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Tue, Jul 24th - 10:22AM

BitDefender has released Total Security 2013

BitDefender Total Security 2013

The company BitDefender has released the first public version of its new integrated solution Total Security 2013, which contains a number of important improvements to protect against viruses and other threats to information security.

The line consists of three individual products: Antivirus Plus 2013 for 49.95 dollars a year, Internet Security for 69.95 dollars and Total Security 2013 for 79.95 dollars. One annual license allows you to install anti-virus solution on three home computers at once.

You can Buy Cheapest Bitdefender Total Security 2013 at Price: $55.96 USD and Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 at Price: $49.66 USD

One of the important innovations version of Total Security 2013 has become a stand-alone browser Safepay, runs within a secure environment with a virtual keyboard. This browser is opened automatically when determining that the user visits the site payment systems, banks or other resources of this kind. Tough protection against interception of keystrokes helps to carry out any financial transactions with maximum security.

In addition, BitDefender has its own Anti-Theft technology to find lost or stolen computers. With the loss of the machine, the user can enter a special web-based portal that allows you to keep track of places to connect the PC to the Internet, and then give a command to block or destroy all data on your computer.

Module USB Immunizer makes USB-drives resistant to malicious programs that run automatically when you connect the media to the PC.

In the new mode "Autopilot" Complex Total Security will not be disturbed by its message, but all the operations to eliminate the threat will be carried out automatically.

The new product implements all the features you would expect from any current solutions in this class are: anti-virus scan on demand and in real-time protection, spam filter, firewall, tools, data protection, protection for browsers, backup online hranilishe, encryption of files and others.

To stimulate interest in their product, the company BitDefender has announced special prizes for the beta testers that sent the most responses. The most active beta testers will be able to win the tablets, ultrabuki, smart and semi-annual license for a package of BitDefender Internet Security 2013. However, neither the 32 - or 64-bit version of BitDefender Total Security 2013 is not intended to be used in conjunction with other security tools - the program simply will not install if it detects other similar products on the machine.

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