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Thu, Apr 24th - 10:26AM

Becoming Bishop of Montreal
Bishop Ashton OxendenOne day in March, 1869, when my wife and I were passing a few days at Bournemouth, a letter reached me, penned by a strange hand, and stamped with a foreign post-mark. Its contents too were as strange to me, and as foreign to my previous thoughts, as were the person who wrote it, and the quarter from whence it came.

The writer of the letter was a Canadian Bishop, who was at the time personally unknown to me. Its purport was to tell me that, in consequence of the lamented death of Bishop Fulford, the Synod of Montreal had met in the previous November, and had failed to accomplish its object, namely, the election of a Chief Pastor for the Diocese, and a Metropolitan of the Province of Canada. He informed me that the Synod would again meet in May, and asked if I would allow my name to be sent down by the Bishops, and whether, in the event of being elected, I should be content to fill the office.

After due consideration, and prayer to that Heavenly Counsellor on whose guiding hand I could unreservedly depend, and after consulting two confidential friends whose judgment I valued, I sat down to write my answer. It was, that for reasons which I mentioned, I felt myself unfitted for so high and onerous an office; and begged him not to submit my name as a candidate for the post. I despatched my letter, convinced that I had acted rightly, according to the best of my judgment, and feeling that I was in the hands of One who could and would overrule it, if He saw fit.

Nearly two months passed, and Montreal with all the circumstances connected with it was almost forgotten; and certainly I never expected that my name would be even mentioned at the Synod after the decision I had come to, and which I had expressed in my letter. We were sitting at breakfast however one morning, in our sweet Kentish Rectory, when the postman brought my customary allowance of letters, and amongst them one with this startling address: 'The Rev. Ashton Oxenden, Bishop Elect of Montreal.'

I own it took me altogether by surprise. It informed me that my name had been duly suppressed by the assembled Bishops, in accordance with my wish, but that in the course of proceeding, circumstances arose which led to the mention of myself amongst that of others, by certain members of the Lower House; and eventually to my unanimous election.

Such were the contents of this most unexpected letter from a friend then unknown to me, but whom I now regard as a beloved and valued brother, the Bishop of Quebec.

The Right Rev'd Ashton Oxenden Bishop of Montreal, and Metropolitan of Canada
My First Year in Canada published in 1871 by Hatchards, London

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Tue, Apr 15th - 5:22PM

Saint Augustine of Hippo
Saint Augustine
Augustine was born in North Africa in 354 and his mother was a Christian. After trying other religions Augustine returned to Christ through reading in a Milan garden the letters of St Paul. He was baptized when he was 33. He was ordained 4 years later in 391. He became bishop of Hippo (now Annaba, Algeria) in 395, an office he held until his death in 430.

The place of prominence held by Augustine among the Fathers and Doctors of the Church is comparable to that of St. Paul. Augustine's best-known work is his autobiographical Confessions (circa 400), exposing his early life and conversion. The prayers he wrote in it revealed his own experiences of God:

Thou didst call and cry and burst my deafness. Thou hast touched me and I burned for thy peace. Thou hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are restless until they find rest in Thee.

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Sat, Apr 5th - 7:57AM

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At Easter Sing The Song Of Our Faith

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