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Mon, May 12th - 8:18AM

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A Product & Business Opportunity No One Should Be Without

           Today’s job market is steadily declining, companies are scaling back its workforce in order to save the company money and as a means of boosting the company’s profits. If you are not the CEO of the company then your position is at risk. With today’s job market, even the CEO’s job is at risk. However, unlike the employees, the CEO’s position comes with a very healthy severance package.

The media reports the rise of new jobs created and the economy growing strong. However, if you are working a low-income producing job you will not see the results of a growing economy or more jobs and opportunities for a higher paying job. You will be too busy trying to work more overtime hours or looking for a second job to produce more income. Both endeavors are more self-defeating than they are a help since both will rob you of your time (family time), energy, and still may not provide you with enough extra income you and your family needs.  The reality of it all is that your situation does not seem to get better only worst.

            On the other hand, if your financial situation does seem to get better for you and your family, it usually is short lived or it takes too long to improve your situation. On top of all of this, you may be exploited and taken advantage of without you ever knowing that your rights may have been violated. If you feel that your rights were violated, you have the right to seek legal counsel and you should. You may feel hopeless if your thinking leads you to believe that you cannot afford legal counsel for the legal matters you encounter in you and your family’s lives. The middle class and the low-wage earners have been shut out of the justice system for far too long. This scenario may have been true for you in the past; however, it no longer have to be.

            Thanks to a brilliant entrepreneur and visionary, Harland Stonecipher, who more than thirty plus years ago, created a unique and hugely needed product that has made legal access readily available and affordable for families and individuals to obtain. 

            In our litigious society, being without this product to protect you and your family is unthinkable. However, having this product gives you legal peace of mind knowing that your family’s legal needs are taken care of.

            What is more, our product allows those with an entrepreneur’s mind to earn an unlimited income potential. The opportunity alone is fuel enough for anyone to climb aboard and build his or her own business. The products are urgently needed in our society and everyone should have a membership.

            Harland Stonecipher created Pre-Paid Legal with legal service plans in mind then he breathed more life into Pre-Paid Legal, Inc. by creating an opportunity of a lifetime. By having a membership and becoming an independent associate, you can help others and provide lifetime residual income for you and your family. The beauty of this is that you get to help those in need. 

I love Pre-Paid Legal because it allows me to fulfill a dream I have had since the age of 13 and that is to help others to earn more income and to improve their life and their family’s lifestyle.

Kelvin Shaw
Independent Associate

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