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Sun, May 18th - 5:45AM

Catweazle strikes again

Not being content with being chucked out of our stables, Catweazle moved his horse to livery stables in a neighbouring village. He lasted three months and was “asked” to leave, he moved to the next livery stables around the block in the same village.

Word has it that he is now in the process of suing the current stable owner for feeding crushed oats to his Catweazle’s horse. He would fix up a number of small buckets of some weird looking feed (I swear the stuff moved in the bucket) for the horse, we experienced it here too. Then he’d disappear for days on end, the feed would inevitably run out. We would then feed the horse oats, the same as all 50 horses stabled here are fed on. And the same, I would imagine, happened in the “new” stable.

Apart from the fact that the horse was imprisoned in its stable until weirdo decides to turn up again and exercise the poor thing, what is one supposed to do come feeding time (we fed oats, we are talking about a 16 ½ hands high horse).

His idea of exercising was another point of much, let’s say, interest. More than three observers of his riding skills would lead him to put his jacket over the horse’s head. At this point most of our riders dismounted and fled. Apparently at the latest place, the animal got into a panic and ran into the wall, resulting in head injuries and an expensive vet visit.

He claims the animal has “suffered damage” through incorrect feeding and now wants €8000,00 compensation.

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Sun, May 18th - 5:08AM

And you think I'm kidding...

Now if anybody thinks I'm making any of my postings up or am exaggerating:
This is just hilarious and proves my point:


Yes, it is a commercial, I now grudgingly have to admit: The Germans DO have a sense of humour

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