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Sat, Aug 23rd - 7:13PM

A Warning About Paid Advertising Services
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If you think that spending big on your advertising will earn your big results, I advise you to think again.

Many people have banked on high cost methods and have ended up losing their shirt over it. Online marketing is not as simple as paying for a few ads and waiting for the money to roll in. Your campaign should be planned, tested, tracked and targeted to achieve it's full potential.

When you have a limited budget, tracking of your campaigns is vital. Tracking has a bigger purpose than letting you know where your sales come from.

A simple example can best explain why ad tracking is an important step of any promotion.

If you spent $100 on various promotions and made $1000 that would be a nice ROI. However if you were able to track each campaign to find you could have had a higher ROR, then this is good business. Let's assume one promotion used was e:mail marketing that cost you $20.

If this campaign returned 75% of your sales, you would then know that you could have a higher ROI if you had only spent $20 to receive $750.


You don't have to be a marketing expert to track your ads. You also don't need to buy super expensive software for this task. There are free sites dedicated to doing this, and some that don't cost a fortune to join.

If you have a website or self hosted blog and have not insalled google analytics, DO IT today.

Wishing you much success,

Shaye Richardson
Mentor To Your Marketing Success

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Fri, Aug 8th - 9:59PM

Public Relations Marketing With Press Release Writing
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Whether you are promoting a product,
network marketing, MLM or other opportunity,
your business can benefit from press release promotions.

Writing a press release is easy, fast and you can
even do it for FREE. You know how I love free : )
Of course there are professional press release services
that you can pay for (and some these are fantastic), and
they will distribute your release to a wider audience.

This post will cover why press releases work at promoting
an internet business, plus how to apply this web marketing
strategy to YOUR business.

Writing and publishing press releases brands you an
expert, and authority in your niche. Linking published
press releases, to your articles, blog and websites also
creates a powerful back linking structure for your
nominated keywords. Refer to “How To Supercharge
Your Press Release Marketing”
at the end of this post
for more information.

Another great thing about press releases
is they get your URL’s listed all over the search
engines IMMEDIATELY. Yes, Immediately. No
waiting 1-3 weeks or even 6 months for some submission
services. Your releases will get indexed within 24 hours.

When is the Best Time To Submit a Release?

If your press release strategy involves possible
publication in newspapers or magazines, try and
submit on Thursdays or Fridays depending on how
long it takes for the site to turn around the request.

If your main aim for writing press releases is website
traffic, then it really does not matter when you submit
your press release.

How To Create A Press Release

There are few ways to get your press releases into the search
engines .

1. Make sure you write an editorial. It is not a sales pitch.

2. Use Long Tail Keywords. They are very effective and it is
basically a long phrase but you have less competition. (I wrote
a post in May with a ton of information on keyword research)

3. Make sure your keywords are in the headline, first paragraph and second paragraph of the press release.

4. If you have a personal website make it known in the press release in the section about yourself. It creates backlinking....

5. Proof read it and then submit it to public relations online services

6. If you have a blog, link from your blog to press release (after it's published). Again it creates more exposure.

Where do you submit press releases?

Just simply do an online search.

Here is a list of recommended press releases sources - not all are free






This is also a great link for info from PR Web for more details

Free directories

A Couple More Things You Should Know About Press Release Marketing

  • · You should never submit the exact same press release to the same site as this is viewed as spamming by google.

  • It's then a good idea to write and submit a couple of articles with links back to your PUBLISHED press releases and blog posts.

  • · Never re-submit the same press release to the same online pr site.

  • · If you want to do another release always be sure they are original.

  • · You can and should write a couple of variations of your press release.

Supercharge Your Press Release Marketing

Take that release and submit them to free press release sites (listed above) Each site will have terms and guidelines, so just read those to find out the requirements as to registration etc...

Once the release is published and live online....

Write a couple of articles and submit them to article directories. Include a link in your article resource box back to your published press release and website.

Write some blog posts that link to your website, articles and press releases. Happy marketing! Shaye Richardson

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