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Wed, Feb 27th - 8:20AM

Wholesale body jewelry by Hentaiger

 Body Jewelry and Piercings - Both Old and New

By: Richard Keir

You might think that body jewelry is a new phenomenon, but the reality is that body jewelry has been worn in one form or another for almost 30,000 years. It's certainly true that the techniques used and the materials available have undergone significant changes through the centuries but the idea remains the same. What you'll find is that most people these days are using some form of body jewelry. No doubt earrings, technically a form of body jewelry, are one of the most common items, but ultimately many different types of body jewelry are worn in piercings and in almost any place you can imagine, and maybe a few you'd never dream of.

Among teenagers, body jewelry for tongues, noses, lips and eyebrows are the most frequently sought after and purchased items. And then there is quite a variety of body jewelry for more intimate parts of the body. The number and type of items available is constantly changing. Given the new composite materials being developed currently which are usable for body jewelry, it seems unlikely that the body jewelry industry will experience any decline in popularity. Still, the two most common materials used in body jewelry are stainless steel and titanium.

Stainless steels are generally classed into four generic categories, based on their composition. Not all are truly suitable for making body jewelry. The 200 series stainless steel contains chromium, nickel and manganese. The 300 series contains chromium and nickel. The 400 series contains chromium and the 500 series contains low chromium. The most commonly used stainless steels for body jewelry corrosion are those in the 300 series because of their resistance to corrosion.

Although the stainless steels used contain some nickel, they don't release nickel salts into the body and therefore are highly unlikely to lead to nickel contact dermatitis.

Most stainless steel body jewelry items are electro-polished. This is a reasonably sophisticated surface finishing technique which leaves the finished surface very smooth and free of any crevices or fissures. The result is a significantly higher surface integrity which is ideal for body jewelry.

Alternatively, titanium has recently become very popular as a material for body jewelry. In fact, it is challenging stainless steel as the favored metal. The main reason for the increasing favor shown titanium is that titanium body jewelry items are about half the weight of equivalent stainless steel items. In addition, titanium can be anodized and this creates a marvelous variety of colors when contrasted with the single option of stainless steel’s silver appearance. Not only pretty - or attractively masculine (depending on who you are) - the oxide layer on titanium also is highly resistant to corrosion.

So if you're looking to get a piercing (of whatever sort), you are joining a historically honored trend going back thousands of years and today you'll find a much safer and more attractive mix of items suitable for the most conservative to the most radical devotee of piercing and body jewelry.

Copyright © 2008 Richard Keir.

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Wed, Feb 27th - 8:06AM

Wholesale body jewelry by Hentaiger

Know the Secrets of Purchasing Wholesale



By: Lavinia Snider,


Everybody loves buying – clothes, shoes, flowers, electronics, games and other things. Most people do not even care about how much money it will cost them just to purchase the things they need and want.

In addition of course, everybody loves to get a good deal, though some people are better in getting great deals than others. Perhaps you are asking why? It is because, some people are able to purchases everything that they want from clothes and body jewelry down to furniture and other accessories at the lowest price possible.

Clever people purchase things wholesale. Purchasing wholesale items is not really that difficult like it is often believed. Wondering how people can do it? Read the follow secrets:

1. Ignite your commercial glow

Purchasing wholesale always means purchasing in bulk or large volumes. Like for instance, you find a beautiful pair of leather pants at wholesale prices, so you have to purchase at least a dozen or two to get a good price.

You can begin a small business by selling the extras of item that you have bought to earn additional profits and obtain great deals for yourself as well. Your small business ideas can include online auctions, having a small shop on a flea market, or ask your friend and associates to purchase your extras.

2. Cover your foundations

This will legalize you business. Wholesalers will ask you to get a copy of your resale license, so complete all the important requirements in order for you to get one. Usually, laws in most states differ. Most states do not charge applicants who are applying for a resale license while others charge a small fee.

In most states, the propositions of getting a resale license is that you are required to file yearly reports and pay sales taxes for products you sold in your state. Some states may even ask you to get a business license. So make sure you are aware of the requirements you will need to get your business started.

3. Register for top trade shows

If you are residing in a city, it is possible that your city is hosting a number of top trade shows every year. If you are in search for different clothing available at wholesale prices, it will be an absolute advantage if you have a resale license.

Usually, trade shows showcases several clothing lines that feature the newest fashions at wholesale prices. The minimum purchase required is in general very small, and you can sell some of the extras or offer it as a gift.

There are also trade shows for almost all items, from footwear to pet treats, from furniture to bags. These shows are normally the best places to purchase wholesale items.

4. Look for liquidators

These are the ones who usually purchase huge volumes of products straight from the manufactures and retailers. The products may consist of anything from underwear to spare parts.

Normally, liquidators buy from companies that went out of business or porducts sold are form the past season. This is why you can buy from them at wholesale prices or even below.

5. Search for wholesalers on the internet

If you do not want to get a resale license but still want to purchase items in volumes, there are many wholesalers available on the internet. Go to your favorite searhc engine and type in "wholesale suppliers". You will be surprised how many results you will get.

Just follow these secrets and you will be saving yourself from spending too much money from retail stores.




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Copyright © 2008

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