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Sat, May 15th - 6:57AM

The Principle of the Path

The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley is a fun book to read. Andy tells lots of good stories, many of them personal illustrations to make some very valid points. He admits that much of what he says is obvious and he is right, however sometimes in the busyness of life, we miss the obvious.

The principle of the path is simply that our destination in life is determined by the path we choose. Our destination in life, whether it is in relationships, in finances, in spirituality, will not be determined by our good intentions, by the advice we receive, or by our dreams. Ultimately our destination is determined by the path we choose, that is, by the choices we make.

We often disconnect an undesirable outcome with the choices we have made. For example if someone continually buys things on credit, then they will always be in debt. Yet sometimes these very people acted surprised to find themselves slipping deeper and deeper into debt. Andy discusses the reasons why we do this. We make decisions with our heart, based on happiness now. We then use our minds to justify our heart decision. We also deceive ourselves when we think we are the exception and will avoid the consequences that other people have experienced.

Andy quotes from many Bible passages, especially the life of King Solomon the wisest man in the Old Testament yet his life did not end well. Andy seeks to teach us how to avoid the same pitfalls.

The principle of the path is a great read. It is full of practical, down to earth, common sense, which actually, isn't so common!

Reviewed by Susan Barnes who likes to write inspirational articles, book reviews, and devotional comments on Bible passages. More of her writing can be found at:

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