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Tue, Oct 21st - 3:43PM

GonzoPanama Blog (Entity foto)

Photographs of a strange entity taken in a garden in Tallahassee, Florida in September 2008.

Can you help me figure out just what this is?

Background Information

A visit to my sister's home in Tallahassee, Florida for two weeks from Panama.

A small Gargoyle statue I acquired in New York City years ago...Suzi (sister) kept on the backdoor window sill.  Kind of protecting the home.

She, this summer replaced all the home's windows with more heat efficient ones.

I noticed my Gargoyle discarded in the tall grass on a corner of the home.

Many years ago I purchased Suzi a bird bath for the back yard garden.  I enjoy watching the wildlife from a distance enjoying the bird bath while having my morning coffee and late PM refreshments.

That bird bath had two statues in it, a fine frog fountain piece (not hooked up) and a lazing alligator I had purchased for my father years ago.

Before I departed for Panama after my visit, I decided that my Gargoyle would like the company of the birds and the frog and gator, and I placed him with them in the bird bath.

From a distance I would swear that the Gargoyle was smiling after I placed him there, but passed that off as light and shadows.  It could not be.

Just before my flight to Panama I decided to take shots of my tranquility place in Tallahassee, that I could look back on, while in Panama.

I took a couple or three shots, one after the other......

Once I transferred them to my computer, I became puzzled with some sort of distortion that was not there when I took the shots.

You take a look...and you tell me....

I happen to see a diminutive entity, that has taken the same body posture as my Gargoyle, I see a child's face in the upper left portion of the head.  I see amazing and ancient decoration on the cape type jacket it wears.

The entity floats in front of the concrete of the bird bath...

Anyone out there that has an opinion on this, please let me know.  It be puzzling.

Damn Blog will not allow me to upload fotos....uploads...but nothing appears.

E Mail me for fotos I guess.......

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