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Mon, Mar 10th - 10:37AM

Moses on Drugs, Becoming One with Air, Eucalyptus, Emerald and The Witches Digest

Pagan Magic Newsletter 10 – March 2008

Welcome to the Pagan Magic newsletter, every week we will be bringing you headlines, spells, correspondences and product updates.

In the News this Week …

A controversial young Nepali girl worshipped by many Buddhists and Hindus as a Kumari, or “living goddess”, has given up her divine position following a request from her family.

Thai officials urged Buddhist monks on Tuesday to avoid using social networking Web sites to woo women after an advocacy group found some monks were doing just that.

High on Mount Sinai, Moses was on psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments, an Israeli researcher claimed in a study published this week.

MSPs* have rejected calls for the last woman to be convicted under witchcraft legislation to be pardoned. (*Members of the Scottish Parliament)

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Spell of the Week – Becoming One with Air

Here below is a technique adapted from the ceremonial magic order The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which teaches how to harmonize with the magical element Air. This helps to become aware of and be in control of this element in our daily lives.

1) Each of the four elements has aspects of temperature - cool or warm - and humidity - dry or moist. Air has the qualities of being warm and moist.

Observe those things around you that have the combined qualities of warmth and moistness. All the elemental qualities are relative. Steam is a form of Air, and it has much more moisture and warmth that does the vapour from dry ice. However, that cold vapour from the dry ice also has Air within it. See if you can determine the relative Airy qualities as you experience them. Take your time as you make a list of all these things; do this for one week.

2) Find a spot where you can be alone. Take with you an outdoor reclining lounger or folding chair. The idea is to be elevated above the ground and have as much of the physical air surrounding your body as possible. Remove all of your clothing and lie on the lounger or sit in the chair. If you can’t find a place where this is possible, wear as little clothing as you can.

Begin by doing a relaxation technique. Next, become very aware of your breath. Become aware of the slow in-and-out motion of the physical air. Notice the way the air feels as it comes in through your nose, goes down your air pipe and into your lungs. Sense or imagine the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within your lungs, and feel the CO2 laden air as it goes out of your lungs, through your air pipe and out your nose and mouth.

Now imagine that your entire body is nothing but a large breathing apparatus. Imagine that every part of your body has only the function of breathing. Further, visualize that your skin is part of this system. As you physically breathe, imagine that every pore of your skin is also breathing. However, just as your lungs breathe in physical air, your pores should be breathing in elemental Air. Feel it going in and out of you, cleansing and purifying your entire body.

Try this at different times of the day and if possible, at different locations. Air is the second most changeable of the elements and you can experience it in many different ways. Do this daily for at least a week.

3) Spend up to three minutes once a day imagining that you are the element Air. Feel the lightness, the floating giddiness, the warmth and moisture of Air. Feel how physical things don’t seem to matter and learn the true meaning of the term “airhead”. This isn’t said in jest, but in all seriousness. Become Air.

Do this for one week only. Don’t repeat it for at least a month and don’t repeat it more often than one week at a time. Otherwise, you may absorb too much Air: having trouble finishing your normal work, acting like an actual “airhead”. If you do, perform a grounding ritual – or spend some time to attune to the energies of the earth.

4) One you’ve learned how to “be Air”, the next step is to take greater conscious control of Air. Take a moment and imagine yourself to be Air. Bring the feeling from Step 3 into your consciousness. Next, hold your hands 9 to 12 inches apart, palms facing each other. Visualize a bottle or box between your hands. Inhale. As you exhale, visualize all of the Air element that is in you going out with your breath and into the container between your hands. Three to five breaths is usually enough to fill it. Then, with three breaths, inhale it back into yourself and go back to normal consciousness.

5) This will allow you to see whether you really have become not only in harmony with Air, but also if you are able to control the element.

The next time you feel heavy, bloated, slow, or lazy (which are signs of a shortage in yourself of Air), form your Air container as in Step 4. Then, with one big inhalation, draw the contents of the container back into you. Within five minutes, you should feel relaxed and refreshed, lighter and anxious to do those tasks you wish to do.

The next time you feel light-headed, giddy, overly silly, unstable, etc. (which are signs of excess in yourself of Air), again form your Air container; only this time, visualize a large hole in the ground and drop the container into that hole. Quickly see the hole close. You should feel grounded and more balanced in a few minutes, but you may have to repeat this up to three times to feel completely normal.

Herb of the Week: Eucalyptus

Latin Name: Eucalyptus globulus

Gender: Cold
Planet: Moon, Mercury
Element: Air
Deities: Baiame
Medicinal Uses: Inhale the vapours to relieve stuffiness, an infusion can be used as a gargle to soothe sore throats. The diluted oil can be used to relive arthritis and rheumatism.
Dietary Uses: None
Folklore: Favourite food of the Koala bear. Eucalyptus species have a habit of dropping entire branches off as they grow. Eucalyptus forests are littered with dead branches. Many people have been killed as they camped underneath the trees.
Eucalyptus wood is used to make traditional digeridoos.
In the 1850s eucalyptus trees were introduced to California by Australians travelling to California during the California Gold Rush.
Magical Properties:
Stuff healing pouches and pillows with the leaves. Ring blue candles with Eucalyptus leaves and burn for healing vibrations. Hang a branch over the bed of the afflicted to aid recovery. String green pods and hang around the next to cure a sore throat.
Growing Instructions: Sunny position, protected from cold winds. Well drained soil, Sow fresh seed in the Spring.
Essential Oil: Analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, diuretic, expectorant, parasiticide, rubefacient, stimulant, vermifuge.
Cautions: If taken in large doses Eucalyptus is toxic. When taken internally Eucalyptus Essential Oil is toxic, and as little as 3.5ml has been reported as fatal. Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Crystal of the Week – Emerald

