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Mon, Jul 14th - 8:34PM

What a differance the ring site makes
I was recently asked to take over some rings on another ring service that were in desperate need of a manager.  I've spent several days now weeding out the sites that either don't have the code on the page, their email bounces, or the site is not even close to the ring content.  Then after the site has been deleted for cause I finally get a response from the site owner wanting to know why I deleted their site from the ring.  I've taken to just attaching the log of events that the computer keeps for me on each site (ingenious little program I wrote and it's well worth it).  The log shows all attempts to validate the site.  Emails sent to the site owner, and any notes that I add on what I found.  When they respond back and still are angry that I deleted them I tell them to take it to the ring system administrator (who by the way just deletes the emails).  1500 or so web sites when I started and now I'm under 300.  I was amazed at the number of sites that didn't even exist anymore.  Many of them opened onto an advertising site that had taken over the domain.  Surprisingly enough the emails to many of those domains didn't bounce back to me.  Now for the clincher:  I got responses from a large number of sites that the previous ring manager had assisted them in setting up the code for the ring.  The code that he gave them to install linked to his site not the ring site.  When an end user clicked on the ring it took them to a phishing site that was obviously attempting to defraud someone.  The only thing that was valid about the code that he sent them was their site id which he left intact for some odd reason.

Makes me appreciate the way things are run here on webrings!  I may be competing with thousands of rings but they are run well and the system checks and flags the offending sites for you instead of you having to do it manually.  Webrings also has a set of predetermined email messages that you can just click and send.  This other site you have to write all of your own email messages (another use for that little program of mine).

OK enough with the ranting - at least on this blog it isn't directed at any one and there isn't any one to offend.  I really do get tired of seeing some of the stuff that goes on in the shout box as well as some of the messages that I read.  People are just cruel that is all there is to it.

<kicks soap box off stage> and now I'm back.  I may have to work harder on webrings to get quality sites but the work is well worth it and the people are really interested in having sites in the ring (mostly, there are always those sites that black out the text and background and then run a script over the webrings script).

Hope you all have a great day and remember say something nice to everyone you talk to today.  You will be surprised how different your day goes.

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