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Sun, May 4th - 10:44AM

Another rude Kraut

“Stop, do not move. You will obey. All enemies must be exterminated. EXTERMINATE” I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The blueprint for the Daleks came from the German people, possibly around 1940, when this lot were at the heights of their “power”. I have seldom come across such an aggressive nation, in particular the males now reaching their 70’s or so.

One of our clients went on holiday for three and a half weeks leaving us to look after with her horse, and deal with her father and mother. The mother, bless her, didn’t stand a chance against the old man. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her utter a word to anybody.

Every day they showed up, usually in the early afternoon, to feed the horse carrots and apples and make a genuine nuisance of themselves. Well, he did, at any rate.

To begin with he starts a fight with one of our other clients. She, politely, asked the mother not to feed the other horses. He flipped; “You stupid cow, you know nothing. I was a Betriebsleiter (Superintendent) for over forty years, with over 40 employees under me. I have had 160 years experience with horses. Shut your face or I’ll stick this fork up your fat backside. “ And so it went on. He had a full audience, as I approached him to ask what the fuss, and I got pretty much the same message. No point in arguing with a thick skull.

The riding instructor, who was exercising the horse during this time, got the next load full. “This horse is not being worked enough; you are not riding him properly”. Revenge came when he took the horse for a walk and the animal jumped onto his feet. We gave him an extra carrot for that – the horse not the bully.

To finally get my dander up, he goes and tells everyone how the first horse in the stables is a disgrace for the stables and should be put down as he doesn’t fit with his image of what a horse should look like. This is in reference to my old horse, who is 28 years of age, has a dipped back and is still carrying a lot of his winter coat.

If I convert my horse’s age to human years, I am quite positive the old bugger is hardly like to reach that age. He’ll be put down first by his daughter, to whom he is a disgrace.

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