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Sat, Nov 3rd - 2:23PM

What comes next? by Chree

November 3, 2007 - Saturday

What comes next?
Current mood: working
Category: Music

With music sales being tallied more by the download of tracks rather than record sales (pardon me, cd sales), it seems that some of us may be wondering, "What next?"

On a site like, one might find that the answer lies in pay-per-view events in which a live stream of a show will be made available to those who have paid for a password (like a ticket) to see the show. The prospect of such a thing is enticing as it would certainly broaden the listenership of many artists who are among the indie ranks. People from all over the world could converge in cyberspace to hear your latest and greatest tunes from the comfort of their own homes.

Another concept I have heard discussed by entrepreneurs, radio personalities, and musicians, is that of selling something more like a flashdrive with songs on it as opposed to a cd. This melds well with the current reality of many people, whose computers double as a music library. But again, this is merely a change in the tangible product format in which one acquires music.

Some artists hesitate to make music avalable online for fear that their tracks may be tampered with in cyberspace. They feel less secure than they did when they were selling older media. Afterall, a copyright cannot stop a determined hacker.

Things are rapidly, constantly changing. Today's hot, new brainstorm will be tomorrow's moldy oldie. It makes the mind race to try to imagine what form music will be sold in twenty years from now. Will we even have anything we can run our fingers over and put on display in our homes, or will it all just be floating in the mist like something out of a science fiction movie?

What do you think?

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Sat, Nov 3rd - 2:23PM

A Scary Story , by Chree

October 27, 2007 - Saturday

A Scary Story
Current mood: creative
Category: Music

Once upon a time, in a land without ISPs and streaming rigs, there lived a band of musicians. They toiled in other jobs by day, and by night they joined together in one of their respective homes to play songs they had written together.

Their songs told stories of people and places they knew, and stories the had heard from older generations.Some were happy and made others smile, and other songs could make one weep. Regardless, the band of musicians loved to share their gifts with the people of their village, and over time, the neighboring hamlets as well.

Years passed, and the group gained much renowned. A letter came requesting their presence at the castle of a very rich nobleman. Afraid to reject the offer, the packed their instruments, musical scores, and some supplies for their journey. They left their homes and families with great uncertainty.

After a tiresome trip around the mountain range to the great man's home, there was some degree of relief for the weary travelers when they were greeted by footmen and escorted into their guest quarters. The men were hungry, road worn and sleepy.

They were brought fresh bath water, and while they freshened up, a small group of chamber maids were directed to unpack their clothing and lay out some dinner attire. Returning to their respective rooms, they were surprised to see their things unpacked, and felt as though they should meet the man of the manor.

They were escorted to dinner which proved to be a lavish feast in their honor. They were served plates of meats, some of which they had never had the likes of, fruits, soup, breads, exotic cheeses, and so much wine they felt that they would be better suited to sleep in their chairs. Having lulled his guests into a state of overstuffed, slightly drunken comfort, the rotund man began to discuss the musical talents these men shared. He talked about large sums of money and traveling the countryside. He spoke of too many things for their blurred minds to comprehend. After what felt like ages, they were shown to bed.

When they woke in the morning, they found their sleeping quarters had changed. They were in what resembled the carriages they had seen with traveling circuses. And they did not have their own clothes on. And when they looked for their personal items, they could not find them. They began to call out in hopes of some explaination.

Soon enough, the bulbous man from the ivory tower came to them and shared what had transpired the previous night over dinner. He told them how they had agreed to travel the countryside playing their music, and that they would pay him back for all of the money he invested in this adventure plus intrest. He shared that the instruments, sheet music, and so on, were now his property as a show of good faith. When they tried to balk at this, he produced a document_ They had signed it, and on its surface it surely looked enticing. But they had been duped. They had unwittingly enslaved themselves to this greasy skinned, fast talking, maniplulator with his "standard contract"...whatever that was.

The men worked feverishly to regain their freedom, but never seemed to be able to fulfill the contract. They travelled the countryside, and farther, but to no avail. By the time their wealthy master had tired of their songs and released them, they were broken. They returned home penniless. They found their families had left long ago, and their homes were overrun with vermin.

The moral of this story...beware the standard contract of the rich, slick tongued fat may cost you more than you will ever earn

Booga booga booga, hope you were scared...

