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Tue, Apr 29th - 4:21AM


For the moment this blog is going to address the loss of a pet and the lonliness that one lady imperticular is currently experiencing. Her Golden Retriever Lassen was 10 years old, I think he died from mad cow disease from contaminated senior petfood bought from Costco.It was too late when we found out about the recall, he was already diaganosed with liver and spliene cancer. The doctor took a blood test and said she would know better the next day what route is best to take but she said she was worried. It was a long rest on the afternoon with Lassen that day and my 75 year old widowed friend, Diane, said that she couldn't sleep all night, worried about Lassen and also just grief struck, just as I was as soon as I heard that C word come out of that doctors mouth.Over the past 6 ears, I have lost 5 loved ones to that hellasious quicksand of a desiese. My heart sunk and I just couldn't stop the stream of tears flooding down my face as I thought of loosing my best buddy, and OHHH!!! What it would do to Diane, I just couldn't bear to imagine how difficult it will be. I want to link you to my other blog where I have pictures of Lassens last day,  that was a miricle, there were Orbs in all of the pictures, and I am told that an orb is , eneregy, or spirit, or angel. I haven't done my research yet, so if you know anything about orbs please feel free to add to the comments on my other blog. I am Also looking for a new companion for Diane, this time maybe a Golden Retrever between the ages of 2 and 7, not too young and not too old. If any one has a Golden or knows of one that needs a real good and loving home, Please e-mail me at or call (510)754-5000
I also do Golden Retrever Portraits, go to for some examples of my work. (510)754-5000  I can Paint your dog with your kids, call me, I have allot of ideas! Oh, it's 4:19 am, and I'm still a bit sleepy so goodnight for now, and I'll just Pray that someone out there has a Golden Retrever who needs a good home and a loving companion. You all have a beautiful day tomorrow! Drop me a line, it would be nice to meet you.



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