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Sun, Aug 3rd - 3:23AM

Integrated Assignment
OK I integrated a homework assignment into Charlie over the weekend and I can tell you one thing - reading the weather information from an xml file and translating it into a readable format for the end user is a pain in the **********.  I'm not finished with the assignment yet but it's getting there.  I now have it updating the current weather and displaying the correct pictures from for the weather conditions in the chosen location.  The day and night parts are a little more difficult but I'm confident that I will get that part done shortly.  The 5 day forecast is even more difficult.  I have to take all of the information from the xml file and add my own text to make it readable to humans.  Sounds easy right???? NO!  It seems that the moon isn't always doing something sometimes it's not doing something and the wind isn't always gusting and and and........... OK enough ranting.  Lets just say that translating the weather from a computer readable format to a human readable format is extremely taxing on the patience.  So have you heard about the contest to give Webster a history and a nice little home of his own?  I've designed 4 pages (all alike except the background) and let me tell you it was a lot of fun.  I have some really nice graphics of Webster (same graphics just cleaned up and made background transparent) and added a few graphics to go with it.  No the page isn't full of graphics but it does have a few and they compliment Webster nicely if I say so myself.

OK I'm rambling and it's 5:30 am on Sunday morning.  I've got to get a few hours of sleep so that I can get started back on my homework.  Have a great day and say something nice to everyone you meet today.  The favor will be returned 10 fold just not when you expected it.

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