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Thu, Oct 8th - 9:11PM

Sacred Moments for Ourselves...
When I first began really listening from my heart, I realized that I had been living in bits and pieces of my life for many years. I may have been just like you, working hard at my career but feeling drained and surprisingly unsatisfied with 'all that I had accomplished'... somehow there were never enough days in the week, weeks in the month, months in the year... heck, my life was flying by!

I longed for a deeper and more fulfilling experience, one that could let go of the focus on ambition and shift to a greater sense of meaning and joy. When I finally slowed down enough to let myself feel, I knew I had finally run out of steam in my love/hate relationship with this world I had created for myself. I knew if I didn't make a change I would end up sick or worse. Being a mom, business executive, wife, chef and taxi driver for our son were altogether more than I could do 'perfectly', more than anyone could do and stay sane over the long haul.

So here is my wish for you... If you:
Want more from your life
Are looking for peace and a deeper sense of joy
Are moving through a transition in your life like a job change, relationship change, lifestyle change
Want more awareness of your inner calling so you are not wasting one more precious moment of your life...
Give yourself an invaluable gift and quiet your mind so you can listen to your heart... at least for the weekend. I was just at this wonderful retreat that was in total silence and I learned so much about myself. I got this idea that we could create a piece of this bliss in our lives anytime... so here's what you do: Tune out the radio, TV, phone and computer. Bring your conscious intention to hearing that gentle voice within throughout the entire weekend and open your heart to learn. Make a plan for your food so you don't have to go out. Tell your family you are going to need some 'alone time' to rejuvenate your soul (if you are married with kids, maybe your husband can take the kids camping or to his parents for the weekend). If you live alone it will of course be easier but many of us find it hard to 'just be' and to honor ourselves for an hour much less an entire weekend...

FYI, it may take a conscious effort to silence the 'Inner Critic' that tends to affect us all. It's that bratty little voice that argues and seems to have a negative opinion of everything you need to do, should have done, our aren't good enough to do. The Inner Critic isn't our truth however, it is just those learned tape loops that haunt us in unhelpful ways. Be aware of that shady little voice and tell it to go away! At least for the weekend!

Here's the plan... Take a nice long hot bath with candles and music, get a massage therapist to come to your home, listen to soothing music all day long, take a walk in nature and smell the wonderful scents of fall, meditate beside a tree, journal about your hopes and dreams and only read inspiration books or magazines (I love anything by Abraham-hicks). When you are eating, take some time to be conscious even with your food and honor each being that helped support the process it went though to get to your plate. And finally, be gentle with yourself. You are your own greatest gift and friend. Without you, life would just not be the same and you would be greatly missed.

So do it! Make a commitment to yourself, it can be your mini vacation that's (almost) free... Learning to love ourselves and cherish every breath is a gift beyond measure... It has the potential to rejuvenate the soul and might even offer gifts of knowledge to help bring more joy to your everyday life! And please let me know how it worked for you... Warmest regards, Barbara


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

Barbara Alexander is the founder and director of Epona Ridge, a sanctuary retreat center for personal growth. Barbara offers blogs and e-zines to inspire the soul. If you want to find your inner calling and begin the journey to a life in balance you can sign up for the FREE membership and join a group of like minded people on their path to personal joy at
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Mon, Jan 28th - 4:54PM

Spa and Equine Coaching Retreats & Girls Getaway, Rejuvination for the Soul

The Girls Getaway Experience
for Women Wanting More Out of Their Lives..

The experiences with the horses is and was more then I can say ... truly beyond words. They can take you to a place of peace, healing, dreaming, forgiveness and joy…
emotional release that is life altering and live changing. "
B. McPike, Orlando, FL

I decided not to wait! It feels like I am launching into what I have always wanted to do … and enjoying being part of a program that is helping other successful women enjoy more of their lives! After talking with so many women in this hectic, multi tasking world, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those days when I was a classic over-achiever... loving what I did at first, but to the point where I lost sight of the rest of my life. Now when I talk so many women, I can feel their stressed energy like I had had, wanting to feel rejuvenated and fulfilled but just too over committed to find the time. My life was a series of appointments, deadlines, and striving to do a good job... definitely not focusing on a life in balance... that was on the back burner in the pile of things to get to when I had the time! I remember all to well the signs of fatigue and lack of passion starting to creep in.

So we have created and experiential rejuvenation, soothing for the soul that lasts far longer then any vacation or spa package. This program supports re-balancing of the mind/body/and spirit through private encounters with your personal equine life coach. It feels like a massage from the inside, a holistic approach to rejuvenation. The Spa sessions combined with the Equine Encounter offers a the tools for a life in balance for women on the fast track… and you don't need to have had any horse experience to benefit from this work, it is all done safely from the ground.

The Spa packages include accommodations, spa therapy and your personal equine life coach at the exclusive and intimate facilities of Epona Ridge and The Secret Garden Inn and Spa located in the sacred and enchanted blue ridge mountains of Asheville, NC.

