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Tue, Jul 15th - 5:51PM

Teachers Suggestion
Well I guess I asked for teachers to work with me and I should listen to what they have to say.  I know we are  still a few months away from actually getting the Charlie Modules out of Alpha testing and into public beta testing  but the teachers seem to think that we needed to add a webring for the students since we have one for the teachers.  So I created the ring.  I realize that both of these rings (Teaching in the 21st century, and Students in the 21st century) probably won't be used much until we do get out of Alpha testing but they are here and we are starting to get them operational.

Ok can we get any busier?   Don't worry we are still not out on a limb.  Getting close but still a ways to go.  Since this last semester in school has just started and we still have 6 months before we have to submit our final design for our product I think we are still in good shape.  My product (the Charlie Modules) is about half way completed.  We still have some kinks to work out with the voice recognition and the responses are still a little out of wack sometimes but it's better then the first dry run in class a few months ago when the program answered questions totally inappropriately (Still can't figure out how to get it to understand the difference between two words that sound the same but mean totally different things like the word but and butt)  I think it interpreted this as the same word because of the way it is used on the internet and since we used the internet to try to teach it I guess it is expected that some of what it says is WRONG!

OK enough for today.  I have mega programming to get done and I'm still trying to deal with some of the fall out from the Israels over that stupid Jewish/Jesus webring I culled recently.  It's call the grand babies night as well so I'm getting pressed for time.  Hope to have better news to give out tomorrow.


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Tue, Jul 15th - 11:45AM

Follow up to last nights post
I woke this morning to my computer dinging at me constantly.  I had high priority email (a rarity) Seems I managed to create and international incident with out even trying.  The Israel sites in the ring I was thinning out were offended that I had removed one of their sites.  Seems the site that was deleted turned out to be a government run religious site.  The site is managed by a variety of different people and they hadn't gotten my emails.  Well I have no problem putting them back into the ring as long as they meet the criteria (in this case only need to add the code back to the site) however, the code keeps getting deleted by someone that probably doesn't need to be working on the site.  I finally had to get a little upset with them (at least in tone) and tell them point blank "As long as the code is present they will not be deleted, but when the code disappears so does their membership".  It seems this got through to at least one individual who finally realized that they were chewing me out for errors on their own site that I have no control over.  From what I can tell (the English part of the emails) this little incident (quite major in Israel) has caused a big stir which it was never intended to create. 

It is funny how something so small can turn into an international incident that should have never happened in the first place.  One little misunderstanding has turned into something that in my eyes is not worth wasting my time on but in their eyes offends their God.  It is man that is offended here because I'm sure God has no interest in this little skirmish.  As of now the code has been replaced on the site and the site is back in the ring.  The webmaster has promised me that he will screen his assistants more carefully and ensure that they know the importance of not deleting code that has such a major impact in an already tense religious community. 

This entire incident should show us all that even the little things can turn into something major in the wrong hands.  Had the webmaster contacted me first and worked with me it would have taken just a few minutes and the entire situation would have been resolved.  Since he didn't (he was notified after the incident was becoming a major deal) it came close to becoming another incident in a religious war that I have no intention of being involved in.  The really funny part of this whole situation is that I don't follow any of the religions involved in this incident.  I follow a path that is much older than any of them and am quite secure in it and it's teachings.  I am accused of being biased for a religion that I don't even follow.

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