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Mon, Sep 22nd - 3:02PM

Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans

Grace and her horse Pilgrim get into an accident that not only hurts them physically, but also mentally. Annie wants to help her daughter, and in a last desparate attempt, she can only think of one way to help Grace, and that is by helping Pilgrim. After driving 1400 miles with a crazed horse and a silent daughter, Annie talks Tom Booker into helping Pilgrim. Throughout this wonderful story, you feel the heartache, the pain, and the triumphs of Annie, Grace and Pilgrim. You laugh and you cry along with them in all aspects of their lives. And in the end, you see the healing that comes through the man they call the Horse Whisperer, Tom Booker.

This is one of the best books I have ever read!!! Even better than the movie, you have to read this one!

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Mon, Sep 22nd - 2:33PM

Postmortem (#1 in the Kay Scarpetta series)

Dr. Kay Scarpetta, forensic pathologist for the FBI and Chief Medical Examiner of Virginia, is on the trail of a serial killer in this first book of the series. Unable to establish a connection between his victims, and suffering from nightmares about the serial killer, Kay focuses all of her attention on the two clues she does have--a glittery substance that appears on all of his victims and the distinct odor he left behind at one of the crime scenes.

After coming to a stand still in her investigation, Kay decides to speak with the victims' families again and winds up stumbling upon the one clue that could have connected them in the killer's mind--their distinctive voices. Upon sharing this information with Sgt. Pete Marino, they brainstorm for ideas on how the killer could have heard each one of them. The question is, will they be able to catch the killer before he strikes again?

This is a cliffhanger and well-written. It is the type of book that makes you feel you are right there when all of it is happening. Out of all the book seriesĀ I recommend in the mystery/suspense genre, this is the series I put above all others! It's not to be missed and I highly recommend it!!!

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