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Sat, Nov 3rd - 2:22PM

Come check out Ivy’s Indie Vine! by Chree

October 20, 2007 - Saturday

Come check out Ivy’s Indie Vine
Current mood: mellow
Category: Music

There are many programs you may be flipping through, or websites youmay be surfing on Wednesday night. Perhaps you have managed to find your way into the Musicians' Playground at musicworld3d and have been fortunate enough to catch a very fun program called Ivy's Indie Vine. If you have not, let me tell you what you are missing...

Our very own Ivy from the playground hosts a show on MW3DTV. It starts at 9 pm EST (do the math for your time zone) and lasts until 11pm EST. She hosts live interviews with indie artists from musicworld3d, and plays their tunes throughout the show. The guests in the virtual world, musician playground, are invited to listen and ask questions via chat or telegram, for the duration of the interview. Things sometimes get a bit silly, and most artists end up answering an array of questions ranging from when they starting playing an instrument to romantic queries best left for listeners to hear themselves.

After the interview portion of the show, which can also be heard on the web without the browser if need be (at, Ivy then does a very fun trivia game. The competition gets serious, as our community members answer her music themed questions in chat and the highest score wins some gear from the musicworld3d swag shoppe. Scores are posted each week at the landing area of the virtual world so if you win and want to milk those bragging rights...YOU CAN!

Each week, Ivy sends out emails to members of musicworld3d about who she will be interviewing on her show. If you are a member, you can have a heads up on who she will be having on upcoming shows, and you can check them out in our jamrooms area as well as any links to their alternate sites they have posted there.

We invite you to come for the first time this week if you have not checked it out yet . If you have, then why not invite a friend to meet you for the festivities...its sort of like a cyber meet and greet, which is just not something you find happening on a free-to-the-public, weekly basis in the corporate music world. Come early, and stay won't be sorry!

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Sat, Nov 3rd - 1:50PM

Come get your free gear people ! by Chree

September 8, 2007 - Saturday

Come get your free gear people
Current mood: creative

We have noticed that many people have signed up to be listed as an artist here at musicworld3d (we have over 300 artists/bands currently)

however, many of you have neglected to get your free band house in the virtual world, and many of you have ignored your jamroom sites and they sit sadly underdeveloped WITH YOUR NAME ON THEM

please come and make use of all the free goodies we provide to you, our wonderful indie artists, so they don't wither on the vine...cuz that would be so sad

if you are ready to play with your website or come to the virtual world, but forgot your login stuff, email

if you are ready to build a band house int he virtual world, FOR FREE, email or

we have a fun trivia show on sundays at 7pm EST for an hour

we also host the Bumpskey Show

Ivy's indie vine is on wednesday nights at 9EST, and she has been hosting some very cool interviews with artists

also, we have cars to race, chess and checkers to play, concerts to see ( live and archived) and just some fun wandering and meeting to do

please come visit us in your virtual home at and see what you have been missing!

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Sat, Nov 3rd - 1:45PM by Chree

August 25, 2007 - Saturday

Our first blog!!!
Current mood: cheerful
Category: Music

What can one say about  We are a virtual community in which indie musicians, retailers, and performance venues converge in an impressive spectacle of high-tech, artisitic expression and collaboration.

That says it all in a sort of vague yet specific way... oh heck, just come see it if you haven't yet...

A big draw for us is the virtual world is our live events streamed from venues such as The Metro Underground in Melbourne, FL. Friday and Saturday nights we stream live shows from there into our virtual world. Its pretty cool because the fans of the artists can see the show live no matter where they are, as long as they can get online on a high speed connection...sorry dial up peeps, it is a bandwidth issue, we are not just big meanies...

We do recommend that if you want to come see a show live, you get into the world a bit early so you can learn to maneuver and chat before curtain time...we want to you to be comfortable when the show starts so you can focus on the entertainment and have a good time.

Our real, live, human staff will be around to assist you most hours of the day. If you need someone to speak to you in a language other than English, we ask that you be patient as we will need to use translation software...we are good, but we are not perfect  :)

We will look forward to seeing your happy faces at some upcoming shows, and are happy to help you get a feel for things if the whole VR deal is new to you...don't be shy...

See you in MusicWorld3D!!!!!

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