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Tue, May 13th - 10:44AM

Having Trouble Believing?

Just about everyone has some interest in the spiritual. We were created that way. We all have a desire to be connected with the eternal and yet faith does not come easily to all of us. Even when we want to, we find that we are unable to recognize or understand the things of God.

Two disciples were journeying to Emmaus on the day of the resurrection when Jesus joined them. In spite of all the time they had spent with him and in spite of all the time they had spent listening to his teaching, they didn’t recognize him and they didn’t understand about his death and resurrection. Why were they so thick headed? To be blind to the things of God can be very dangerous and yet many of us find ourselves spiritually blind at least some of the time. What causes this? The scripture speaks of at least four reasons for spiritual blindness.

We can be blinded by the god of the age. Christianity is counter cultural and its message is often in conflict with the thinking heard on TV, in the papers and society in general. Sometimes we have to choose between being politically correct and following Christ.

The scripture says that we can be spiritually blind because we are given over to sensuality. If the things of the world and of this life are very important to us we will not be able to set our eyes on heavenly things. Lacking a willingness to let go of the material and fleshly side of our lives we become spiritually blind.

The scripture mentions that rebellion and self centeredness blind us to the realities of the heavenly kingdom. It is only by practising right and good that our eyes are opened.

The scripture speaks of our being blinded by Satan. I know it is not politically correct to think he even exists, but I do believe in the power of evil. The wonderful message is that this power was defeated on the cross. In the name of Jesus it cannot overpower us.

If you are having trouble seeing the things of God, you might want to consider these four points. You can make a choice, and once these barriers are out of the way you will find that your spiritual eyes can be opened. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Ven. Richard Salt
Rector of Trinity Church Sarnia Ontario, Archdeacon of Kent/Lambton

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