A stone of inspiration and patience, it brings domestic bliss and loyalty. It keeps partnerships in balance, and has a calming effect on the emotions. It enhances psychic ability and stimulates the gathering of wisdom. Its green light can assist in the healing of malignant conditions.

New Pagan Magazine – Out Soon

Witches Digest is an exciting publication which is sent out 8 times a year, just before each Sabbat. The magazine contains:

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Where applicable we will include a full credit and a short write-up on the author for all content included in the magazine.


Be sure to visit our web site for hundreds of free spells, thousands of magical items, spells, correspondences, competitions, news & reviews.

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Fri, Mar 7th - 3:57AM

Pagan Magic Newsletter 09 – March 2008

Pagan Magic Newsletter 09 – March 2008

Welcome to the Pagan Magic newsletter, every week we will be bringing you headlines, spells, correspondences and product updates.

In the News this Week …

  • Reports of schoolchildren, young women and factory workers going into mass trances or speaking in tongues are common across Indonesia's vast archipelago of 226 million people.
  • Exterminators looking for termites in a monastery in Brazil's biggest city of Sao Paulo found a mummy and a skeleton believed to be at least 200 years old.
  • The Vietnamese government is often embroiled in complex disputes over land rights.But there is one particular row that is currently making the headlines - pitting the government against the country's strong Catholic Church, and now the Buddhist community as well.
  • Lawmakers in Scotland are being asked to push for a posthumous pardon of everyone found guilty under ancient witchcraft laws, including a spiritualist who was convicted during World War II.

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Spell of the Week – Fire Meditation

Light the fire in the fire pit, or you could use your favourite candles.

Sit in front of the fire but not to close about 1-2 meters away.
If you use candles then use four and set them down in a square.
Sit yourself in the middle of the candles.

Cross your legs and close your eyes, feel the fire on your face, listen to it and take a long breath.
Think about the spirit of the fire.
Think of the life of the fire and the energy!
Again, feel the fire again and take another long but slow breath
Open your eyes and say:

"I am the fire that glows bright,
The fire that is in me,
Fire is now connected with my soul,
For fire is one of my bound partners,
I am the fire that gives us light,
I am the one that glows a bright light."

Herb of the Week: Elderberry 

Latin Name: Sambuccua canadensis

Gender: Cold
Planet:  Venus
Element: Air
Deities: Holda, Venus
Medicinal Uses: Relieves symptoms of coughs and colds. Applied externally, useful for burns, rashes and minor skin problems.
Dietary Uses: Add elderflower heads to dairy puddings e.g. cheesecake. Also use in Jam, Jellies, Chutney, Cordial and Wine.
Folklore: Popular Gypsy remedy for Colds and Flu. A farm which has Elder within its boundaries is said to be blessed.
If an elder tree was cut down, a spirit known as the Elder Mother would be released and take her revenge; shown in one way by a poem known as the Wiccan Rede where one line reads, "Elder be the Lady's tree, burn it not or cursed you'll be." The tree can only safely be cut while chanting a rhyme to the Elder Mother.
Magical Properties: Scatter the leaves and berries to the four winds for protection.  The branches of the Elder and often used for making wands.  Elder protects against lightning.
Use the blossoms in incense as a fixative. Baby blessings and funerals.

Growing Instructions:
This is an outer woodland edge shrub or small tree providing low shelter by lifting the wind and disturbing the air flow. It is a bushy native species which grows rapidly when young. It is floriferous in June with numerous creamy-white flat cymes. These are followed by juicy purple-black berries in dense heavy clusters.
Essential Oil: None
Cautions: Apart from the Leaves and Berries, this plant is toxic. Do not eat the berries raw as this can cause vomiting.

Crystal of the Week – Diamond

A symbol of light, bringing clarity and commitment to a partnership, hence its popularity in engagement rings. It is a stone of manifestation which attracts abundance. Diamond amplifies energy and never needs recharging. It is a highly creative stone.

Product Updates

This week we have added the following new items:

Wicca Toddler Clothes
Altar Tools

Web Site Awards

We are proud to announce the launch of the Pagan Magic Best Site Awards.

The Pagan Magic Web Awards are designed to celebrate and recognise excellent Pagan, New Age and Alternative web sites.

To submit a site to be considered for an award please e-mail us at with the following information:

Your Name:
E-mail Address:
Site Name:
Reason for Submission:

After reviewing the information, we will then let you know if the site has won.

Special Offers

We are now on eBid we will be listing special offers and clearance items here on a regular basis.


Be sure to visit our web site for hundreds of free spells, thousands of magical items, spells, correspondences, competitions, news & reviews.

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