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Mon, Apr 28th - 7:20AM

People on the Internet are explorers!  They want to go here, they want to go there.  They want to check out everything!  New internet explorers soon find ways to do this.  They discover search engines.  They find pages that are members of web rings.  They continue to explore the subjects that interest them, and they look for other things that might be interesting.

If you're like I am, then you're still on a learning trip when it comes to driving traffic to your website.  I'm to the point where I think about this all the time.  Traffic, numbers of people visiting your website, is crucial to getting all those neat things on your website seen, getting your unique and important ideas across, doing whatever it is you want to do with that beautiful, awesome website of yours!

Here's how I like to picture it... A website is like a star.  And like a star there are many "planets" in orbit around it.  One planet might be a particular political or religious viewpoint you express on your website. Another planet would be the neat and professional advertisements you use to help promote your website.  All these planets orbiting your star website. To you, it's right there in front of you everyday.  To most everyone else, it's "out there somewhere".

So it's your job (nobody's going to do it for you) to drive traffic to your website.  You might close your eyes and see this as an ultra-modern kind of "wagon train".  There you are out in space.  You've headed out to find people who are interested in the same stuff you are (or people whom you might be able to spark their interest).  Your space tour bus is loaded with these people, and there are other explorers  in their own ships behind you, following you to your "star".

And when you get there, when you and your "space train" arrive at your star... SUCCESS!  If you keep visualizing this, either the way I've just shown you, or another way that you create for yourself, if you keep picturing your bringing more and more traffic to your website this way, it will help you stay READY for all opportunities to drive traffic to your star website!

As I learn more and more about the internet, I find that about the only thing you can count on is that the internet is still in a remarkable state of CHANGE.  It's still "morphing" almost daily, and this can be exciting or forboding.  It all depends on your personal state of mind.  So keep on optimizing and visualizing and looking for ways to show off your star website.  And you will be successful!

Persistence, tenacity, perseverence (if you do these things, some people will call you "stubborn"--don't let that stop you or even slow you down), just keep enjoying the adventure of life and never, ever give up!

Thank You Beyond Words,
Secrets Golden !

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