates include: problems with your credit card, Billing/Shipping Address, and so forth.

    Do you have any other specific questions ?

    Please feel free to contact us anytime. Hours of operation and availability of customer service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Cakewalk Guitar Studio, OEM Software Download offers thousands of popular oem software titles for immediate download and includes year of oem software support OEM software download

    Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 download, Cakewalk Music Creator Pro 24, Cakewalk Project5 (Soft Synth Workstation), Cakewalk PYRO Plus 2005 download, Cakewalk Rapture Expansion Pack 1, Cakewalk Rapture Expansion Pack 2, Cakewalk Rapture VSTi DXi RTAS 1.1, Cakewalk Rgcaudio z3Ta Plus Dxi Vsti 1.5, Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer Edition, Cakewalk VST Adapter 4.5;
    We do guarantee that all oem programs are the 100% full working retail versions - no demos or academic versions! You don't have to pay that much for the ...
    Corel Designer 10.0, Corel Designer Technical Suite, Corel iGrafx 2007 Enterprise 12.1 Multilingual download, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 12.0 Multilingual, Corel Painter 8.1, Corel Painter 9.5 download, Corel Painter Essentials 4.0, Corel Painter IX MAC download, Corel Painter X;
    Corel Paradox 9.0, Corel Photo Painter 8, Corel Photobook 10.3, Corel Print House 6, Corel Snapfire Plus 1.0, Corel Ventura 10, Corel WordPerfect MAIL 2, Corel WordPerfect Office 12 SE, Corel WordPerfect Office 2002 Professional Edition, Corel WordPerfect Office X3 Professional, Corel WordPerfect Office X3 Standard Edition, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 download, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3, CDRoller 7.5 download.
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