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Wed, Jun 2nd - 11:03AM

Interesting Post on SSL Search Queries
Scouring the internet on a daily basis, part of my job requirements, i located a post on Google launching SSL queries. This is an interesting topic of conversation. There was so much buzz in the past on Google and confidential information that I never thought something of this nature would launch.

Now you can actually perform searches without the ability of it being tracked. I can see positives and negatives concerning this. On one had it can cover up private searches that are conducted in case you have lets say banking queries or personal queries. On the other hand we look at the person that is looking for some type of illegal activity.

Completing an SSL query basically hides the search in question when sent through the internet to the server providing that query. It will however still show in your browser on that local machine.

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Tue, Aug 4th - 6:40AM

Twittering, What has it Become
So, it has been awhile since I posted on here. Over the past few months twitter has become the talk of social networking. What is it?, Where is it going? and is it really worth it?

Those questions all depend on points of view really.

Twitter is a new space like blogger, almost like blogging. Actually, referred to by some as microblogging because of the same blogging principles but working more as an instant messenger.

Twitter has a very high rate of people who try and get rid of it. I believe it is around 40% from what I last heard. Again, a lot of people want to test it out and realize that it takes a lot of updating depending on how you use it.

From a certain view Twitter can really help push your brand or product. At the end of the day I believe Twitter will stick around, but only be used by some based on what that use is for.

What are your thoughts on Twitter?

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Thu, Apr 23rd - 10:53AM

Keyword Cannibalism
What does it all mean????

Keyword Cannibalism - Which is targeting a list of lets say 5 to 10 keyword phrases on every page of the website. This can cause multiple problems. It forces the search engine to choose which page to rank for said keyword phrase. It can also cause pages to compete with one another. If I want page A to rank for keyword phrase A because that landing page is the most targeted then I do not want Page B, C and D to compete with A when ranking for that phrase.

Each page of a site should be targeted by a few phrases with a few secondary qualifiers.

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Thu, Oct 16th - 7:28PM

Thoughts on Google Chrome

Who has used Google Chrome yet? Thoughts anyone?

I am very impressed with it. A few draw backs so far. No add ons yet. The lack os supporting some javascript and pop out functions.

The load speed is unbelieveable. I love how it loads the webpages.

I will be doing a full breakdown on my personal blog: Korey Kashmer Search Marketing Blog

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Tue, Jul 29th - 1:15PM

Cuil Is Launched

A new search engine has been launched by former Google developers. They mention having 3 times the results when compared to Google and 10 times the results when compared to MSN.

They also stated that they do not rank sites by inbound linking but by the content on the page. I like hearing that. Lets see what happens with this in the future. So far, I like the results a lot.


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