The spa therapists are of the highest integrity and quality that I have experienced worldwide and I am very excited about this joint offering and know the experience will fill the soul! Barbara Alexander, Founder Epona Ridge


 You can also add the spa package to any Epona Ridge retreat or workshop listed on the workshops page or you can co-create your own private and personalized retreat/get-away ranging from a one day rejuvenation, to a six day Spa/Equine immersion. Click here to see the 3 day/2 night Wisdom of the Horse Spa Package .

The spa/equine encounter is designed specially for women on the go, who are challenged to take time for themselves in their hectic and fast paced world. This program provides a safe place to find your center, to bask in the sanctuary of your heart and to calm the body and mind so the spirit can be renewed."

Barbara Alexander

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Thu, Dec 27th - 2:14PM

Reiki, horses and healing touch
Reiki, which is pronounced as ray-key, is an ancient  natural healing technique which was rediscovered in the mid 1800's to help balance the flow of Chi or Ki, which is our life force or energy.  Rei means Universal Spirit unlimited so Reiki is Spirit Life Force

The gentle practice of Reiki triggers the bodies natural healing ability and is a wonderful technique for stress reduction and relaxation allowing the individual to tap into the Universal supply of 'life force energy' to improve health and wellbeing. 

Reiki starts with the premise that our 'life force' nourishes our bodies supporting organs and cells in their vital functions.  The life force is also responsive to our thoughts and feelings so the work with the horses is a natural blend with the practice of Reiki and the Law of Attraction which brings our mental awareness to our personal thought system and emotional alignment. 

Horses, like many animals, are far more aware of the energy around them. Horses in particular, being prey animals, are keenly attuned to their energetic boundaries.  The experience with the horses retrains our body to feel those fields of energy so we can be more supportive of ourselves and to others that are in our lives.

Horses love Reiki.  I have used Reiki on the horses here at Epona Ridge with wonderful success.  One of our horses  had a painfully strained back from severly altered hoof angles.  She wouldn't allow anyone to touch her and the vet, explaining that it was in her best interest, tried his version of TT and 'clawed' his way down from her spine.  Understandably, there was a violent reaction and it took months for her to emotionally recover from that experience.  She pinned her ears anytime anyone approached her back area with their hands.  She was still tight and painfully stiff so I began to use Reiki on her from a distance of about 8 feet.  Everyday I did a little more and watched as she slowly relaxed and dropped her head.  Eventually she began licking and chewing and I even felt the muscles in my back beginning to relax in response to her experience.  It was amazing and felt surreal, like I had tapped into the Universal connection and was literally experiencing her spinal release.  Since then I have worked with massage therapists, both human and equine, as they learn to be more receptive to the subtle cues the horses give regarding the level of support they want and need.

Now all the horses join in for healing sessions... Zorro joyfully lets you know just the spot he wants you to work on and he quickly shifts to the next area when that part is done.  It is fun when you begin to understand their movements and you realize that the least bit of shift on their part means something.  They are so grateful when they know you finally get it!

The animals seem to naturally help others through energy and touch.  Most people have experienced the loving and healing effect dogs or cats have on those who physically touch them.  Something is happening in their heart centered connection, this exchange of non-verbal energy that just feels so good.  Some have said that animals naturally do Reiki and they openly offer their deep healing abilities and use it with us all the time.

Barbara Alexander

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Wed, Dec 19th - 3:56PM

Wisdom and Aging
Wisdom, Aging and The Law of Attraction

The aging process has been on my mind lately, especially after going through my own Crone ceremony last month ... When I was asked why I felt ready for the rites of passage into being a Crone, I felt daunted at that realization as I began to speak.

What makes the difference between the perception of a state of decline and inability to do things that you once did verses a perception of opening to whole new chapter, embodying the deep growing wisdom that can only come from the unique experience of living our lives in gratitude...

Is this also about honoring ourselves? That somehow that deep wisdom is unavailable until we learn to honor ourselves and our journey and that only then can we open to the Knowing we all have access to?

This October we had our third Amber to Indigo workshop at the Sanctuary of the Heart in Epona Ridge which was filled with the most beautiful women on their own journey to inner balance. The crystal singing bowls made for some interesting phenomenon that just further proved our vibratory resonance with sound, the horses and each other. The bowls seem to take each participant to their own alignment of inner space so quickly and easily. We spanned three generations in age yet seemed to have lifetimes of experience in the balance and I realized that wisdom was on it's own calendar of time.

I am amazed at what is to come!

Just got this from the daily Abraham quotes on November 23rd. 2007

"It's not about years. It's not about age. It's not about youth. It's about decline. And decline is about alignment, or not. Decline is about, in this moment, which way am I forking? In this moment, which way am I forking? In this moment, which way am I forking? That's all it's about.

Excerpted from a workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, August 13th, 2005

All Is Well "

Barbara Alexander

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