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Tue, Apr 1st - 12:11AM

Happy April Fools Day!
Do any good "April's Fools" gags on anyone??? Happy April Fools Day! I know it's early, but just in case! :o)
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Mon, Mar 24th - 12:40PM


Yes, it's a day late! Sorry, hope yours was, went to din with the wife, and then relaxed at a few movies!
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day was really good! Here is the link to the Films Web site:

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
I'm a major movie buff! I can see movies all day long if some paid me to!

Okay, well, just stopping by to say hello!


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Tue, Mar 18th - 9:01PM

Just can't say NO!

Tonight was a very busy night at Chevy's. I have to say, I really love what I do! ( In case you don't know, I perform magic professionally). There is nothing worse then doing something because someone told you to, or you felt obligated, or it's what your parents wanted, or becuase you have to make ends meet. I get a total satisfaction from the expressions people make. Especially on the skeptics who don't believe. Sometimes I come to a table and just before I start I get this. "Ohhh No..Not a magician," type of expression. Yes, I know MANY of you when first approched by a magician think the steriotypical thought of a clown or birthday party magician and that you won't see the cool stuff done on TV. Especially if you don't know him, or he says something like, "Hey wanna see a really cool trick?"
I think how you approch someone or a table makes a difference. Tonight, I can up to a table, and I got that look. So, I told them who I was, and that I'd like to show them something really quick. So, I had to do something really good to get their attention. Well, let's put it this way...they could not stop smiling!

Sometimes I'm asked to do a trick is the streets, in a store, or almost anywhere and I just can say, "No!" Why? Well, I guess it's becuase I don't want them to feel cheated. Like tonight, I finish at 8. But, people are still wanting to see me perform. So, I do a little extra. One guy came up to me and asked if I could do something for his little daughter. I tild hime I'm normally done at 8:00PM. He mentioned he'll give me a $20. Well, I did perform at the table, and even if he hadn't given me the $20 before, I still would have performed.

Does anybody know how to set up a link to an image? Everytime I do, it shows webring address and members and at the end my website address. Something isn't right.

Thanks for listening!

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Wed, Mar 12th - 11:05AM

Can't wait until spring gets here!
Well, as a performer and street performer...the weather it what makes it or breaks it. Thank God I perform a lot of indoor shows. I know most street performers who travel to where it warmer as the climate changes. Me, I just perform when I get a booking. I street perform occasionally, but bread and butter show are the staged and special events. January and feb months are always slower...and then things pick up from there. This opast weekend did five shows. One of the shows had a power outage, and I was performing in the dark, literally, and som people held flash lights on me to see me. Then when I was to perform the stage show...Boom! The power came back on! Shew! Anyway, hope all is good for you artists...economy is funky right now.
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Wed, Mar 5th - 2:28AM

How do you post images up here???

This blog is a bit different than xanga...can someone help???
Thanks! Ohh! What is a Blog roll??
Wait...well, when I first started, I could put an image up I see I, sorry for the question. I have a xanga blog, but that one is more for my photography. If you want to check it out go here:

This is me! High everyone!

Is there like a Blog help page??? Please let me know.

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